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    For thousands of years man went without manufactured supplements and pharmaceuticals, yet they have become "essential" in the last hundred years.  Compare how fit the natural wild animals are, such as a lion, with its rippling muscles, to the obesity and weakness of the disease ridden present day humans, with their supplemented foods and magic drugs, which only grant them even stranger diseases.  All "drugs" needed by man have already been created, and are in the form of wild plants (herbs). 

    Health is simple to maintain, many ailments can be cured with just fresh food, (grown by the user is the best, especially when eaten moments after harvest), and clean water (due to today's pollution one may choose distilled as the purest) taken at about one fluid ounce per pound of body weight per day. When drinking this proper amount of water one needs about one gram of salt per 150 pounds of body weight per day. 

     Good hygiene (body and mouth) is hopefully an obvious item, however an area often neglected is the nasal cavity.  For thousands for years yogis have practiced "neti", the rinsing of the nasal cavity with lightly salted water.  This not only helps breathing but it prevents any microbial colonies from gaining a foot hold, and then migrating to other parts of the body.

     40 minutes per day of exercise is required, the minimum being a walk.  However vigorous exercise, too often, will have negative effects.  A good balance, depending upon the individual, is a medium exercise every other day, with lighter ones in between, coupled with 2-8 vigorous workouts a month.  The most important part is to stretch upon completion.  Attempt to stretch every muscle group.  The reason for exercise and stretching, besides the many obvious benefits, is that the lymph system is not a circulating system.  Therefore by moving every part of the body, one causes the lymph to move in that area, assisting the removal of toxins and the purifying of the lymph to continue such removal. 

     The importance of proper breathing is, more often than not, unknown to many.  Just as in a damp, dark, basement with little circulation, mold will grow upon the walls, similar occurrences will happen within lungs which do not fully inhale and fully exhale, allowing microbial life to gain a foothold.  This stale air, deoxygenated, is slightly toxic by its action with the surrounding moisture and, furthermore, it hinders oxygen's ability to penetrate into theses areas causing the parts of the body relying on that part of the lung to weaken. To sit comfortably in a chair with the back straight, hands rested in the lap, feet rested on floor, and consciously breath for 5 minutes, morning and night, will add tremendous health benefits.  One simply fills the lungs, without force, slowly and evenly, and pauses for as long as one comfortably can.  Then exhales fully, slow and evenly, pausing again for as long as is comfortable, then the cycle is repeated.

     As is breathing, the importance of consciously relaxing is also grossly neglected by humanity.  Lying down on one's back with the arms out to the side, slightly tense the legs, lift them, and then spread them evenly apart about 2-3 feet, and then place them back down.  Lift the buttocks, slightly tense it, and place it back down.  Slightly lift the spine, then place it down.  Lift the arms, slightly tense them, and then place them down.  Lift the shoulders up from the floor and pull them gently towards the neck, then place them down.  Raise the head slightly, pulling the chin toward the neck, and then place down.  What this achieves is a symmetrical body and spine.  One can practice one's breathing in this position and also add the following practice.

     Start at the feet and work upwards.  When the inhale is being held focus upon the foot and mentally state, "my foot is relaxed" then exhale.  Repeat for each section, from the foot to the ankle, shin, knee, thigh, other leg, hips, back, abs, chest, innards, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearm, wrist, hands, other arm, neck, head, parts of face etc.  Each part can be subdivided as much as one desires and has time for (down to the cells and even the DNA etc.).  When the whole body is thus covered, mentally state, "my entire body is relaxed" then exhale.  This should be done once per day.  You will feel entire muscle groups release, and thereby gain profound understandings of your body.

     Tension causes the build up of localized Lactic acid (a waste product of muscles), which over long periods, can be a foundation for numerous ailments.  Furthermore, the body is a building, a tension in one area throws the entire structure out of balance, causing strain upon other areas to maintain the balance, these, in turn, throw other parts off of balance, and so on, until ailments arise far removed from the location of the initiating tension.


     Apart from physical care one must also practice mental care.  In the present hectic world this is much more important.  Just as one should cause the body to be active at least 40 minutes per day, one should exercise and relax the mind for 40 minutes per day.  One should find a quite, solitary spot to carry out this work without interruption.  After one has completed either the breathing or relaxation exercise above, one might add the following practice.

     The Individualist is encouraged to often, if not constantly, deeply ponder Infinity and God, and practice being aware of that awesome presence.  A final basic exercise to assist this is: After any of the above exercises, close the eyes and ponder, "If God is Infinite, and infinity is every thing, including even void itself, then all is God".  After a few moments pondering this, and all it relates to, including atoms, planets, suns, galaxies etc., when you can't ponder anymore, open the eyes.  Behold, one is looking at God.  Open the ears, one is hearing God.  Feel, one is feeling God.  Your surroundings and You, every part of you, even your thought, is made of God, because there is only God, the ever present Now.  From the local surroundings to the cosmos, all things are made up of the fabric of God's body.  God is not separate from the Creation, God is the Creation.  Furthermore, this Creation is much bigger than what humans can perceive with their senses.  This entire physical universe is an infinitely small speck in Its ocean of light.  Practice this presence of God vigilantly and constantly, and one will experience firsthand the majesty of the Creator of All. 

     The effects of these practices are numerous, increasing health, strength, and clarity, in the mind, body and spirit, granting peace and understanding to the practitioner. With this society increasingly demanding more time from the citizens for nonsense, time for these important exercises is often challenging to secure.  Those who begin to practice these simple techniques will understand the Individualists' emphasis upon them and a society which gives the people more time.  The more time spent with these practices the more probable it is that one will attain notable results, and the more profound those results will be. Eventually one will ponder more advanced exercises.


"All of Mans troubles stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone" – Blaise Pascal

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