"We, the People, are the rightful masters of both the Congress and the Courts. Not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who have perverted it."  - Abraham Lincoln



     The operation and affairs of the present day government have drifted too far from the control, understanding and awareness of the people.   The "Greater Eye of the Populus", representing the collective active will of the people, is created to reverse these effects by regularly informing the people of every action of the (ideally) four government departments.  To perform this duty it acts as the eyes and ears of the Populus gathering detailed information from every place to which it is directed.  The information it provides allows the people to wisely choose where to direct their collective energy.  It then gathers their views, concerns, and votes, and presents them to the proper department.  In the Individualistic system, that department would then take immediate action upon that end command.  However, until that true system is realized, the present world government is too often opposed to the people's will.  Therefore, the GEP immediately reports the government's reaction to these presented concerns to the people so that they can see exactly to what degree the government is acting contrary to their will.  Thus allowing the people to take action, assisted the entire way by the GEP.  All of this is accomplished by a monthly document mailed to every adult citizen entitled "The Populus Informer".

Structure and Duties of the GEP

1. The Populus Informer

2. Research Bodies

3. The Mechanics of Individualistic Direct Democracy

4. Departments Assimilated by GEP

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