The Individualists wish to warn the reader of the following:

In these times of rapid information sharing, e.g.  exposing truths and propagating lies at light speed, remember the following:


1.  Always uphold and defend the constitution  at all costs.  (to do this you should memorize it or at least be very familiar with it)

2.  Remember that any individual or group giving you information is most likely giving you half truths, even this site.

*All disinformation agents Have to use truth, the tactic is half truth and weighted truth, to lean you into their ideology.  Keep a clear head, absorb wisdom from Every source, and compile Your Own Belief, in this way you cannot be controlled.  Furthermore, remember that every media is owned by someone with a motive.  The only pure motive is unrestricted peace, freedom and wisdom for all mankind.  The ideology we are leaning you towards is personal Responsible power and self government, which is True Independence, True Freedom. 

3.  Obey only Yourself!  If this means to you the right to do evil, then it is clear you are an enemy of mankind, this is your choice, we are not your judge or keeper.  But realize, it is a very limited frame of mind as taught in “Individualism” by Frater Ponderator.  It is a profound ignorance of the True Nature of the Self, thus a weak state of existence.

4.  Undermine any entity which controls others by exposing it with Truth to the followers. 

5.  Ascertain the most rapid ways to educate your fellow man, in great numbers.

6.  Do not allow yourself to fear!  Fear generates Haste and Confusion which makes Impotent Any Force Evoked.  Any individual causing mass fear is an agent of darkness.  Be alert, but do not be afraid, for you are the children of the most high, and you are unconquerable when alert.  Allies Alert each other, they do not frighten each other.   May this help you to see your allies.

7.  Be careful with ambiguity, it is a Mist in which an ulterior motive can reside, good or ill.

8.  Be cautious with any entity that empowers itself more than its followers.

9. NEVER destroy the lives or property of your own people, no matter what force is attempting to get you to do so by whatever labels. There are many forces currently attempting to do just that, and get us all to kill each other, by affixing different labels to us. UNITE NOW!

10.  If you agree with the proposed structure of the Individualistic government, get involved!

The Media giants, whether purposely or not, skew the minds of the majority of the population. Simply because a large portion of the population believe that what is covered, is the only thing happening, and that, any assertions made by the news Must be true. These are perfect conditions for propaganda and mass mind control. In an extreme case, a story directly opposite to reality could be broadcasted and the public would believe it. Or, a major strategic event takes place, and the media refuses to broadcast it so as to keep the mind frame of the population in a precise place. For example, the capital of a country is seized, but the media does not tell the people either because it is on the side of the usurpers, or it wants the courage of the population to remain strong. Here are some links illustrating this point well:

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