Individualistic Government

Here follows a description of a unique system of government proposed by Frater Ponderator:


  Individualism defined as a practical method of existence without using labels of other types of government to avoid tarnishing the definition with their modern preconceptions: 

1.  A constitutional government of the people by the people whose supreme absolute power lies in each individual as one's own state and monarch, each being thoroughly embodied with the consciousness of the Divine and thereby elect one's own self as one's own representative to determine the activities of their society of unified individuals with their collective free Will which can do all but limit in any way any individual or group of individuals so long as they are causing no harm to any thing including the body of their constitution.


Individualism as defined using methods of types of government:

 1.  A direct democratic republican commune governed by every member of the population as divinely endowed individual monarchs whose collective free will acts as a symmetrical federal government. 


     Individualism is the synthesis of most major forms of governments to date.  It takes the sovereign divine king from the monarchy and makes each individual a representative of this divine flux within him.  It takes congress from the republic and makes each individual a member.  It takes the unity of individuals cells operating together as a whole from the federation, it takes voting from the democracy, and with that determines the major and general desire of the people formulating the primary direction of work together as a republic.  It does this all with the knowledge that The Infinite is all permeating, within man and without, thus all individual and collective activities will be divinely oriented as in the theocracy.

     To accomplish these ends free unrestricted knowledge is the cornerstone of the Individualistic society. Knowledge alone is sufficient to guarantee all liberties, knowledge is not only wisdom it is also awareness. When knowledge is withheld the resulting ignorance causes dependence upon others, which is a control, thus true Independence is lost.  When knowledge is withheld one cannot make sound decisions for one's self, let alone stop unsound decisions being made by others.  This allows the establishment of regulations for certain individuals and groups that differ from that of others, thus true equality is lost.  When these are lost, an unnatural complexity is formed in which people can then be easily misguided, deceived and controlled, and finally, true freedom is lost.  Therefore the Individualistic system stresses one's responsibility for all of one's own actions and one's own welfare by utilizing a system of free unrestricted knowledge.

     Hence, Individualism offers true independence, equality and freedom, with the most noble attempt to freely give each individual the highest and most complex knowledge available.  Illuminating them to the limitless powers of the mind, body and spirit so as to assist them in their individual and collective decision making. Thus the collective result upon society will mirror the individual efforts, and the society as a whole will come closer to perfection.

     The Individualists advise that this approach is critical in these dark times.  As humans have now drifted so far from essentials that they no longer know what is essential, they are lost in a realm of useless material and ignorance, and have abandoned evolution and freedom by abandoning knowledge.   Individualism takes this existing materialistic society and hews from it the pure and healthy body of direct democracy buried deep in the core, abused and forgotten.  So corrupted is the old world that not much will remain when the work is completed.  Countless tons of black debris will be chipped from its body, and the small form remaining will be polished back to sound vitality and breathed into life with unrestricted knowledge.




     The most perfect form of government has existed before our very eyes since humans came into being.  It is simply nature, has it ever needed governed?   The countless types of species are all acting in perfect harmony, from the microscopic to the massive whales, because each one is governing itself.  This keeps the system at maximum power and efficiency because each individual cares for itself to the highest extreme, thus creating a collective whole unit which cares for itself to the highest degree.  If any individual unit is for whatever reason rendered unable to maintain this high standard of care, such as being severely wounded, it is naturally removed from the system.  Thus ensuring that no fault exists within the system and it continues at maximum efficiency.  This same principle is further expounded in simply weak creatures, they cannot get food, or win a mate thus their fault is not allowed to propagate simply due to the stresses of the high standards of the system, the individual is therefore destroyed and the system survives. The Individualists call this the microcosmic system of management.

     The attempted opposite of this system, profaned Macrocosmic management, one human governing many, propagates fault and weakness, jeopardizing the entire system because of the flaw of merely one individual.  Not only because the one individual does not care for another as much as oneself, but by the thwarting of that efficiency principle at work in nature.  Humans also can not get too weak for too long else they will be removed by nature's system, unless assisted by society.  This assistance unnaturally thwarts the efficiency principle of the system.  It is the only reason that weakness, ignorance and ineptitude exist in modern society, else these individuals would have either changed for the better or ceased to be.  This mechanism becomes more serious when such flawed individuals sit in positions of rulership.  As an extreme example, if one such individual takes without equally returning to those dependent upon him, thus hoarding energy, whatever its form, be it food, money, fuel, knowledge etc, the rest grow weak, and will die leaving the hoarder no slaves to continue his parasitic sustenance, causing his own demise.  Thus from one, or a few, corrupt individuals the entire system is sacrificed.  In contrast, within the Microcosmic system of the Individualist, only the corrupt individual perishes (or changes), simply ensuring a stronger condition of the collective whole because a fault was removed.

     Macrocosmic government (governing many beings) is for God not man.  The only Macrocosmic government which is not profane is The One (God) governing All (also God), all other human attempts are limited profane abominations.  Man can only govern the microcosm, that is, himself, and he has no right to govern anyone else because to properly govern himself is more than a challenging effort which is rarely brought to completion in a lifetime save by very few enlightened geniuses.  This is the high standard of the Individualist, to focus on the perfection of oneself so that the collective whole of the society is a direct reflection of their individual valiant efforts.  Thus a noble society, a great and powerful civilization with an enlightened and divine government in harmony with all of creation is born.  When all men govern themselves, the sum total is the government of the Lord God, the government intended for man since antiquity.  It is the macrocosmic government of the many microcosms, the house of many mansions, the kingdom of God.

     All profane Macrocosmic governments, with man governing man other than himself, are not only a psychosis, (asserting oneself as being capable to know others as well as one knows oneself, if at all) but a redundancy (why govern some one who is already governing themselves?) and a slavery (one individual gives up his duty to govern himself, immediately becoming a subject to the one individual who asserts direction – even if with good intent).

     Individualism takes the existing government and equally divides it amongst the people making each individual a small yet complete reflection of the whole so that each individual intelligence is aware of the workings of the entire system (albeit on a smaller scale) and is therefore included in each operation. Every individual becomes an active, balanced working part of the system as opposed to present civilization where most action and contribution is severely bias, with less than five percent of the population active in government proceedings leaving ninety-five percent of them inactive.  Very few possess a clear understanding of the detailed workings of the entire system.  The Individualistic society naturally increases this awareness and participation from its individuals by their practicing of this government on a microcosmic scale. Government thus subdivided is consequently easier to comprehend, effectively creating a civilization of aware and informed souls who understand the importance of their relationship to all others, as well as their responsibility thereto.  Thus being no different than the human body whose sum total of efficiently working cells is one self-governing unit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the remainder of this document the word "Government" when referring to an Individualistic form of true direct democracy shall be replaced by the word Populus so as to distinguish between a profane government separate from the people and a just government of the peopleThe word 'government' from hereon shall refer to any government other than an Individualistic government and shall further be written in italics to remind the reader each time of the distinction, as such: government

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