Financial Conquest


The time for conquering lands and peoples by War is a thing of the past.  Modern War is no longer a mechanism of conquest, it is simply a mechanism of profit.  The present Mechanism of conquest is strictly and purely financial.  Naught but “Ownership” declared on countless pieces of paper.  The mechanics of this system begins with a private central bank and a fractional reserve.  Once a PRIVATE central bank is implemented, the money supply is controlled by a very small group of people “in the know”.  With this seemingly simple arrangement they can strategically invest in and encourage companies “not in the know”.  Then purposely fluctuate the market with their power to increase and decrease the money supply to gain more and more control over rival businesses.

     For example if you were the central bank and controlled the money supply, all of your money is instantly expanded by 10 due to the laws allowing you to practice fractional reserve.  Thus, you are now TEN times more powerful than your competition.  You can then use this to invest in businesses, gain influence in them, and then divert them down certain paths of actions, of which you have preplanned, hence “in the know”.  You then increase the money supply and sell your shares of all of your businesses for maximum profit.  You then contract the money supply and thereby stress all of your competition, and then buy them up at pennies on the dollar as they collapse, some of which may even be a company in which you were previously invested!  Now that you have acquired ownership of many businesses you can then increase the money supply again and begin the entire cycle anew on a larger scale.  Absurdly simple isn’t it?

     But this is just the business side.  As corporations grow they obviously need more people, the more people that go to work for a corporation as opposed to working the land for themselves, become dependent on that corporation for survival because they have forfeited the knowledge of self sufficiency.  They LITERALLY have enslaved themselves to the corporation, for they know no other means of survival, like the domesticated dog thrown into the wild, it will most likely die. 

     Thus is revealed the second area of conquest: the people themselves.  This growing influx of people “employing” themselves to the corporation reveals a shrinking amount of those who are independent from the corporation’s jurisdiction.  As a corporation is just like a rouge nation, when set up in a Country it acts as a nation itself which can siphon citizens out of the Country and into itself.  All of its “citizens” are  dependent upon it for survival and therefore strictly loyal to it and its needs, going as far as supporting laws which benefit the corporation at the expense of the hosting Country.   By this means a corporation can slowly override the Country itself.

     Soon “Job creation” is pushed upon the people as “prosperity” and “growth”, when it is naught but slavery.  For every 1000 jobs created it takes 1000 people from being self sufficient and makes them loyal dependents to the machine of conquest.  This would not be bad if the corporation’s wealth, and power were divided equally to its composing “cells” (the employees), but it is not.  All of this work energy of all of these people and resources is funneled into a tiny handful of “cells” at the head of the corporation. 

     Hopefully one can clearly see the unnaturalness of these mechanics of the corporation in collusion with a private central bank.  For if all of the people worked for themselves, all of their power would go to themselves, but when they work for the corporation, their energy is funneled into the hands of a few.  Hence, even the people’s energy has be confiscated.  The only result of this scenario is that eventually there will be only one bank and one corporation, which owns everything, and has all of the people “employed” by it, with ALL of their energy funneled into the hands of a very small few.  It sounds like something out of a fictional horror story of a Vampiric Empire doesn’t it, but it is actually TRUTH.