The Dark Side of Corporations


     As large and pervading that the corporations of the world have become, it is startling that the extent of their power remains virtually invisible to many of the world’s people.  Even though their logos are plastered on every possible place the eyes can fall and their mottos and jingles are memorized by the population more clearly than holy gospels, or constitutional clauses.  To dispel a portion of this invisibility, let the reader consider this:  Of the Earth's 100 most wealthy entities, 51 of them are corporations, while the other forty-nine are merely countries.

     Corporations are nations without borders, countries with no definite location, yet they are considered legal existing persons.  One must then inquire, if they are persons as powerful as nations, to whom do they give allegiance?  A Country will conquer for land and resources to feed and house its growing population, and so too does a corporation, save that its “food” is just as intangible as its borders, it eats simply “profit”, in any form.  It does not need land to house its population, it needs land to build its factories, which are simply machines of profit generation. 

     Every factory established, is a capital and hub of influence in whatever nation it happens to be erected.  Soon people of that locality, of that nationality, flow into the corporation as employees and become “cells” of this “person”.  These people then support and defend this borderless nation because it is now their livelihood.  In this way pressure is then placed upon the decision makers of that locality, from law to government, to assist the corporation so that the composing people remain employed and their welfare is maintained.  Thus, in this manner law and government is manipulated by the corporation either directly or indirectly.  Thereby this “person” becomes very powerful and influential in diverse nations.

     When this continues the law and government become increasingly intertwined with the Will of the corporation.  Note that Benito Mussolini said that,  “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”  And there you have it, spoken by a practitioner of the art, the end result can only be Fascism.  A society of factory workers, cells of a soulless “person”, living for only the benefit of that “person”.  Just as separation of church and state is currently practiced, so too therefore, should the separation of corporation and state also be practiced just as vehemently.

     The profit, power, and wealth of this titanic, borderless “person” does not flow equally to all of its composing “cells”, it only flows to a very small few of them, and these “cells” are very real persons.  No creature of nature anywhere does this to its body, thus; clearly the unnatural nature of the corporation is revealed.  The few benefiting cells; now conscious of their ability to manipulate law and government, conscious of their wealth and bountiful time to deeply think, and conscious of the masses of people with disadvantaged thought (from being robbed of all their time by the increasing work demands laid upon them in order to feed the ever growing corporation), they now perceive the ease of magnifying all of such conditions, thereby making themselves monarchs.

     Some readers may now scoff at and ridicule the possibility of such an elaborate collusion.  But it has already happened and was quickly brushed under the table.  In 1934, amidst the stresses of the great depression, Dupont, Goodyear Tire, JP Morgan, and others attempted to convince General Smedly Darlington Butler to lead a group of 500,000 veterans to overtake the functions of government.  Fortunately, General Butler exposed the coup, which is adamantly denied to this day.  Let the reader be aware that, apart from the Federal Reserve purposely contracting the money supply in 1929 to cause the depression, that JP Morgan was also a major key, by publishing rumors of bank insolvency back in 1907 which lead directly to the creation of this Federal Reserve system which caused this Great Depression.  Let them also be aware that JP Morgan owned 25 of the nations most powerful news papers since 1917, as is recorded in the congressional record by Oscar Callaway.  It can be clearly seen that the incident with General Butler was merely the Cap Stone on a plan initiated Far in advance.

     If one examines the above sequence of events and compares them to our present time, it becomes apparent that all of the same elements are in place for the corporations to initiate the exact same chain of events, save on a much more powerful note.  Most all significant media figures are members of the CFR, an institution with One specific agenda.  Many government officials, as well as powerful corporate executives, are also members.  Thus the CFR is the “United Nations” of these borderless nations we call corporations, and their infiltration is much further reaching than it was in General Butler’s time.

    The people have allowed themselves to become so dependent upon the corporations for their sustenance that they now beg for food from them.  “Jobs” are now synonymous with “salvation” instead of “slavery” which is a more suitable term.  The people’s most important knowledge; how to support themselves off of the land, has been forsaken, leaving them no other choice but to chain themselves to the will of a corporation for their very survival.   Furthermore, Acts are already in place to paralyze any civilian change or resistance, just in case they happen to perceive their thorough enslavement.  And Lastly, the dollar is still in the hands of those who have collapsed it on two different occasions 1920, and 1929.  Let us remember that “The Third Time is a Charm.”

     This dollar, when controlled by a Private central bank, can be used to benefit select “member” Corporations by foresight to market fluctuations directly caused by the monetary manipulations (inflating and deflating) of the Private central bank.  This only adds to corporate power.  Law and government are even further bent by the central bank creating “policy” and “regulations” which only expand the already too large corporations and snuffs out the tiny ones, again adding to large corporate power. Meanwhile these large corporations continue to bombard their front with their heavily invested politicians planted in government as insurgents; and rallying their massive array of employees to petition even the  congressional members who are not directly allied to them.

     Finally, let one not forget that very large corporations themselves, also open their own banks.  With the laws of fractional reserve lending, and a small group of corporations in collusion with each other, these corporations will literally be Ten times more wealthy overnight.  Their loaning power is Legally ten times that of their assets.  Thus, loaning back and forth between themselves in clandestine lending circles they cause their money to endlessly grow.  And with endless money, comes endless power.

     So just what is the counter spell to such a diabolical scheme?  1. The detailed knowledge of self sufficiency must be taught thoroughly to all.  2. Government cannot intermingle with corporations for good or ill.  3.  Corporations cannot be entities.  4. A central bank must be 100% public or else Non-Existent.  5. Fractional reserve lending must be Outlawed.  These five points will take the force out of all aspects of this insidious snare, and return the power to The People where it rightfully belongs.