The Populus Informer


     Modern reporting agencies are limited and passive in their approach to informing the public of the activities of their government.  The GEP will be very active, ensuring the monthly delivery of The Populus Informer. The Populus informer is a document compiled by the GEP and mailed out once a month, either as a digital email or a hard copy*.  It contains a detailed report on each of the four branches of government.  The local GEP is responsible for its final distribution being that they must combine the Federal and state reports with their local report into one final document.  This final document gives a detailed account on 1.  Each branches' current activities (as directed by previous Populus consensus) 2.  Their individual items up for consensus (items are ideas produced by the populace) 3.  The pros and cons of projects and systems initiated, and 4. Any other important or specifically requested information.  Any issues of lesser significance are not placed into the Informer simply because of space limitations.  They are cataloged and archived each month at LAFKI as "The extended Informer" for the inquiring citizen and remain active issues. 

    The Populus Informer furthermore includes a form, the "consensus form", which is a mandatory reply.  It commands reply on each of the four branches, the GEP, HVR, LAFKI, and PHMC.  The reply should include; opinions, ideas, comments, suggestions, concerns etc.  The minimum reply is 1,200 words, the maximum is 3,600 words distributed in any way amongst the four departments and their three levels, local, state and federal.  Therefore if one comments equally on all, one would have a small 300 word reply for each.  Else one could spend all 3,600 words on just one level of one branch, either way, one is expected to make some significant comment on something.  The Populus Informers are written completely opinion neutral, they are detailed yet clear and rapidly readable with no wasted words.  The estimated reading time is one average eight-hour working day, (40min per section).  The estimated time for response writing is also a maximum of eight hours.  Therefore, for one day per month the entire adult population reads and responds to the Populus Informer for less than sixteen hours.  They must do this within three days of receiving it, and then send it to the address of their designated Populus Consolidant.  Each of these forms has a source number to identify the original writer, this information is not viewable until the following month so that the entirety of the consensus remains anonymous.  This allows the opinions of congressmen, scientists, doctors and the common man an equal consideration, as those consolidating the consensus are also of random social class.  This results in an authentic public opinion nearly impervious to corruption.  Any suspected tainting can be pinpointed by following the source numbers available to the entire population after one month.

*  For those doubting the feasibility of this many hard copies see page 83 for junk mail statistics)

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