Pure Food?


     In our present insane society, industrial farmers are more worried about the sale of their product than its nutritional value and safety for their fellow man. They drench the crops with pesticides and fertilizers, many which do not fully wash off and are highly toxic.  After harvest they then further poison the foods with preservatives as well as chemicals to make them look good, prohibit mold etc, and then send it to the market place.

     These industrial farmers are supported by the "government" who pays them, with the people's tax money, to grow crops.  Thus, the people paid for the crops to be grown yet they buy them a second time at the market place for a $120 Billion profit to the Industrial farms.  The government then pays them to burn the crops so that the market isn't flooded with product and diluting the price, (to maintain control of the cycle of waste and consumption).   This then taxes the soil from over use, which the farmers then have to pay to have fertilized (more profit for the chemical industry).  $25 Billion of taxpayer money, in the form of farm subsidies to mostly massive corporate farms, is squandered in this way annually.  This nonsense and lack of reason is the Individualists archenemy, so far removed from logic it is mind numbing. 

     Approximately $500 billion is spent processing, and distributing these foods.  The Individualists, being self sufficient, rear their own small farms.  Apart from having safe food, it eliminates the need for a $500 Billion processing and distribution cycle, $120 billion in profit to unnecessary industrial farms and $25 billion in subsidies which will be redistributed to the people to assist them in their personal micro farms. (The US creates 10,000 new processed-food products every year, and nearly 90% of its food spending is on these processed foods.)

     This present world madness has extended to unprecedented levels.  Within it man feeds his fellow with harmful laboratory creations and calls them "generally recognized as safe for consumption" food (an actual FDA term).  All significant efforts to clearly inform the people are impeded or not made at all.  Within the average household practically all foods will contain one or more of the ingredients listed below.  Many of the "trusted" household names are not to be trusted when one researches their ingredients and deceptive labeling of these poisons in one's food.   

     All of these ingredients are shown in different tests to be harmful to some degree to the human body but are allowed to be present in food because the US democratic decision making has been compromised by many industries and the safety of the people is no longer a priority.  Government departments such as the HHS and FDA, along with back pocket politicians, all benefit by allowing poison to remain in the food for the profiting industries.

     These chemical additives were not designed with the consumer in mind, they were designed strictly for profit, making food:


1.   Look Better

     No sale can be made on even the healthiest food if it appearance is bland.  The focus is simply on the sale, not the nutritional value for the buyer. 


2.  Last Longer

     This is so the merchants can maximize their profits, the longer something can sit on a shelf the more chance it has to be sold.  The concern is not health, it is profit.


3.  Taste and Smell Better

     Nearly all of modern food has been so overly processed that chemicals need to be added to give it a flavor and a smell.  Most big name fast foods, and high dollar name brands get their smells and tastes from artificial flavor manufactures, and certainly not from their food quality or preparation method.  Without these chemical giants you would never buy the substance which tastes no better than dust.  The aim is profit, not well being.


4.  Lower Calories

     The marketing madness of caloric intake pushed upon the world has caused people to rather eat zero calorie cyanide than one calorie of naturally occurring fat, which is essential for the intake of many vitamins and imperative for proper brain function.  It has created a slew of feverish mindsets bent on buying anything that is labeled "reduced fat", "low calories" etc.  The "generally safe" toxins which achieve this in various ways are created for the sole purpose of capturing this part of the market, thus are simply profit minded.


5.  Cost Effective

     Substituting artificial chemicals for their expensive natural counterparts is often cost effective for the manufacturer.


The motive in all cases is Profit five fold, with not one concern for YOU.


     The below list is by far exhaustive.  These are just some of the most common of these chemicals to be aware of.  Of all of the chemicals listed below, if one cares not to watch for all of them, at least avoid these four.  Just in these four one will begin finding shopping a challenge.

1.  BHA and BHT,  2.  Anything Hydrogenated,  3.  Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet),  4.  Artificial colors: Blue 1, Blue 2, Red 3, Yellow 6


a.  Artificial colors


BLUE 1: Derived from Coal Tar

BLUE 2: Derived from Coal Tar

CARMINE OR COCHINEAL EXTRACT: comes from drying and pulverizing over 4000 cochineal insects to produce an ounce of this red dye, can be at times labeled as "added coloring". 

GREEN 3: Derived from triphenyl methane which is made by reacting benzene and chloroform with aluminum chloride catalyst.  Prohibited in European Union

RED 3: Derived from Coal Tar

RED 40: Derived from Coal Tar, has produced two unidentifiable metabolites in urine. Prohibited in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

YELLOW 5: Derived from Coal Tar

YELLOW 6: Derived from Coal Tar

All of these chemicals have shown adverse effects on humans to varying degrees, yet still remain in the food supply.  All products containing coal tar and coal tar derivatives are prohibited in Norway.


b.  Artificial flavor


     On food labels will be seen either "Artificial flavor" or "Natural Flavor" but preferably neither.  The presence of either signifies a bland food lifeless without this magic component or a food that needs a taste hidden.  To distinguish, "natural" flavor may denote a chemical extracted from a real plant, however, it is still added thereby acknowledging that the product one is consuming lacks that property naturally.  Also "natural flavors" does not delineate the extraction process used or the chemicals which may have also been employed in that extraction process.

     Conversely, Artificial flavors are created with no link to the original substance, they are entirely engineered in a laboratory.  Flavor has become merely an ingredient, not a product of the ingredients.  Many of the famous flavors of the fast food chains and name brand foods of today are actually purchased from chemical companies composing the flavor industry such as; International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), the world's largest flavor manufacturer, Givaudan, second largest, Firmenich, third largest, Frutarom, Haarmann & Reimer, Takasago, Quest International etc.  This flavor industry has annual global revenues of approximately 10 Billion dollars.  There is no law requiring that the chemicals which make up these synthetic flavors be labeled for public awareness as long as each individual component of the flavor is tested as "GRAS" which means "generally recognized as safe".  As seen in just a few of the above Colors, GRAS has no meaning when deemed as such by a corrupt entity such as the FDA.  A number of these chemicals, such as vanillin, are derived from coal tar just as the above colors, which are known to be harmful.


c.  Manufactured Fats


     These synthetic fats are inexpensive and have long shelf lives thus bring greater profit all around. 


i.  HYDROGENATED OILS (trans fat)

     Derived by passing hydrogen gas through oil.  The health effects are numerous including; coronary heart disease, stroke, liver dysfunction, cancer, and obesity.


ii.  OLESTRA (Olean) 

     A synthetic fat developed by Procter & Gamble.  Impedes the absorption of vitamins D, E, K, and A, and causes numerous adverse bowl effects.



     A modified fat developed by Nabisco who declared it safe for human consumption and marketed it without FDA approval.  There is much debate as to the proper testing of this substance as tests appear suspect.  Evidence suggests adverse gastrointestinal side effects.


d.  Flavor Enhancers

i.  MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

     Or "free glutamic acid."  Allows the reduction of real foods by multiplying the taste of smaller potions.   An arguably addicting substance, it is often disguised in many ingredients that contain or create it during manufacture such as; autolyzed yeast, carrageenan, "Enzymes", hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sodium caseinate, yeast extract and many others.   Disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate often signify the presence of MSG in one or more of the ingredients being that they enhance MSG action but are impotent alone.  Similarly, the phrase "seasoning" or "spices" may also indicate added flavor enhancers.  The FDA, HHS, and USDA do nothing to ban the use of this deceptive, ambiguous and misleading labeling of foods knowing that it would capsize the entire food industry due to the fact that most foods contain harmful chemicals as these for strictly profiteering purposes.

Some claim MSG triples insulin release causing obesity with excessive use.  Some claim possible links to ADHD, ALS, Alzheimer's disease, Autism, Diabetes, Huntington's disease, Migraines, Parkinson's disease, and a myriad of other adverse nervous and endocrine system effects do to excitotoxicity of free glutamic acid. 


e.  Preservatives

i.  BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)

     Derived from petrochemical hydrocarbons and outlawed in Japan, Romania, Sweden, and Australia for possible liver and kidney damage and carcinogenic health hazards.  These chemicals are added to food to slow spoiling in fats and oils.  Some suggest that neither compound is needed and can easily be replaced with Vitamin E as a natural preservative. 


     Used primarily in Meat and fish to fix a lively color and add longevity. It is also an anti bacterial agent against botulism, however, it forms known carcinogens in high heat cooking and has been linked by some to colon and pancreatic cancers.


     Slows spoiling in fats and oils. A suspected carcinogen.


f.  Sweeteners

i.  ASPARTAME (AKA NutraSweet and Equal)

     Derived from aspartic acid (a known excitotoxin) methanol (Known toxic alcohol) and phenylalanine.  Upon ingestion it breaks down into its harmful component parts.  What is more dangerous is that out side of the body it rapidly breaks down at room temperature into 1. DKP (diketopiperazine) which converts to a suspected potent brain carcinogen upon ingestion 2. Formic Acid, a component of insect stings 3. Formaldehyde, an embalming fluid 4. Methanol, a toxic alcohol known to cause blindness.

     Aspartame has been linked to brain tumors and lesions, blindness, convulsions and many other adverse nervous and endocrine system affects, common to excitotoxins.  Most commonly found in 'low calorie', 'diet', or 'sugar free' products.

     Aspartame was discovered by accident in 1965 by scientist James Schlatter while working on a drug for peptic ulcers for G. D. Searle and Company, a US pharmaceutical corporation.  It was approved by the FDA in July 1974, but withdrawn in December of that year because of brain tumors found in rats tested with aspartame. In 1977 the already 20 year political veteran, Donald Rumsfeld, became the CEO and president of G.D. Searle.  In April 1981 shortly after Regan took office, newly appointed FDA Commissioner, Arthur Hull Hayes, appointed by the Secretary of HHS Richard Schweiker, overruled a Public Board of Inquiry and approved aspartame for use in dry foods before any further tests were conducted. Then In 1983 it was approved for use in beverages.

     Upon leaving the FDA September of1983 Dr. Hayes became dean and provost of New York Medical College.  Then in 1986 he became a paid consultant for G. D. Searle's firm Burson-Marsteller, one of the largest public relations firms in the world, a mere one year after Donald Rumfeld assisted the sale of G.D. Searle & Company to Monsanto chemical corporation for a suspected profit of $12 million dollars in 1985.  While G.D. Searle's Lawyer, Robert B. Shapiro, became Mosanoto's president.

     There is Great debate over the authenticity of the safety tests performed regarding this chemical as noted in 1987 by toxicologist Dr Jacqueline Verrett, before a US Senate hearing describing the tests as, "serious departures from acceptable toxicological protocols".  Obviously, as shown above, the government departments are compromised by corporate interest thus all tests conducted by them including NCI (national cancer institute) will all be likewise compromised.



     This synthetic sweetener was discovered in1937 on accident by Michael Sveda while working on the synthesis of an anti-fever medication.  It was banned in October 1969 as a Suspected Carcinogen about four years before the legalization of aspartame, but has been making a comeback and the ban has been being lifted. 


iii.  SACCHARINE: (sweet N low)

     Derived from coal tar and discovered by accident in 1879.  Has caused cancer of the bladder, reproductive organs, skin, and other organs in laboratory tests.  Therefore, 1977, the FDA attempted to ban saccharin but Congress allowed its used in foods so long as they had warning labels.   In May 2000, the HHS removed saccharin from its list of cancer-causing chemicals and that same year, Congress revoked the need for a warning label while this chemical remains banned in Canada.


iv.  SUCRALOSE: (splenda)

     This product of Johnson and Johnson is derived from sugar (sucrose) and chlorine.  There is debate over whether it has been significantly tested, and concern that approximately a third of it is absorbed by the body.  Claims have been made that it causes thymus gland shrinkage and enlargement of liver and kidneys as well as general concern that prolonged use may result in adverse nervous and endocrine system effects.


g.  Irradiated foods


     A newer practice arising in food production is irradiation.  This process allows for more filthy foods to be irradiated and become "safe" for consumption.  This allows the corporate slaughterhouses and other producers to speed up their production with less concern for cleanliness.

     This irradiation can leave trace levels of radioactivity and animals eating such foods have been shown to exhibit an increase in tumors.  The radiation breaks up molecules not only in harmful bacteria but also in vitamins and other nutrients as well as any preservatives or pesticides etc.  This myriad of broken chemicals then combine with each other forming new chemicals called unique radiolytic products (URPs) which can be any chemical, some possibly unknown.  Known URPS include benzene and formaldehyde, two known toxins.  The irradiation causes nutritional value loss of 5-80% depending on food type and application method.  Irradiated foods must be labeled with the following logo:


h.  Diets


     The dieting population is suckered with countless poisons to cater to their fear of weight gain, each worse for them than if they'd eat pure fat doused with sugar.  It is arguably better to just eat sugar than to ingest laboratory produced synthetics.  To believe that man, in his few thousand years upon earth, knows what is best for the human body, a product of 300 billion years of natural earthly evolution, is outright foolish.

     There are those who then decide to simply eat organic, where another slew of deceptive merchandise lies in wait as well.  "Natural" flavors are additives produced by laboratory processes, as are "modified" starches, flours and proteins.  Each of them laboratory products, which may have degrees of safety, however, the point is that they are many times included in supposedly "organic" or "all natural" foods over twice the price and half expensive to make.  Many times companies succeed in using all organic and truly natural products and then add unnatural preservatives and inhibitors to the mix and claim that they "protect taste" or "freshness" or "flavor enhancer" when it is strictly profit oriented as above, and remains marketed as "organic" or "all natural".



     The population's concern with weight is based mostly on misunderstanding.  Fat is light compared to muscle and water.  So to measure health by weight is completely irrational.  If one works out one most likely will build muscle and drink more water, thus becoming heavier.  Fat itself, regardless of weight, should be watched as a degree of tone.  And effort should be made to keep such tone as all animals in nature are active and thus hold a healthy fat to muscle tone ratio.  But the lazy are concerned with the magic pill, and become host for an endless supply of poisons, from diet pills to steroids.  All wanting something with out putting forth any effort.  Excess fat is simply the result of laziness coupled with overeating and nothing else.



     Strict amateur vegetarians are exploited because of their usually incomplete diet is in need of countless supplements eagerly supplied to them by the chemical industry.  It would be no surprise if the chemical industry were actually a major proponent for vegetarianism.  All vitamins and minerals supplied by the chemical manufacturers can all be had by simply eating a certain food.  Unlike the synthetics, real foods have an additional overlooked quality, that of life itself.

     All synthetics are devoid of life.  The vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. are only a part of the body's needs, the material part.  The subtle energy of life feeds the spiritual body, a more subtle body. This is actually the true philosophy behind vegetarianism which most fad vegetarians are unaware of.  The energy is very high in freshly harvested plants yet the energy begins to fade the moment a plant is harvested or a beast slaughtered, and that rate is much faster in animals.  Thus bottled juice and canned fruits and vegetables, have much less life, if any, than fresh picked food.  The Individualists are aware of the importance of this ingredient and have no shortage of it with the practice of self-sustenance.


iii.  WATER

     With the proper amount of water nearly every common aliment can be alleviated.  One should drink one fluid ounce of water per pound of body weight per day, and have 1 gram of salt per 150 lbs. while drinking such quantities.  Water is used by the body to carry all things from foods to wastes, thus a shortage of it slows the entire procedure.  Dehydration, or simply inadequate hydration, thus causes a lack of waste elimination resulting in countless toxins in the body reeking endless havoc.  Couple this with the resulting lack of efficient transportation of food to rebuild and combat such damages, and the signals of these various internal, "wars" are many: From, aching joints, muscular cramps and inflexibility, head ache, dry skin, eyes, nose, lack of mucus causing asthma like symptoms, heart palpitations, restlessness, etc. Thus, this inefficiency of food/energy delivery and waste elimination, set a stage for pathogens to thrive causing the situation to greatly worsen.  This drinking water should preferably be pure water, as in distilled, free from chlorine, fluorine and other added toxins.  (Chlorine is a suspect in kidney and bladder cancer, and fluorine is suspected to accumulate in bones with adverse effects)


i.  Animal alteration


i.  GMO (genetically modified organism) and Synthetics

     Genetic engineering and alteration of animals and plants, making them produce more or different things than in nature is seen as an abomination to the Individualists when it is done with a profit oriented mind.  Many of the chemicals fed to the animals or their side effects end up in the final product consumed by man. Such as the adding of milk production boosting hormones to cows which have side effects on the product, causing excessive white blood cell count (pus) to be contained within it.   The Individualists set up the Unnatural Foods tax to counter these horrific acts.  As well as initiate proper education to inform the people and to raise future chemists with a more compassionate demeanor.  All people in Individualistic society will thereby be aware of the detail of their foods' origins.


j.  Food Bill


     A bill called the "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act" or the "Cheeseburger Bill", bans anyone from suing food manufacturers, sellers and distributors regardless of the harm caused by food one has eaten. The only way this bill if fair is by passing a companion bill forcing the full disclosure of all industry ingredients and methods of production and distribution, in a clear unambiguous manner.  Only then can one be responsible for what one is eating.  This is further proof of the profiteering mindset of another industry who has the entire government bought and paid for.