Phase 1

1. Elimination of All These Government Departments.

2. Begin prosecution of all those who exceptionally profited from suspect government dealings in the last 50 years, and return the unlawfully gained assets to the Populus at large. This includes but is not limited to: past and present government officers of the US and other nations, as well as all International bank and corporation owners, officers, major shareholders, etc. and most Judges, Lawyers and similar judiciary workers. Banks and other institutions will be handled with these details.

3. Erection of the Four Departments of the Simplified Individualistic Government fully of the people, and assimilation of fragments specified in the details of step One.

4. Initiate the Energy Standard and erect the Energy Economy.

5. Begin operation of the Populus Informer, Populus Media, and LAFKI online, in full force with its advanced, free and publicly edited curriculums.

6. Begin building/retooling all proposed Populus facilities from assets regained from step Two.

7. Remaining assets of step Two liquidated and distributed equally among the Populus as a Stimulus Package, to start off the strong growth of the True Land of the Free, Government of We the People.


Phase 2

1. All Four Departments are filled with employees, each elected by Individualistic Direct Democracy

2. The populus common wealth begins growth, under strict monitoring by the GEP, and the Populus Media - and is directed monthly by the consensus of the people as a whole until the day of its extinction.

3. This quickly makes active all aspects of the HVR opening its services fully to the Populus, including the Militia, which will be all volunteer and possibly Police of the Old World, as all police stations are rendered obsolete by a Militia of the citizens. Each citizen is considered part of the militia, even if not volunteering to serve.

4. The simplified system of Individualistic Law is posted and memorized by all citizens.

5. All prisons of the Old World are dismantled and the prisoners placed into laborforces to work for their reform and release. Expediting the erection of the Populus Facilities.

Phase 3

1. The Individualistic Government and Economy are fully operational and are in a "green" stage, stabilizing, working out system bugs and making improvements. Voluntary Laborhoods evolve as essential skills instruction groups.

2. Businesses and self sufficiency stabilize Individualistic fair taxes are then introduced and also stabilized through consensus of Direct Democracy.

3. With further stabilization LAFKI soon inhabits local buildings where the people may come to get hands on instruction and experience through the Populus Colleges, Laborhoods and Formal Training Facilities for the Local Militias, all public and voluntary

4. Entire system stabilized, all populus facilities become operational and all Populus Services can be granted in full to the people. Completing the growth of the final department, the PHMC.

Phase 4

1. The people enjoy 1000 years of True Freedom, Enlightenment, and Peace, within and without. Amen.


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As this was just a synopsis, many details remain in the book.

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