There are basically only three kinds of people who advocate for Big or Bigger or World government. 1. Control freaks with profiteering interests 2. Lazy and inept who want the government to dictate their lives, because it is just too much effort for them to use their own mind, thus they are willing slaves. Or, 3. bleeding heart, busy bodies, helping everyone but themselves, sculpting all Individuals into what they think is "Good and Right", and regarding all contrary modes of thought as "flawed", do to their lack of comprehension of the vast variety created and loved by God, and/or simply their unwillingness to spend effort to see outside of such restricted paradigms.

Very Unfortunately, the world is overflowing with the above three mindsets, the latter two have contracted their disease through the lack of powerful knowledge, hoarded from them by the first type.

As the first two are self explanatory, I shall describe in detail the grave error of this third Mindset. For, they believe they know anothers thought, better than the one thinking it, and thus, assume to direct that other's Will with a higher wisdom than he, making plans for that others well being. One as this, who is not doing their own Will, How Are They So Wise as to direct the will of another?

When an individual is on his own path with all his might he encourages those around him to do the same. But when he stops doing his own thing to "help" those who will not help themselves, He is off of his own path and is interfering with the evolution of the other, as well as his own.

This is because each individual has weaknesses that must be overcome.  The universe places trials and tribulations before every soul so that it may hone its skills to be worthy before the perfection of God.  If another takes those trials away, even with good intent, then the necessary development never occurs and stagnation results. More dangerously DEPENDENCE Begins.


Most people who advocate helping remote nations with food and drugs are of two types:

1. Lobbyists for Big Pharmacuticles and Big Agriculture. Or,

2. Their mindless slaves suckered into the scheme by being ill informed and being easily misled by their emotions.

Of course it is sad that their are places in the world without excess luxury. BUT, empower THEM, not some giant corporation who is going to feed them, and thereby profit. Empower them with Knowledge, NOT handouts. Anyone advocating handouts is a "Dependence Artist". Once you get someone to depend on you, you have them enslaved. And if it is a sad looking situation, which most situations of dependence are, they will lobby world governments with guilt, again and again, creating and endless cycle of profit.

But if you must, if you feel compelled by some irresistible desire to help people who do not help themselves - DO IT LOCALLY. And furthermore, Do It With KNOWLEDGE, not hand outs.

For more detail on this please see the brief article on Welfare.


In the above paragraphs on can begin to see the dim spirit of the individuals who support big government. The Majority of them have a completely ambiguous image in their mind of what a government is, the few profiting have conveniently forgotten what it is supposed to do. The majority see it as some Mysterious Magical Force which can solve anything. And the bigger it is the more powerful Must be its "Magic Force". When it is no better at solving things than any local government. How could it be? It is the very same thing, just having a different location for the center of power.

To clarify, what will you have just erected with the biggest, Most Magical World Government? You will have successfully given all the manpower, wealth, industry, resources and executive decision making Of The Entire World, into the hands of a very few. Now, if you still see this this as some beneficial, heal all, solve all, uber-solution, I deeply pity you.

Only the Individual can solve any problem, and its tool is KNOWLEDGE. The ultimate government is the government inside each of us. How can a government help an Individual more than that Individual can help themselves? It can't, don't be fooled. You or it could give food, and drugs all day long, what have you solved, besides a market profit off food and drugs? The people may be healthy, but as soon as you leave . . .

But what about LAW?

"world government would solve all our crime problems" they maniacally cry. Same scenario For those of you unable to defend yourselves and need someone to do it for you. A strong neighbor, or police force should suffice. But some are even more fearful, certain that an organized super-enemy is lurking in their back yard. So then their is the military. "Why aren't they patrolling my back yard", these cowardly fools ask. Well I am all for a powerful military, but one of the people, the LOCAL people, and Not in my back yard, because I already am patrolling that ground. Don't be fooled, don't be weak, don't pawn your responsibilities off on another. Forfeiture of responsibility directly creates dependance! Which leads only to Servitude.

If your local police force, and local military reserves and local Laws do not make you feel secure. What in God's name would change if the laws and enforcing troops came from a Magic Global Government instead? NOTHING! Wake Up!


Now these people patrolling your streets are not Locals, you do not know them, they do not know you, they may not even speak your language, and being that your local courthouse is now Debunked because you accepted this idiocy, you have no say over questionable laws, and may be wisked off, hundreds of miles away to a World Prison, should you violate said law. Am I breaking through yet?? Hello??

If you still can't see the point here - I am a failure at communication - and you shall soon be a slave.


One could say that, by writing this the author is off his path helping people, as warned against above. But actually, he is not helping any one, they will help themselves. Simply knowledge/tools are made available so that if they choose they can use them to become more aware and thereby, be one less fool attempting to get us all enslaved. Therefore, it is entirely Individualistic: Enlighten the greater body and it trickles down to the Individuals by the force of Inspiration as described in The Energy Economy. This force does not appear when giving finite Material Goods. It only works with Knowledge. Furthermore the author would not have displayed any of this had not the Greater Individual (the globe) been in utter peril as it now is, thus directly threatening His well being. No different than the automatic nerves in the arm, which never make themselves known, until the Body places the hand in the fire.

If one dedicates ones life to helping one person, that is pretty inefficient and far off path. But if one dedicates two weeks to helping thousands, that's pretty efficient, and hardly off path. If one dedicates Billions to helping thousands thats not impressive, and it saps great energy from another source. But if one spends a hundred bucks to help thousands, now that's efficient, and barely saps energy from another source

This is an example of Economy of Force, outlined in The Energy Economy.