The Hall of Vital Records acts as the collective memory of the people as well as its energy reserves. It holds all information on all civilians, such as finances, taxes and personal records etc.  It is a storehouse of static information, including law.  The dispenser of justice, it is divided into federal, state and local levels, and in its ideal state it will contain the entire judicial branch of the government.  It consists of many fortified structures, similar to banks.  In fact, many will be converted banks of the old world (after their dismantlement).  Some will be home to courthouses and/or local militia barracks.  This phenomenon happens today, many times the police station is built close to the courthouse, then the banker builds next to the police station.  Thus the natural evolution is the HVR facility.  The ideal structure is a fortified courthouse, home to the local militia and storehouse of the local reserves and Populus finances in its center.  A place of safety and justice owned and controlled by the people, there are few safer places to keep all Populus records and resources.



1. Populus Common Wealth

2. Lending

3. Populus Project Funds

4. The Populus Resource Reserve

5. Populus Accident Fund

6. Populus Health System

7. Populus Militia

8. Departments Assimilated by the HVR


1. Social Security Insurance

2. Individualistic Law

a. The 42 Principles

b. Punishments

c. Police

d. Common Law

e. Company Law

f. Churches and Temples

g. Decriminalized Activities

i. Legal Simplicity

3. Individualistic Taxing

a. Common Taxes

b. "Sin" Taxes

4. Health Care

5. Food Awareness

6. Privatized Banking Reform

7. Insurance Companies

8. Welfare

9. Credit Bureaus

1.  Populus Common Wealth


     The Populus common wealth is the pool of all collected money, from taxes, Populus facility overages, and the savings of the people.   The money from taxes is put to distinct uses, the overages from Populus programs and facilities is divided equally among the people of that level, (local, state, or federal) and deposited into their account in the common wealth.  This savings of the people and their profits from the system, can then be lent as no interest loans.

     Usury is made illegal in the Individualistic society, as well as privatized banking.  The reason is because combined they are simply an exponential power generating machine turning the people's work energy into the privatized fortunes of others (see diagram pg 13).  They exist only because people give them money.  All corporations place their capital into banks including income and payroll.  Citizens, as employees and customers, also place their savings into the bank.  Thus with this massive influx of funds, the bank increasingly gains in "loaning" power by fractional reserve, which requires the bank to only have a percentage, such as 10%, of the amount it loans in actual funds available.  The bank actually never pays out any significant amount:


1.  When the bank is required to pay employees "X" for their paycheck, many of these people place a large portion of that amount right back into the bank as their personal checking or savings, thus the bank has little net loss to its loaning power.  2.  The bank supposedly makes money off of investments into corporations. When this money is given to the corporation it goes right back into the bank, by it being deposited as working capital or by the corporation purchasing something, wherein the selling corporation takes this profit and places it in their bank.  Again, little initial loss to the banking industry, which then receives profit from the investment because of usury (a loan based on fractional reserve, thus profit is being made on 90% of non existent money). 3.  When a customer wants to buy from a corporation and gets a bank loan, the loan given to the corporation goes right back into the bank as that corporation deposits it as profit.  Thus again, little loss to the bank.  The bank then profits by usury on the loan to the customer (another hollow fractional reserve based loan), often at absurd degrees.  

     Thus the bank is the only one in the loop who profits and that profit is on 90% non-existent funds. The employees, who are also the customers (buying the products which they created), give hard work energy on both ends.  The corporations are an intrinsic part of the banking system with a symbiotic relationship, and at times are the creators of the bank to initiate this cycle (such as GMAC, General Motors Acceptance Corporation, a subsidiary of GM, if independent it would be the 8th largest US bank.  Ford Motor Credit would be the 10th largest US bank).  Viewed in this light, generalized, the people are working to create a product, and then paying a middleman to have the product which they created.  It is a pointless stumbling block.  Exploitation of man to the scandalous profit of the few by demanding more work energy than that which was given, and furthermore that which was given, upon which they make their demands, was only 10% real.   Therefore they demand re-payment on 90% of nothing.

     To present a clearer idea on this pointless waste created by usury:

1.  $211 Billion (and growing) of US tax money goes towards just interest on the national debt every year. 

2.  The national average mortgage payment is about $1600 per month with roughly 22 million US mortgages (now, possibly 44 million) at 6% interest over 22.5 years (the average of 30 year and 15 year mortgages), totaling 35.2 billion dollars per month, of which 42% is purely interest (the average interest of 30 year and 15 year mortgages).  This equals over 14.8 billion dollars per month in interest alone for just the mortgage industry.  In light of the Individualistic energy values, this would be 164.4 million megawatt-hours of electricity per month. This is over forty one times the electricity produced by the Hoover dam all year.  Now imagine all the other areas where usury applies, personal loans, business loans, automobile loans, credit cards etc.  All loaned on fractional reserve making profit on non-existent money at the hard labor expense of the greater population.  The amount of monthly energy wasted for the greed of a few is simply maniacal, and will be stopped immediately by the Individualists.

     Being that all individual and corporate money is already in some banking system, little will apparently change with the implementation of the Individualistic common wealth system, save that all funds will be backed 100%.  The common wealth is a massive pool of the entire wealth of each level, local, state and federal, owned equally by all the people and functioning similar to a credit union.  It is the only legal pool of money, and its actions are directed monthly on the local, state, and federal levels, directly by the people.  It charges no money to hold money and pays no interest.  Its operating costs are paid by specifically allocated tax dollars which are also a part of the pool.  It is no different than the tremendous pool of the people's money held today by the various privatized banks generating a privatized profit, save that this common wealth is strictly controlled by the people to the benefit of the people.  A single centralized financial system such as this can only be implemented in a true direct democracy such as the Individualistic society, all else will become a dangerous controlling devise, even if deviating in the smallest degree.


2.  Lending


     With the removal of usury the people will have more personal money, what is rightfully theirs.  To take a loan is another emanation of giving up one's own responsibility and depending on another.  The only valid reason to take a loan is if one needs something immediately, which is rare.  Too often this is confused with want something immediately.  Modern banks exploit this human weakness and ignorance, by orchestrating loan agreements so that the borrower buys the product two to three times over its value due to interest.  This leads to far less money for that individual, and far more expended work energy for only that one item, to the greater profit of the bank.  Currently over 75% of the entire US population holds some type of debt adding up to over 12.8 Trillion dollars, (9.7 Trillion of which is just mortgages, 735 Billion is credit card debt) each with varying degrees of usury.  This is larger than the 8.3 Trillion dollar national debt.  This amounts to a national picture of 75% of the population expending at least twice as much energy as is needed for the objects which they desire.  Thus, usury is not but waste, it is a solid figure which represents the degree of impatience, irresponsibility, dependence, servitude and vanity of the population, the root causes of astronomical amounts of wasted energy. 

     For the needs that everyone has such as food, shelter, and basic transportation, the Individualistic society has programs fulfilling those needs.  Self-sustenance is taught in detail, volunteer labor co-ops exist for those in need, to build one's own home and even basic transportation at cost, etc.  Housing and transportation alone amount to over $10.2 Trillion of the total $12.8 trillion household debt (over 500 billion in outstanding auto loans carrying approximately 45 billion in interest (interest not included)).  Thus, by two simple Individualistic programs, nearly 80% of all civilian loans are rendered obsolete.  The remaining 20% ($2.6 Trillion) are credit cards, store credit, personal loans and similar debt.  This portion is most likely not need, it is most likely non-essential material goods.

     The very existence of loaning builds up a society and mindset around it.  By this very element it creates excess work, and combined with usury this waste is magnified, add fractional reserve and it reaches shameful proportions.  For example, if one knows that loans are available for all that one may desire, one is more prone to take a loan for non-essential reasons.  One now has to work harder than without, thus one requires more work.  A surplus of workers causes businesses to see an opportunity to take on more labor, for which they also need a loan to meet the higher payroll.  Nevertheless, they take it because the surplus of workers will increase their production output.  They therefore have to sell more product to pay back the loan and its interest.  Armed with the latest marketing techniques they convince the people to buy their product, regardless of its use value or true worth, who then also take a loan, continuing the cycle.  Thus the existence of lending generates a false "need" for lending, it becomes a crutch to depend on, a common place practice of the masses, many of whom are ignorant to its inherent waste.  This is not entirely harmful if usury and fractional reserve are removed.  Without these there is no wasted energy, one repays exactly what was given.  With them still in the system, the dependence created is leveraged and it becomes servitude.  For, the "tax" on that which is lent, not only generates unnecessary expended energy, but also the loss of time to that individual which is directly related to lack of peace and enlightenment in mind, body and spirit as already discussed.

     Furthermore, Loaning encourages overproduction because the end price becomes nearly insignificant. The manufacturers are aware that few can afford their product on their own, but with the banks involved that is no longer an obstacle.  So without fear countless products are produced.  Entire Lots are filled with boats, cars, RVs, mobile homes etc. and their prices are high, maximizing profit as price is of little concern.  The corporations enter into a symbiotic relationship with the bank installing quasi bank representatives at their facilities, loan officers, who are paid bonuses by the bank for the number and types of loans they rake in for the bank.  All roping in the people to the servitude of usury, feeding wants instead of needs, causing endless waste.

     Accordingly, people lose track of essentials and get caught in vanity – vain action, irresponsible and impatient motives whose collective end result is a massive waste of energy which only taxes society and eventually the globe.  But this is not the extent of the waste of usury.  Of the 5.3 million outstanding mortgages, 1.7 Million of them now face foreclosure, that is about one out of every three mortgage loans ending in a homeless individual or family, who most likely spent many years making payments.  All of that money is lost, wasted, or as the Individualists describe it,  "stolen".  Same with the 1.3 Million auto repossessions on average auto loans of $23,800, or about 6% of every auto loan.  Entire markets of need suppliers spring up around foreclosure and repossession, which themselves use energy, thus are an energy cost on wasted energy – this is utterly intolerable to the Individualist and is still not the full extent of the waste.  To illustrate:


     A bank loans to a buyer on fractional reserve for a $100,000 house for 30 years at 6%.  Because of 10% fractional reserve, the bank owns this house for a mere $10,000.  The buyer spends 10 years paying $1,000 monthly payments adding up to $120,000.  This is $20,000 more than the cost of the home, and 12 times more than what the bank paid for it.  However on paper it will show the buyer still owing around $52,000.  His employing corporation happens to cut jobs to utilize exploited oversea labor, unemployed, and without knowledge of self sustenance, the buyer can no longer make the payment on the house which should already be his.  The bank gleefully forecloses, taking the house and leaving the man with nothing, but a loss of ten years of his life and $120,000, an enormous waste of energy (at least 1,300 megawatt hours, enough electricity for over 300 people for an entire year).  The bank has gained $110,000 plus a $100,000 home to use again in the same scam.  Thus is the case for 1 out of every 3 mortgages and one origin of the tremendous profits written off as "loss" by the banking industry.  Fractional reserve, usury and privatized banking are therefore cast out with great contempt from the Individualistic society.


     With out this predatory lending the people can clearly discern between a want and a need.  If one needs transportation, and wants a full size SUV, with no system to support this unwarranted desire but one's own net worth, one might see that a small electric vehicle is not only all that one can afford, but actually more economical.  In such a system, their is no usury, no waste, no excess work for usury, no excess work for naught (loan foreclosure) no excess work on unfair demands (fractional reserve claiming to pay "X" and charge interest and repayment upon "X" when having only invested 1/10th of "X").  Thus is saved incredible amounts of energy and time to be directed towards needs, such as the refinement of mind, body and spirit of the greater population.


As can be seen the Individualists see very little reason for loans.  As such there are no loans given for:


1.  Non essential material items

2.  Major transportation  (Minor can be had from Populus conversion centers. (see pg 121, 122)

3.  Houses (Populus Laborhood programs help one build one's own home (see pg 109)

4.  Education (education is free)

5.  To company owners of over 100 men, or any owner or member of a company that creates a sin taxed



     The majority of loans will therefore be given for true needs and innovative projects.   True needs will be determined by the Populus, such as a machine to till ground, a press, a kiln, electric turbines, water detention tanks etc.  Innovative projects may be simply a prototype or possibly a business.  Any prototype funded must have accurate plans supplied to the Populus who is allowed, at any time, to utilize the designs for any reason.  Any private business started on Populus funds pays 1% of its annual net profit to the Populus common wealth for the life of the business.  

     Large companies are not eligible for common wealth lending therefore must solicit the private public for funding.  The present debt in the American private sector business is 9 Trillion dollars (also larger than the national debt) the three largest borrowers being General Motors, General Electric, and Ford With debts of 300, 195 and 175 Billion dollars respectively.  Their common practice of selling bonds which generate interest is made illegal as a result of illegal usury.  This is not to say that a private entity cannot lend money, it simply cannot charge interest for it.  However no private entity can collect pools of money from multiple individuals without giving proportionate ownership in return, otherwise one would then be a bank.  Thus, stock can be had in private companies save that the dividends paid to share-holders must be of the total post-tax profit of the company divided proportionately, not a portion of it.  Furthermore the recipients no longer have to pay capital gains tax upon this money being that it was already taxed as corporation profit.

     The way common wealth lending works is very similar to the present procedure except the time frame may be longer and more carefully scrutinized.  Being that it is the people's money, the people will have the final approval of any significant loans.  All personal information of the applicant is listed as well as a brief synopsis of the reason for desiring the loan including a reference number directing readers to the detailed information stored in LAFKI.  This is then included in the HVR section of the monthly Populus Informer. The amount of people who will be approving the loan depends on the level of use of the loan be it local, state, or federal.  The applicant must have existing assets valued higher than the loan desired, this is proven by field documentation conducted by the GEP.  The applicant must also have a annual productivity rating higher than 30% of the loan amount desired, as all repayment must be accomplished within five years.

     This system maintains a healthy level of production because high priced products are now within the reach of the common man, such as a 100,000 dollar hydraulic excavator.  An individual proving a prosperous and beneficial application for this machine, and making only $37,000 per year, the average US salary, is granted the loan.  The individual repays twenty thousand per year at $1667 per month (a mere $67 over the present average Mortgage payment).  Thus many individuals who once would never consider such products, are now a substantial market.  With this access, coupled with the time induced by self-sufficiency, the number of well thought out innovative projects, checked by society, will soar.  The aspiring scientist suddenly has an entire lab, the starving artist now owns a studio, the backyard mechanic now has a garage, the tinkering metalworker now has a shop, the hobby biodiesel maker becomes the local refinery, dreams become reality, innovation and inspiration reach record heights, the breakthroughs in all science and arts propel the society into a new level of understanding.  This is the Individualistic vision.

     The loan obligation in the Individualistic society is much more serious.  There is no repossession nor is there default.  If these existed one could easily abuse such a generous system.  By agreeing to the loan one locks oneself into fulfillment.  If one's own method of acquiring the funds to pay the amount fails, that one is placed into a Laborforce at an allotted rate until the loan is paid.  One can also volunteer for the Laborforce and list that as the initial method of loan repayment.  Either way this fact will be a significant deterrent for exploitation of the system and greatly increase the forethought of taking loans initially. One should feel great guilt for late payments on money that was lent without usury or fractional reserve for it is pure generosity of the fellow man.  In such a case the lender is actually lending 100% of the amount and not 10%, as do the present day lenders who use the guilt of good souls to get their unwarranted usury figured upon 10 times the value of what they actually lent.


3.  Populus Project Funds


     The Populus project funds are the portion of money within the common wealth from the collected taxes of the people whose use is allocated proportionately to the desire of the entire Populus at each level, local to federal, as ascertained by the final consensus synopsis of each month's Populus Informer.    The projects can be anything the people desire such as a park, a mine, a solar farm, a factory, a bridge, a dam etc.  These desires are generated by the past months' major opinions, ideas and concerns discussed by the populace as topics of the Informer, and voted thereupon, at times in various stages for many months, such as a bridge.  First, the general idea is to have a bridge, all agree.  Next the details begin to be discussed, such as where is the best place to build it and why, and then what type of bridge, etc., right down to the final paint.  Thus the entire community takes part in the discussion and the project, from the community engineers, to the ironworkers, farmers, tradesmen, businessmen etc. all giving their unique perspective. A closer bond is formed between the people and the projects accomplished by their society.  A greater care and feeling that they have helped in some way is formed.  Each month between Informer issues the latest topics will be discussed throughout the population increasing the depth and detail of responses for the following month leading to a final project that pleases all, and incorporates the thought energy of an entire people who funded it.  Thus their works will be spectacular, and not rushed and dull like so many present day projects.  Buildings built in weeks with no intelligent placement, altering land with little thought of the consequences, utilizing cheap and environmentally harmful materials with no portion of artistic quality throughout.  Each developing idea in its entirety will be available for all to view at any time within LAFKI.

     This Individualistic system already exists in a corrupted form.  For example, banks only exist because the people give them money, and the profit that they have, made on the people's money by fractional reserve, now makes them an independent entity with its "own" money even if it was had by unarmed theft.  To keep this example simple, the banks get their money from the people.  The corporations also get their money from the people in three ways, 1.  Buy selling a product to them 2. By having them invest or 3. By borrowing off a bank who is a pool of the people's money.  Therefore the people completely fund every entire operation as well as build it, just as in the Individualistic system.  The difference is that the "profit" and privileges goes to the top management of the corporations and the banks, instead of going to the countless amounts of people whose collective nickels, pennies and hard labor, built the entire fortune and whatever systems were initiated along with it, be it a factory, to a car, to a bridge.  Furthermore, the actions of the top management and the proceedings of the projects initiated are not directly controlled by all of the people involved, beside the share holders or product purchasers, there are the huge bank loans drawn which symbolize countless numbers of investors entirely not represented (all people with checking or savings etc.).

     The Individualistic system equally represents each individual and their will throughout the entire procedure because their money is equally funding the project.  Therefore, the profits of whatever systems become initiated by their will are returned to all the people in the form of reduced prices on products, special benefits or quarterly lump sums returned to the Populus common wealth to be allocated toward additional projects, or divided equally among the people as they desire.


4.  The Populus Resource Reserve


     The Populus Resource Reserve is the storehouse of energy for the respective level of the Populus, from the local to the federal level. The detailed operation of which has already been discussed beginning on page 30. They are the issuers of currency as energy certificates and will be the translator of the present hollow money system to the new fully backed energy certificate system until the old currency is phased out. They accumulate their reserves through trade with individuals and through the operation of Populus facilities such as food crops, wind and solar farms, hydroelectric plants, fuel crops etc.  The system allows utterly self-reliant individuals to trade in produced goods for currency to utilize other Populus systems such as various facilities, lending or to pay their taxes. 


5.  Populus Accident Fund


     Being that no private entity may collect a pool of money without giving proportionate ownership in return, all insurance establishments are made illegal.  The Populus accident fund takes the place of all accident insurance such as auto, worker compensation, homeowner's etc.  It is a portion of the collected taxes whose amount is determined annually by its activity.  For simple example, if the base premium was X for every individual, and at the end of the year a substantial amount was left over, that amount would be returned to the populace and the following year the premium would be adequately reduced. Upon the reverse the premium is increased the following year.  This way any major accident is absorbed and truly felt by the entire population.

     All individuals have the exact same policy, each is responsible for the first 500 dollars, the amount owed is dependent upon the amount of property one desires covered over the base fee (based on average property value and amounts).  If the accident involves one at fault, this one must repay the fund in part or in full as determined by the people.  Such as if one was blatantly negligent, such as DUI, the full amount must be repaid (on top of fines and Laborforce time).  This system increases the level of responsibility for one's actions and deters negligence.

     For permanent injuries there will be no long-term payments.  All accidents happen from some degree of negligence and are accordingly harsh lessons thereof.  Society cannot be taxed for the misfortune, or negligence of individuals.  The Individualists will list all such claims in the Populus Informer and have the people judge to what extent one's self-sufficiency has been effected, as well as the exact size of the monetary award, if any, (such as in the case of an individual losing an arm) and furthermore, to what extent some may be willing to volunteer help.  This deters the countless numbers of leeches who claim phantom pains and chronic illness, and tax the rest of society for their lies and weakness.  The society as a whole will clearly judge such things.  Such as a little girl caught in a flaming car and the middle aged man claiming chronic back pain from a common collision.  It is assured that society will shower the child with assistance, and merely encourage the other to stand up and act like a man.     

     Accident payments cover property loss, and provide basic assistance until one is back on one's feet, as well as any additional assistance the people see fit to add.  It provides no monetary award to pain and suffering bar none.  It provides no funds for medicine, being that that is covered by The Populus Health System.  Therefore as part of the people's responsibility, they must list all their property with the HVR in case of loss.  Unlisted property will not be covered. 

     Private businesses must repay the entire amount regardless of fault, because they are not considered essential to the owner's existence.  They are assisted by an entirely different aspect of the fund dedicated solely to private business.  This portion of the fund is generated by a portion of each companies' annual collected taxes allocated into the Private Business Accident Fund.  This keeps the potential massive losses of businesses from effecting the people, and keeps the assistance money strictly a pool of money from private businesses.  Every three years the unused portions of this fund, if any, are distributed into the common wealth as the people see fit.


6.  Populus Health System


     The Populus Health System is a pool of funds collected from a voluntary, non income based flat fee divided equally per capita of $4090 (about $341 per month).  Adults are responsible to pay this fee for their children.  (The detailed discussion of this fee begins on page 86).  Anyone may opt out of this plan, but if they happen to receive care, they will be ordered to repay the amount within one year or sentenced to time as a Laborforce member until paid.  Thus, some may see it as a risk to opt out.  Any overage in the fund at the end of each year is returned to the people and the following year's fee is accordingly reduced.  The practice of Individualistic philosophy of refinement of body, mind and spirit with the excess time available to each citizen will create a stress free environment of powerful and healthy individuals.  Each individual will be healthier longer into old age, and also less careless then the present day average citizens.  Thus, the amount of health care needed will progressively diminish.  In the distant future, this program may be completely obsolete.

 For more DETAILED information on Individualistic Health Care click Here.

7.  Populus Militia


     In the Individualistic society the entire population is required to serve mandatory military time, (the detailed discussion of why this is so is found on page 132).  With this surplus of soldiers, the police are rendered obsolete.  The position is then filled by the people as citizen police, upon completing their military training.  Each citizen will be schooled in law, the defense of their neutral nation, and the protection of their fellows.  With each citizen as a previous militiaman or woman, a strong comradery is formed and the frequent "power trip" of authority figures is negated.  The policing militia is seen as fellow brothers and sisters, taking their turn at the duty of protection and peace keeping, rather than being seen as alien authority figures.  They watch over their fellows as opposed to watching their fellows.  Their duties will be much the same as present day police, save that their training is more extensive being that they are firstly soldiers capable of defending a nation.

     However, it must be stressed that this system cannot be implemented until absolute neutrality is achieved and the government is downsized and back in the solid control of the people in a complete direct democracy.  Any deviation will be perverted into a terrible war machine, with internal military revolt against the controlling forces the only escape. 

For more information on the Populous Militia click here.



1.  Social Security Insurance


     Social security is nothing but a massive pyramid scheme paying its beneficiaries directly from the Social Security Insurance contributors (the people), not from the accrued interest of a "trust fund" as some believe.  The "trust Fund" is filled with US Treasury debt securities, debt obligations taken by the government whose interest is paid by the taxpayers, who are supposed to be accruing interest not paying it.  Thus the people are paying the people with an unnecessary middleman siphoning off their funds.  This ambiguous debt covers up what these supposed representatives actually do with the taxpayers' money, much of the money is indeed invested and substantial interest received, but it is by government officials and their private interests, not the common man. 

     For selfish intentions, the government has made itself appear as an entity more responsible than those it is supposed to represent.  The caretaker of the people and their money while it gets fat from the interest.  It is simply another system of dependence, where the people have allowed their responsibility to be handed over to another.  A deliberate deception to make people accept the government constantly dipping into their pockets in hopes of receiving something in return. Unfortunately most people die before getting back just what they put into it let alone making a profit, a blatant thievery in the guise of benevolence. 

     Being that the people are paying the people, thus exchanging money for no reason but the benefit of the middleman, they shall stop exchanging at all.  In the Individualistic society the people are responsible for their own future as is their right and duty, none of their money is taken from them, assuming them to be incompetent and unable to plan their own financial strategy.  The people shall decide what they want to do with their own money and invest it (or not) in any way they chose.  If they make bad decisions and have no money in the future they will have the Individualists knowledge of self-sustenance and the Populus Laborhoods to fall back on.  If they are crippled and abandoned by family, the Laborhoods have light tasks and open arms for them.  In the Individualistic society the old are the wisest, unlike today where the lies and withholding of knowledge progressively stupefies the public with age so that the toddlers are now the wisest.  The Individualist elder will not have made foolish mistakes regarding his or her own private future.  The wisest Individualist will need no money.  The Individualistic society abolishes SSI and pays those who paid into it all of their money back and distributes the remainder (if any) equally.


2.  Individualistic Law


NOTE:  this is not intended to be a document on law, therefore the following points are only briefly discussed, in so far as to impress the Individualist philosophy of the subject reasonably upon the mind.


Law Defined:

Defined by The cognitive science laboratory at Princeton University:

1.  Legal document setting forth rules governing a particular kind of activity;

2.  The collection of rules imposed by authority;


Defined by Wikipedia: 

Law (a loanword from Old Norse lag), in politics and jurisprudence, is a set of rules or norms of conduct which mandate, proscribe or permit specified relationships among people and organizations, provide methods for ensuring the impartial treatment of such people, and provide punishments for those who do not follow the established rules of conduct.


Defined by the American Heritage Dictionary:

1.  A rule established by authority, society or custom

2.  The body of rules governing the affairs of man within a community or among states; social order

3.  A set of rules or customs governing a discrete field or activity

All the above definitions use the word "rule" to define law, therefore rule must be defined:


Rule Defined:

1.  A principle or condition that customarily governs behavior;

2.  Prescribed guide for conduct or action

– The cognitive science laboratory at Princeton university

1.  An authoritative direction for conduct or procedure, specifically:

a.  One of the regulations governing procedure in a legislative body 

b.  A principle of conduct observed by the members of a group

–  The American Heritage Dictionary


     The above definitions describe principles of conduct agreed to and followed by a group.  The question that comes into play is who creates the principles.  Sticking strictly to the above definitions we see that either custom or authority creates them.  As far as custom goes the reasoning for some customs is not always clear, so it is not worth while to argue customs here.  However, "authority", is the alarming word.  If the authority is the masses of a non corrupt direct democracy of the people, than the laws reflect exactly what the people believe and are therefore noble.  But if the authority is an entity separate from the people and removed from their true wishes, then the principles erected thereby are not noble.  They become simply mechanisms of control.

     Mechanisms of control can be successfully undermined with simplicity.  Complexity in law is directly proportionate to its corruption, ineffectiveness and use as a controlling mechanism.  From antiquity the systems of law were very simple until relatively recently.  Only in the last 2000 years has law compounded rapidly to its ridiculous modern form.  Egypt survived thousands of years with a mere 42 principles which could easily be memorized by all citizens.  As time progressed laws became more complex, and it is NOT because society became more complex as will be described.

     Has the vast amount of species of animals living in harmony for millions of years across the globe required countless weighty books of endless stipulations?  Complexity in law is only due to deceit and/or ignorance. The fact that such a civilization as Egypt lasted for thousands of years on 42 simple principles is further proof that complexity and sophistication are unnecessary elements for harmony and longevity of a civilization.  The basic underlying principles of the Egyptian laws below are Waste and Harm, and waste could be viewed as a further emanation of Harm, the source of all social problems.  As history progressed laws developed to describe the various ways one can harm another and the degree or severity of that harm, thereby moving away from describing the source of these problems.  This is where a madness began to develop, because there is an infinite range of manifestations of Harm and degrees of the same which man can inflict upon his fellow.  Man could not create enough paper and ink to record each type of incident let alone their respective punishments.  This madness causes law to compound and become increasingly complex at a recursive rate, confounding all those beneath it while benefiting the few who are aware of its proliferating nonsense yet consciously allow its continuance and alter it to their benefit, a practice which becomes increasingly easy with its increasing complexity.   The root of this madness is none other than the act of describing the misdeed instead of describing the source of the problem, which is the flaw in character that has initially produced the misdeed.

     By comparing the Egyptians "source" oriented code to those "misdeed" oriented codes which come later, one will clearly see how the understanding of the source of the problems becomes lost, and maniacal focus upon the infinite manifestation of misdeeds becomes the dominate mode of thought persisting to this day.  This misunderstanding was handed down generation after generation and the systems, like a cancer, grow at an exponential rate towards future systems of infinite madness.  The older, simpler systems of law had long life spans while the modern more complex systems, have shorter life spans, thus complexity also correlates to shortened life span and instability as opposed to simplicity having a longer life span, and stability.

     Even though they begin to deviate from 'source' oriented thinking and descend into the psychosis of infinite misdeeds, the Code of Hammurabi (1700BC) and the Twelve Tables of Rome (449BC – 201BC) were both displayed publicly so that every citizen knew the law.  They were both small enough to commit to memory, in fact the twelve tables were written in rhyming verse to facilitate memorization.  It was authoritarian powers who hid the laws from the people thus making the law unknown and causing inequality of punishments such as with the early patricians to the plebeians, a section of history repeating itself at this moment.  Any code of law with more laws than can be memorized easily by each person is unnecessarily complex for the shear purpose of controlling individuals with false freedoms and leveraging other individuals with legislature.  The growth rate of this madness has become so fast that today, new laws are made each day and change so fast that few can keep track, that is if they even knew of their existence in the first place.  This is Absurd.  Most Laws of today are merely designed by one corporation's lawyer to bind up the competition until they can either find a loophole, amend the law or get a new one passed.  This is a blatant attempt at binding one's brethren, and creating a psychotic compounding complexity impossible for any one man to keep track of without making it a life's practice.  It is a direct impediment to the simple and rapid evolution of mankind.  Modern Law has become naught but a playground of inequity, smothering any noble ideal of Truth and Justice.

     For these reasons the Individualist focuses only on the concept of Harm, the very root of all misdeed.  How then does one deter this?  The Individualists find the simple solution in their concept of divinity.  If there is only One being, and all are but subdivisions of this one consciousness, than to do harm to anything is to do harm to the only self, the One, thus oneself.  This concept is taught from birth repeatedly to assist the uprooting of the source of Harm. When the unity of all creatures is fully taught and understood, few will initially do wrong because they realize to harm another is to simply harm themselves.  The remaining misdeeds committed will be the acts of either the desperate or the deliberate.

     This concept of Harm, as any concept, can be twisted by the depraved.  Balance must be maintained throughout the material life.  To harm nothing is ideal, yet this world is not yet ideal.  Therefore, in such a case as an invading army, one of this nature might say that the precept is broken by causing harm in defense.  Or a plague of animals comes to the point of disrupting harmony, thus eliminating them for protection is also considered harm, but it too is in defense.  The Individualist observes nature and sees that animals attack to either to defend themselves or in desperation (hunger).  Mans mind should be sufficient to keep himself from desperation leaving only defense as a means of Harm (beside deliberate).  Defense from humans in an ideal world would never be needed for all would be practicing the same principle.  But again this world is not ideal, therefore the Individualists master self-defense and simultaneously pray it will never need to be used.  By this method it is ensured that this concept of harm will never be used to pacify a nation leaving them weak and defenseless for any invading army to easily crush.

     There also must be mentioned the incident of abstract harm, the stuff in the minds of weaklings.  These are such things as insults, and offence taken from another's actions.  Again, ideally the Individualist is beyond these trivial things and does not engage in this conduct nor consider them a form of harm.  One's personal actions or comments, while possibly offensive to others, simply displays one's level of evolution and one's grasp of Individualistic thought.  Thus the one who purposely sets out to offend, succeeds in only being recognized as an ignorant fool.  There can be no punishments or monetary rewards for such childish actions or complaints.


a.  The 42 Principles

     The Individualists understand that simplicity is the watchword and uphold 42 simple self-governing principles.  They are aware that the ancients knew Truth, and how simple it is to love each other and live in peace and harmony.  They are ever watchful for the twofold enemy who attacks this light: the learned evil, and the ignorant deceived by the learned evil, they who attempt to convince man that it is foolishness to believe that life is in fact simple and easy to live. 

     These 42 principles are arguably as old as dynastic Egypt, 3150-31bc or possibly far older.  Scholars agree they can definitely be found in texts dated 2600-2000bc or older, and are found compiled neatly in the papyrus of Ani dating to1240bc.  Egypt and its antiquity have always been subjects of great debate.  For sound reasons the Individualists believe that these moral laws were followed by the Egyptians prior to dynastic Egypt, but settle on the date of 3150bc as being the date at which these principles were actually organized into a formal belief (law) system.

     Therefore these 42 Principles of Ma'at (Justice) predate the Code of Hammurabi by about 1,450 years, the Ten Commandments by about 1,850 years, and the twelve tables by 2,700 years and were practiced while all these other systems were practiced until about 31 bc.  The 42 principles are displayed below so all can see the simple yet powerful beliefs of the Individualists. 

     In the original code, the 42 affirmations are written in past tense as "I have not", because they are declared to judges after one dies and enters into the afterlife.  They are written here as affirmations of one's present incarnation.  For over three thousand years this very simple code of laws upheld arguably the long lasting human civilization ever known, with India, and China, following.  Contrast this with the "modern" United States law composed of hundreds of pages, in a society a mere 231 years old already on the verge of collapse from corruption and materialism.  It seems to show a great error in thought, even an insanity.


Note: Some new evidence may date Egypt much further back in antiquity making it even much more successful and undisputedly the longest lived civilization.


1.   I will not do misdeed.

2.   I will not steal.

3.   I will not act unjustly.

4.   I will not murder.

5.   I will not waste food.

6.   I will not cheat the scales.

7.   I will not defraud temple offerings.

8.   I will not lie.

9.   I will not waste the day.

10. I will not abuse my sexuality.

11. I will not cause the shedding of tears.

12. I will not act with guile.

13. I will not break the Law.

14. I will not commit fraud.

15. I will not hoard land.

16. I will not keep knowledge secret.

17. I will not bring dishonor to anyone.

18. I will not argue.

19. I will not commit adultery.

20. I will not wrongly copulate.

21. I will not cause terror.


22. I will not cause destruction.

23. I will not be an aggressor.

24. I will not turn from words of right and truth.

25. I will not utter curses.

26. I will not act with violence.

27. I will not bear false witness. 

28. I will not prejudge.

29. I will not judge.

30. I will not exaggerate.

31. I will not cause harm.

32. I will not do evil.

33. I will not commit treason against my ancestors.

34. I will not waste water.

35. I will not speak in anger.

36. I will not blaspheme the One Most High.

37. I will not be arrogant.

38. I will not desecrate holy places.

39. I will not plunder the dead.

40. I will not mistreat children.

41. I will not hinder the worship of God.

42. I will not mistreat animals.


     The Individualists believe that the teaching of these moral principles with Individualistic philosophy in the school and at home up to adulthood will drastically reduce the number of harmful actions perpetrated in society.  Knowledge becomes the deterrent, not the fear of punishment.  In addition to these 42 principles, the Individualist adds "The Twelve Preventative Concepts" which shut forever the doors which lead to the madness of the present world.  They constitute an understanding of the forces to be kept in check and kept in mind.  They overlap and condense the 42 principles, clearing up the ambiguous areas which could be exploited, and they are more serious in their implications.


1.  I will not lose sight of the source of problems, harm against the One, thus I shall honor Its every piece.

2.  I will not withhold knowledge

3.  I will not hand over my responsibility to another

4.  I will not cause harm to any man, beast, or environment save for subsistence or defense and then, minimally.

5.  I will not impede the will of another so long as that other violates not the 54 principles

6.  I will not make additional laws which do not apply equally to the entire populace.

7.  I will not act upon any decision that affects another individual without that others consent

8.  I will not waste anything

9.  I will not govern any other than myself

10. I will not make a private bank

11. I will not make currency that cannot be redeemed at any time for real energy.

12. I will not practice usury or the sale of currency for a gain higher than the value of that currency, directly or indirectly.

c.  Punishments

     There are no punishments for breaking the above fifty-four principles directly, as they are mostly moral laws to prevent the misdeed initially.  The punishment is issued to the misdeed, which is inevitably caused by breaking the above precepts.  The Individualists do not attempt to describe every misdeed and various punishments, they recognize only three basic misdeeds, Assault, Murder, and Theft, each having eight major manifestations, totaling 24 misdeeds.  (See table) They are listed in a points system granting them punishment levels of 4 to 8 points, thus there are a total of five basic punishment levels.  Each of these levels is then multiplied by an offence multiplier of one to three degrees.  The degrees represent 1. A first time offender 2. A past offender and 3. A multiple offender.  Therefore there are 13 punishments. (actually 15, but the products 8 and 12 repeat)  The punishments are all time sentences based in Laborforce assignments.  They are as follows:

1.   (4pts) 3 Months 2.  (5pts) 6 Months 3.  (6pts) 1 year 4.  (7pts) 1.5 years 5.  (8pts) 2 years 6.  (10pts) 2.5 years 7.  (12pts) 3 years 8.  (14pts) 4 years 9.  (15pts) 5 years 10.  (16pts) 6 years 11. (18pts) 7 years 

12.  (21pts) 8 years 13. (24pts) 9 years

(There is only one exception to these times and that is with the premeditated murder of a person.  This act adds an additional five years onto the calculated sentence.)






























Common (property)



( property)





Impersonal          1

Personal             2

Immaterial Property 1

Material Property    2

Mental                1

Physical             2

Mental                1

Physical              2

Accident             1

Negligent            2

Post-meditated     1

Premeditated      2

Passive               1

Active                 2

Passive               1

Active                 2

Passive               1

Active                 2

Mental                1

Physical              2

Smuggling, Concealing, etc

ID Theft, Impersonation, etc

Fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, laundering, perjury, tax evasion, etc

Trespassing, squatting, operation without license etc

Embezzlement, etc

Larceny, shoplifting, etc

Extortion, etc

Robbery, looting, piracy, burglary, etc

Homicide (possibly justified)


Murder 2

Attempted Murder,  Murder 1

Destruction of Property, etc

Arson, Bombing, Break &  Entering, etc

Accidental destruction of Property, etc

Arson, Bombing, Break &  Entering, etc

Disorderly conduct, possession of weapons, etc

Reckless endangerment, (vehicle or otherwise) etc

Harassment, Intimidation, threat, blackmail, stalking, indecent exposure etc

Battery, Rape, kidnapping, sexual assault, animal cruelty etc


This is not intended to be exhaustive.  It is merely an example of a possible method to achieve a higher degree of simplicity.


i.  Defense Multipliers

     There are only three major reasons to do Harm: Defense, Desperation, and Deliberation.  These three words are the lawyers only weapon against the 13 sentences listed above.  They too are multipliers, Defense (0), Desperation (0.5), and Deliberate (2) A lawyer can plead for one of these multipliers to be added to the base system, and at the discretion of the judge and jury they will either be added or left as a "neutral act".  A neutral act is when it is found that the base punishment is fit for the circumstances. 

     Deliberate perpetrators are the most severely punished, their multiplier actually signifies a higher degree of deliberation, pointing more toward a conscious evil, as any act in itself represented by the base punishments are nearly all deliberate to some degree.  Acts of Desperation can be understood to an extent, but they are still punished because the individual in question neglected to use his knowledge to prevent himself from entering into a situation of desperation in the first place.  Defense is the least of the three, and if found to be true the case is forgiven completely as its multiplier is zero.

     There exists one final multiplier which may be used at the judge and jury's discretion.  It is a multiplier of 0.25 and when used by the jury it is called "the mercy of the court", and when used by the judge is simply called mercy.  They can be used simultaneously, and in cases where a jury is not present, the judge may apply it twice if so desired.  This will be found used in many of the lesser cases to break the three-month minimum sentence into 22 days, or coupled with a desperation plea, possibly down to 11 days.  At the extreme extent, a ruling of double mercy makes the minimum possible sentence 3 days or 155 dollars, the lowest possible fine.

ii.  Reparations

     In addition to the time sentences, reparations may be due.  They are payments strictly for damages to the victim and property.  Additional abstract damages for pain and suffering or mental trauma may be added but are capped at 15% of the total immaterial property damages, and 100% of bodily injury expenses incurred (calculated by PHS).  However in the case of premeditated murder, there shall be no cap for the victim's immediate family.

     The reparation amount can be paid by the criminal in personal capital or property, paid voluntarily or seized by the victim.   If the criminal has no capital, reparations will be paid by half* of the criminals Laborforce wages being sent to the victim.  If when free and still owing reparations, the criminal has no capital producing project in one week, producing an amount greater than the weekly Laborforce wages, he is to remain in the Laborforce until the reparations are paid in full.

*  The other half of the wages pays a criminal's room and board.


iii.  Fines

     For any crime of 4 or 5 points the time can be traded as a fine payment equal to the amount of wages that would be paid in that allotted time by the Laborforce.  For example if one was convicted of a four-point crime, which is a three-month sentence, this would equal about 3,086 dollars at minimum wage, which is the wage paid by the Laborforce.  Having fines of these higher amounts acts as a deterrent in themselves, and also acts as an incentive for one to enter into a Laborforce assignment, where despite its name, is a great place of learning.  Choosing this avenue, as opposed to paying a fine, the criminal actually keeps half of the minimum wage earned (if no reparations are involved) while learning and helping the community. 

     Any crime above 5 points must be served as time.   This eliminates the ability of individuals with wealth to escape penalization.  To the intelligent or wealthy criminal the Laborforce is a humbling experience that reminds them of the foundations of a society and the great ease which a society makes out of the harshness of nature.   For the ignorant criminal it is a place of learning, rehabilitation and encouragement.

     Until full conversion to the Individualistic system, fines and time are applied by the statues of the "Model Penal Code" compiled by the American Law Institute, save that instead of going to prison the perpetrators enter into the Laborforce.  All modern judgments for fines may be converted into Laborforce time by dividing them by the current minimum wage.  Unlike the present fines, which are only a part of the bill and then there is a myriad of additional administration fees, the Individualists fines are the bottom line and cover all costs.

iv.  Exile 

     Being that this world is far from ideal, there exist certain souls within it who are also far from ideal.  These individuals repeatedly harm their fellow man or take advantage of any social structure erected by the people for their use to get along.  Regardless of even the noble Individualistic attempts at education and reform, some souls, for whatever their reasons, will not agree to a code which the masses believe to be just and fair.  Such a revolt is understandable in a tyrannical society, but it is illogical in a true direct democracy.

     On a planet that has a finite amount of space all must get along to some degree, and all must compromise their visions of an ideal world to that same degree.  If humankind had conquered space, then any who were displeased with the chosen rules or social structure, could simply leave, or be made to leave, praying for their success in setting up their ideal world on another planet.  Unfortunately this is not the case.   Therefore the society and the dissenter must reach an agreement.  Other societies would simply invoke the death penalty and be done with it.  However, the Individualist does not believe in the death penalty for two reasons: One, God gave life and God shall take it away.  Two, any trial can be corrupted and a person masterfully framed, and the Individualists will not have wrongful deaths on their hands.  Therefore, the Individualists summon the practice of Exiling from antiquity.

     This is as close as one can come to having their own planet but with benefits.  When it is realized how difficult it actually is to survive on one's own, let alone create a society, one may gain a new appreciation for society and wish to return to it with open arms.  Also in the case of a "wrongful exile" the individual is most likely unharmed. 

     The exile can be given by a judge for any crime above 21 points.  Partial exiles (expulsions with set time limits) may be given for any crime above 14 points.   An exile is resorted to when the society has made a reasonable attempt at reform and education, and the individual still offends against the society. Temporary expulsions can last from a few days, to a few weeks, months, or years, all at the court's discretion according to the crime.  The exile is not a punishment, and is far less cruel and unusual than the death penalty.  Self-subsistence is taught in detail to all Individualists, therefore they will not be confronted with nature unarmed.

     The exile zones are remote Populus land reserves such as in Alaska (for partial exiles) or remote islands (for those considered dangerous or fully exiled).  To some, exile will be a death penalty, to others a college education, and to others a paradise.  The Individualists are certain that most will learn to appreciate society and its safety and ease, as the entire nation of Australia is a testimony to this.

     The banished will be dropped off with only their clothes and three days rations, and affixed with a GPS bracelet, which will be used to locate them when their sentence has expired.  They must then fend for themselves and survive on what nature supplies while making their best attempt at sculpting their ideal world which they so desire. 

     By reinstating exile, coupled with the Laborforce, there are no longer institutions which simply house prisoners on the taxpayers dollar returning no benefit to the society.  These "homes" are not feared by many, and are seen as a free ride to some.  The exile becomes a more serious deterrent to misdeed, as one will not simply be locked in a room and fed.  Exile will show that the society is a great privilege which at any time can be taken away, causing one to respect it that much more. The same respect then develops for the wisdom of self-subsistence and the independence it grants, as well as it being the cornerstone to building any society from nothing.   Also because unlike the death penalty where one has a great length of time in between and one's fate is certain, one is immediately exiled and one's mode of death within exile may be starvation, food poisoning, parasites, or being slain by a predator etc.  Also one can be faced with this serious dilemma for even lesser crimes.  This causes one to appreciate and understand better what a society is, and to do their best to be a part of it and not to get kicked out. Not because of the fear of exile itself, but because of the fear of the lack of a society and the fear of one's own lack of capability.  However, for those rare individuals, one can request to be exiled at any time, for no one is a prisoner of the Individualistic society.

     Lastly, there are those who condone the exile as well as death penalty and favor a life imprisonment. Life imprisonment simply wastes tax dollars and gives one individual a life time to focus one's contempt in some masterful maleficent act in return for the theft of one's life. To the most terrible of criminals, offending repeatedly and attempting escapes, they who have gained infamy amongst the people, they are inexpensively set free into the most remote exile zone accessible.  They are free as they wish and away from the society which they so hate.  If they have learned well Individualistic self-sustenance they should live a very happy free life.  Thus exile is a gift to both the criminal and to the taxpayers, as they no longer have a fee for such an individual.

v.  Prisons

     Prisons have become nothing but schools of darkness and colleges of corruption. Collections of underworld lords where their activities become refined and even practiced there.  They are naught but dark capitals, with corruption as blatant as outside criminals with family members as prison employees to work interior connections.  It is a mockery of reform where some individuals actually purposely commit crime for the free food and shelter prison provides.  This entire free ride is paid for by the taxpayers.  Thus, it is the taxpayers who are punished for each crime committed.

     The US has over 2 million prisoners at an average cost of $25,000 per prisoner per year.  This amounts to 50 Billion dollars per year which gives a free ride and dark education to people who need the opposite; work and ethics by practicing Individualistic self subsistence knowledge, trades, higher education and a philosophy of unity.  The Individualists realize that most criminal activity is the result of improper rearing by parents and/or a flaw in logic and reasoning due to either missing information or disorganized comprehension of acquired information.  Thus, these Penal Laborers will be taught not only basic values and skills, but the reasoning behind those values and skills, namely, the Unity of All, and the harshness of nature without the benefits of a society.

     As it stands now, the taxpayer is paying for these criminals to be non-productive.  The Individualist finds this waste of money unacceptable.  The same money will be taken and used to build all needed Populus facilities with these criminals as a fairly paid labor force. Effectively turning a stagnating waste of human life and tax money into a productive force benefiting the community and simultaneously rehabilitating the Penal Laborers.

     All Individualistic sentences shall be Laborforce assignments. Therefore, without delay the Individualists dismantle the entire prison system.  The facilities will be converted into community colleges and similar facilities for rehabilitation of certain inmates at night and civilian free education in the day.  There may be minor housing of some staffing criminals as most will be on site at their Laborforce assignment.  There will be no danger to civilians because only lesser deviants will be present.  It is fact that there is a 7% crime increase in individuals after imprisonment with an additional 3% increase for those who have served long sentences. Only when rehabilitation and community service work is actively incorporated do the criminals not offend again, thus proving the ineffectiveness of prisons and the virtue of the Laborforce. 

     Upon committing any crime and before sentencing, each criminal is asked if they like the society in which they live, and reminded that they are not forced to be a part of it and that they may choose exile at any time.  This is to remind the criminal that society is about mutual respect and that nature is very harsh if not deadly when left alone within it.  It also then brings to mind the importance of the Individualistic self-sufficiency knowledge.  This simple but powerful realization coupled with a philosophy of unity will make many deviants capable, independent individuals willing to contribute to the society, whose existence is imperative to their welfare.

vi.  Laborforce

     The philosophy behind the Laborforce is efficiency.  To have taxpayers pay for large institutions and the free ride and dark schooling of criminals is absurd.  The Laborforce dismantles the expense of the prison system and builds community projects while simultaneously reforming the criminals. Within the Laborforce all will earn their keep, and will be made to work, not severely with whips and scourges as a slave, and not passively like today which allows inmates to sit and do nothing all day on the taxpayers dollar, but fairly balanced in between them.  The criminals will be made to work in the day and study Individualistic self-sustenance knowledge and philosophy in the evening, as opposed to stagnating.  They will be paid fair wage but from that wage will be extracted their room and board and any reparations owed.  The remaining amount is placed into the commonwealth until the criminal completes the required sentence.  This is to remind one of the value and freedom of a society, and that on one's own in nature life is much harsher than in any Laborforce assignment. 

     Upon conviction the criminal takes a practical aptitude test which will reveal the convict's self sufficiency skills and the degree of learning attained. The test score determines the individual's placement within the Laborforce.  For example if one was a master carpenter one would be able to work as a master carpenter if that position was available.  The civilian workers on site will usually act as the foremen of the Penal Laborers in cooperation with the site warden.  However, if a Penal Laborer has notably high scores, and proven advanced skills, as well as a cooperative mind set and sufficient incentive, this individual could be placed as high as a project manager and remain as such so long as all the daily reports prove productive and harmonious results.

     The facilities housing the Penal Laborers will be reinforced mobile trailers moved on to the site of the project.  In the proper season, where possible, they will rear onsite windmills and gardens to assist the generation of food and energy for the site Penal Laborers as well as practicing a valuable skill, a reform in itself.  Defection will be discouraged not only by the humane treatment and interesting knowledge being gained, but also by site wardens who also act as protection for the civilian workers. Wardens are armed with non-lethal but powerful weapons such as beanbag shot, rubber bullets, high voltage tasers and tranquilizers.

     The wardens shall be scolding fathers to those not meeting at least average production.  This is no different than that of the young laborer of a free man's brick layers union, scolded and hollered at for 8 hrs a day, yet this boy is free, and the harshness will turn him into a man.  The Individualist will not stand for any weaklings claiming that this more than fair system, with lighter authority than most free unions, is in anyway inhumane.  People supporting this claim are those who desire, 1. A nation of weaklings so that they can be easily controlled, and 2. To erect a colossal system supporting millions of criminals wasting the tax dollars of the people only so that an infinite series of markets can be set up around it wasting additional funds, time and energy to the benefit of the few.

     Moreover, to appease this type of mind set, any who decide that the conditions are too harsh may always choose exile to discover how much more kind mother nature will treat them.  These same fools will declare that it is also inhumane to throw individuals out of a society.  With these conditions what penalty shall become established?   What becomes established is what exists today, a system wherein one commits a crime and gets a free ride, courtesy of the taxpayers.  As one of sound mind can clearly see, such fools favor crime and the industry around it, therefore encourage it, and are hence an accessory to multiple crimes.

     The Laborforce is the labor reserves for all Populus projects.  However, they can be hired out by private businesses of any size for any type of work.  This will impede the presently growing practice of supporting and utilizing illegal immigration for low pay and exploiting legal immigrants for the same purpose. Private business can pay Penal Labors higher than base minimum wage if so desired, either way the Populus is not paying for their wage.

     The project managers of any size site and the Penal Labors must both fill out a daily questionnaire and have it signed by the site warden.  This questionnaire involves, what was learned, taught, activities of the day, and performance of self and others and if pleased or displeased and why.  Frequent complaints from either side will be alleviated by the warden, if not the penal worker is moved to another part of the site, or to another site all together.

     It is natural to assume that these Laborforces will be of low work ethic and knowledge and therefore low production and quality.  However, incentive is offered by early release, pay bonuses, and raises for good work awarded by the warden at his discretion with court authorization granted according to the daily reports.

     When the project is completed and/or the inmate is freed, he subsequently now has contacts in the working world, new skills, as well as knowledge of self-sustenance to support himself, and possibly profit.  Thus if not able or willing to go right back to the company or department he was contracted to, now as a freeman, he has all this new knowledge to either find new employment, start his own business, or make a prosperous homestead profiting either by food or energy.

There are 4 degrees of the Laborforce, to describe them in terms of modern law:


Infraction:    allowed to work unchained as normal employees monitored by an unarmed warden

Misdemeanor: allowed to work unchained as normal employees monitored by a lightly armed warden

Felony (non or mildly violent): allowed to work unchained as normal employees monitored by heavily armed wardens, no close contact allowed with civilians or operation of any large mobile machinery, unless proven to display positive, constructive behavior.

Felony2: (High risk): only allowed in chain gang type settings within mills, mines, mass cultivating etc., any attempted escape results in instant exile.


     Ideally, the Individualistic society will produce few criminals, thus in the future there will be no criminals within the Laborforce, and possibly no Laborforce at all.  The Individualists major obstacle resides in reforming the 2 million criminals inherited from the dying world.  This is approximately 40,000 extra workers per state (even though not evenly distributed in such a manner). The US civilian work force has about 141 million workers, and grows about 1.6% each year.  Therefore, by introducing the Laborforce the growth rate will jump an additional 1.42% for the first year, nearly doubling the average labor growth.  This initial flooding of an additional 40,000 Laborforce workers per state will equilibrate to normal growth rate within five years as many of these souls will be rapidly rehabilitated, while more individuals will become self sufficient and drop out of the workforce all together. Furthermore, fewer criminals will be initially entering the penal system due to the Individualistic teachings. 

     Some will argue that this is a form of slave labor, far from it.  These laborers have a fair wage, are assisting the community, and require such a work ethic because humans only subsist by working.  To prove this fact, throw any individual naked into a jungle and observe how much work is needed to survive each day.  It will be found that a very great deal of very harsh and challenging work needs to be done to survive nature, thus in contrast, the Laborforce is a paradise.   It rebuilds the character by teaching knowledge and practical skills, unlike the useless specialized labors taught to the majority of the "first world" countries.  Furthermore, the Laborforce is open to any and all civilians who need income or desire a specific skill, and they may come and go as they please, thus it is not composed of strictly penal labor.


d.  Police

     The police of the Individualistic society are replaced with a division of the Populus Militia, which is composed of the citizens of that locality.  Too often modern police watch the people instead of watching over them, not feeling the proper affinity towards their fellow man.  With the citizens watching over themselves, and all being militia members, a high degree of comradery is present between the police and the "policed", not to mention a higher degree of combat expertise.  

     Each citizen is required to know everyone in a ten-acre radius.  This awareness has many safety and preventative benefits.  The initial introduction is organized each year by the captain of that locality.  The small orientation takes place as a public gathering wherein each citizen is informed of the local geography and his neighbors.  These ten-acre sections (in some cases larger) then practice drills together on a regular scheduled basis thereby generating a higher degree of comradery.  Members of the practice drills each residing at different geographical points will thereby all know a different group of people, together forming a network of comradery and high awareness, increasing the difficulty of suspect and criminal activity to go uncaught.  This topic is explained in further detail on page 132 in the discussion of the military.


     Wardens are senior active duty militiamen or women assigned or volunteered for the position.  The wardens are the supervisors of the Populus Laborforces and represent the people's on site interest in their tax dollars.  The size of the Laborforce and the type of criminals composing it, will determine the number of wardens assigned.  The wardens are responsible for ensuring an acceptable level of performance by utilizing incentives and disciplinary measures no more severe than would be expected in military boot camp.  They are responsible for recording and reporting individual performance as well and issuing rewards to excelling laborers with court approval.  The warden is a demanding position encompassing all the duties of military labor management and legal administration, while having to be constantly alert and on guard for protection of the citizen workers against any unsuspected uprising.

e.  Common Laws

i.  Alimony

     Divorce happens because many people do not know what love is, and their lust too often produces children that must be cared for.  Often it is true that either one or both of the parents are irresponsible, which caused the situation in the first place, and now threatens the livelihood of the children involved.  It is then understandable for the society to get involved and oversee care of the children in the form of court ordered alimony payments, so that the children do not end up on the streets or become prone to criminal behavior.  

     However presently there is a terrible flaw in the alimony system.  It does not take into account which parent is irresponsible.  For to give an individual money and assume it will all go to the children without a second court order defeats the entire purpose of the system.  For this individual could be taking this money, meant for the children, and spending it on personal luxury or drugs while the children remain neglected.

    The first court order shall be the order of the parent with least custody to pay a calculated amount whose minimum is based on the Laborforce minimum wage.  For if the individual does not have a job or profiting homestead to pay at least this minimum amount this one will be placed into the Laborforce until a higher paying occupation is found.  The second court order applies to the receiving parent, which orders that every cent be spent on the children for necessities, allotting only 15% for non essentials such as toys, or designer cloths etc.  These purchases must be proved by itemized receipts which will be reviewed by a court representative every sixty days or at the request of the other parent.

     Furthermore, too often the existence of alimony, spousal support, splitting of assets etc. actually encourages divorce.  Especially in situations where one parent has a high paying occupation and the other is unemployed.  By divorce the unemployed can gain court ordered access to the "loved one's" money and or possessions.  Thus, the Individualists make one final alteration to the system.  The individual who initiates the divorce or separation, forfeits their right to sue for any monetary or material gain unless it is proven they are in a hostile relationship.  This will hinder the temptation to forfeit love and children for the glistening embrace of cash, which the current structure of the system encourages.

ii.  Bankruptcy

     The Individualists dismantle private banks, fractional reserve and usury.  With usury it is understandable how one may get buried beneath debt.  And with fractional reserve it is understandable how one may dispute a debt being that a bank can demand repayment of ten times the amount it actually lent.  Without these practices all debt becomes valid.  Therefore there is no bankruptcy in the Individualistic society.  This makes one think deeply before borrowing money.  Any debt can be made forcibly payable if delinquent for 90 days.  If the debtor has no material or energy reserves, the debtor must enter the Laborforce until the debt is repaid.  This acts as further deterrent for not repaying a debt and encourages additional forethought before initially taking a debt.

iii.  Environmental

1.  Biodegradability:

      Until phased out, all synthetic materials must be fully biodegradable within ten years when subjected to weather (such as wood, it can keep indefinitely when cared for but will quickly rot when left to the weather). They also must be able to be easily recycled by on site devises.  (Consumers will be recycling at their homesteads more often see pg. 148)

     All liquid chemicals must have a complete unambiguous disclosure of their ingredients.

Obviously these regulations hinder the use of such things as vinyl siding, plastic piping, and paints, and encourage the research into natural coatings, sealants etc.


2. Waste

     All unnatural products and materials will be phased out of the Individualistic society.  Until then, there will be no burning of unnatural, processed, or otherwise toxic materials such as, plastic, rubber, paint, treated wood, treated paper etc.  There will be no burying or stockpiling such wastes on one's own property nor any waste of any kind expelled into the waters.


3.  Forestry

     For any tree cut down, one must plant the same tree twice the age of the tree cut.  For example, if one cuts down a 10 year old oak, one must plant 20 one-year-old oak saplings or 2 ten-year-old oaks, or any like combination that meets the total age requirement.  (This does not apply to renewable timberlands where the cut trees are always replanted.  Those practicing such activities must apply for a permit.)


iv.  Foods

1.  The use of fertilizers must be disclosed on all foods identifying the type of fertilizer(s) and method applied.

2.  The use of artificial scents and flavors shall be banned

3.  All foods must have a complete unambiguous disclosure of their ingredients.


v.  Immigration

     Being that the Individualistic society believes that a high degree of knowledge and comradery discourages all criminal behavior and makes each individual an efficient contributor to the society, the immigration requirements are altered.  The immigrants must be duly prepared to enter into this society, for the lame, inept and unprepared will find a most embarrassing challenge awaiting them. 

     The entry requirements are 1. One must have enough money to purchase one acre and enough money to pay for the two-year entrance course.  2.  Due to the Individualistic high value of knowledge, the immigrant must take a two year course which is a compressed version of all the knowledge taught to each citizen in the advanced public schools of the Individualists.  3.  Upon passing these tests, the immigrant must serve two years in the Populus military just as every other Individualistic citizen has done.  If one can complete this four year challenge, one becomes a worthy citizen of the Individualistic society, and understands well their values.

vi.  The 6M Law

     The Individualistic society does not restrict knowledge except only in one condition, war.  Being that the Individualistic nation is utterly neutral, this means that the war has come to Individualist's soil.  Only at this time does LAFKI place a six-month lag on pertinent military intelligence.  Any other time the citizens are fully informed of the bleeding edge of all technology.

     Some officials who disagree with such free information, even though such information was fully paid for by the citizens, will use the argument that the information will leak out to the enemy.  This implies a fear in one's own capabilities.  If one is confident in one's strategy, and application of will, numbers and advanced technology will not matter, the US Marines will testify to this fact.  Furthermore, even in average societies, the one who invented the technology is already ahead of the one who is just now reading it second hand.  By the time full understanding and practical application of the new information is achieved, the ones who invented it have already moved on to the next level.  Therefore, withholding information from one's own people implies an entity, separate from the people, who desires an upper hand over the people as well as over exterior entities.

     Furthermore, with a doctrine of unrestricted knowledge the rate of technology growth will be far faster than any other society who practices a system of knowledge restriction.  Thus, even if an enemy receives the cutting edge technology, by the time it is able to use it, an Individualistic society will be far beyond that point, much farther than an average society mentioned above.


vii.  Voting

     The act of electing a representative was because 1. People were deemed not educated enough to make proper decisions for themselves and 2.  People were assumed to not have enough time on their hands to properly assist in government affairs.  Today, people have even less time, and cannot even suitably research the Individuals who are campaigning.  The often limited number of candidates limits the possibility of choice, creating a scenario where no candidate may accurately represents a new direction the people wish to turn.  Furthermore, the price of campaigning removes the common man from campaigning to represent his people causing all representation to bias one class. 

     For all these reasons the Individualists erect the GEP and its Populus Informer.  With this system representatives, as well as all the above mentioned restrictions are practically made obsolete.  All laws, bills, acts, etc will be voted on by the entire nation.  Voting on all law by all classes saves the law from perversion into a leveraging devise to be used for the profit of corporations and benefit of the few.  Ideally there will never be any new laws passed in the Individualistic society, as their simple doctrine should remain stable and unchanging for thousands of years.     

     To ensure this check on corruption it is made law that each citizen must read the Populus informer and fill out the consensus form else be fined $155.  The reasoning, value, and importance of this action is taught in detail in their education system.  

     Lastly, any representative position incorporated into the Individualistic system, or any significant position of the four departments, is elected for specific term maximums.  The full length of their terms is governed by the percentage of votes won, for example, a four-year term.  If the individual receives only 51% of the votes (the minimum term) the term is only 2 years long, but if the individual receives 100% of the votes the term is then the full 4 years.  This division can be calculated down to the day, and accurately reflects the people's wishes of who they desire to represent them.

viii.  Exemptions

     There are no exemptions of any kind in tax, government, law etc. in the Individualistic society.  Equality means equality, there are no partial definitions.  All individuals will be subject, equally, to the exact same forces.

f.  Company Laws

i.  Corporate Liabilities

     In the Individualistic society companies will be judged for what they are, a collection of individuals.  A company is no longer an entity in itself.  All individuals of a company will be proportionately responsible for the actions of that company.  Proportion will be determined by the current salary and amount of shares possessed by each member of the company.  Thus, a great wrong committed by a company will be proportionately absorbed by all of its members.  This makes each employee, and each investor, much more apt to become fully conscious of their company's actions and risks in great detail, judging whether it is worth while to be employed there, or invest there. 

     This will cause the extinction of many suspect, irresponsible, and deviant corporations, unless they alter their methods of operation.  This will also cause companies to adopt a policy of heightened responsibility, as a company and as individuals, as well as announce more detailed information of their practices, which will assist the over all awareness of the society, and take it another step closer to Individualistic unrestricted knowledge.  This in turn will cause doubt to vanish in the minds of potential employees and investors causing companies who do great good for mankind, and are open about all of their practices, to naturally receive an influx of employees and investors.

     Reducing corporate law down to just the individuals who compose it, lessens the irrational complexity of modern law and brings it closer to Individualistic legal simplicity.  As an extreme example, one can envision an entire company serving Laborforce assignments for a corporate act of negligence which happened to cost the lives of a handful of people.  Conversely, one could see hundreds of investors dumping money into a battery manufacturer who released the details of its cutting edge technology and proposed methods of operation.

ii.  Corporate Relations

     All Populus employees and paid representatives must publicly disclose all of their investments and any addition or subtraction thereto throughout their entire term.  They are excluded from any decisions involving companies in which they are invested.  The personal investments of individuals in positions of these natures too often encourages favoritism and corruption.  For example, FDA officials approving drugs from companies in which they own stock in, or shareholders of a drug company seeking employment at the FDA for that same reason.

iii.  Populus Purchasing

     If there comes a time when the Populus must purchase from private companies it will do so only by public approval and vote on submitted contracts.  The contracts will be clear and concise and the amount purchased from the contractors shall be proportionate to the Populus votes.  For example: four companies submit contracts for 100 electric engines.  60% of Populus chooses company A, 20% chooses company B, 15% company C, and 5% company D.  Thus, 5 engines will be purchased from company D, 15 from company C, 20 from company B etc.

iv.  Small Business Taxing 

     The Individualistic society turns the power to the small business by lifting all business profit tax on any businesses under 100 people.  All members of the company, from the employees to the owners pay only the national flat tax of 12.46% plus their applicable state and local taxes.   Thus the entire company acts as one individual paying the same tax applied to every individual.  All earnings not declared as profit by some individual in the company must be reinvested back into the company.  This will assist small businesses in growing and competing with larger entities.  Upon sale of the business or any of its assets, the owner(s) will pay the 12.46%, plus the state and local taxes, as a capital gain tax on any profit from such sales.   This ensures that any funds going into the company, no matter what form they eventually took, got properly taxed.  Thus throughout the life of one business it will pay the exact taxes as any one individual.  These taxes are the tribute to the society which allowed that business to profit initially.


v.  Subsidiaries

Subsidiary defined:

1.  A subsidiary is a company controlled by another corporation. When that control or ownership is not shared, it is termed a wholly-owned subsidiary.  Subsidiaries are distinct legal entities for purposes of taxation and other forms of regulation. – Wikipedia

2.  A subsidiary is a company which is owned or controlled by another firm or company. Subsidiaries include firms in which a company owns more than 50 percent of the outstanding voting stock, as well as firms in which a company has the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies.

– U.S. Census Bureau Glossary of Terms for the Economic Census


     Subsidiaries no longer exist, being that companies are no longer considered individual entities, they cannot own things.  Ownership of any company asset is divided proportionately among its members. Too often subsidiaries are used as deceptions to conceal the breath of the control and interests of a corporation. Additionally, they act as protection for an already too large animal.  A company can create a subsidiary and attempt a risky venture under a different name, and if they fail or cause great ill to the society, the majority of the society will never know who was responsible.  Thus, a company must have only one pre-fixed name for all of its interactions clearly identifying its presence.  This will slow the growth of corporations because the consequences of their actions will directly affect the individuals of the company and may result in criminal punishment, instead of a mere payment of restitution, or dissolving of the subsidiary, neither of which serves justice to the minds who initiated the act.  Furthermore, this inability to conceal their actions slows expansion into questionable areas to which their customers would not agree, regardless of the profits which management may see therein.

     The setting up of an entity within an entity or outside of an entity controlled by that entity partially or wholly, allots for many types of corruption.  This subdividing of one entity countless times creates a myriad of loopholes granting the ability to conceal actions, profits, involvement etc.  Thus, a subsidiary is naught but a corporate strategy to avoid and bend law.  Allowing for men to do great injustices to the world and to have a non existent "entity" be punished in their place by mere monetary payments whose origin was from none other than the pockets of the exploited mass population.  Thus the people simply get some of their money back when a corporation does wrong.  But in nearly all cases, no one in the company gets truly punished, thus no deterrent exists, therefore no justice is present.  By prohibiting subsidiaries, every activity of a corporation is much more carefully considered and undertaken. 


vi.  Subsidies

Subsidies defined: 

1.  A grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public.

–  Cognitive science laboratory at Princeton university

2.  In economics, a subsidy is generally a monetary grant given by government to lower the price faced by producers or consumers of a good, generally because they are considered to be in the public interest.

–  Wikipedia

3.  A payment that a government makes to a producer to supplement the market price of a commodity. Subsidies can keep consumer prices low while maintaining a higher income for domestic producers.

- University of Maryland Research Library Glossary


     First of all, the government's money is the people's money, therefore the above definitions should read; the people pay money to a private entity to get a lower cost at that private entity's elevated profit.  To simplify it further; the people pay money to get a lower cost . . .. this nonsense is worth repeating: the people pay money to get a lower cost.  To put it simple, the people have just bought something twice, they paid the producer to make it for them, then they paid to buy it from a store.  If one pays the producer to make a good or service, it is then paid for, there is no second procedure.  Furthermore if a good or service is of such importance to the society, the Populus will have already voted for the construction of such a facility.  The Individualist pays for things only once, and does not use public money to the benefit of private entities.

     Nearly every subsidy if rife with corruption, agriculture, coal, oil, auto, power, construction, private sports and an endless stream of other private industries thriving off of public dollars. For example, farm subsidies.  Subsidy payments awarded to farms are based on their production levels.  Therefore, the massive corporate farms get the largest subsidy payments.  They use this public money to grow even larger until small farmers, too small to be eligible for significant subsidy payments, are eventually driven out of business and forced to sell their land to these same corporations made tyrants by the people's money.  Even Wal-Mart is an empire built almost entirely on taxpayer money yet it returns none of its titanic profits to the people.

     Subsidies are eliminated entirely without delay in the Individualistic society.  Corporate welfare in any form is an unfair advantage and the use of the tax payers money for the profit of private individuals.  If needed, tax money will be used to erect such companies publicly owned, and their end product or service offered at practically cost to the people, to whom any profit made will be redistributed.  There is simply no welfare for any individual or collection of individuals in the Individualistic society.  All subsidies and grants or any other labels given to the act of lending the people's money to private interests are disbanded without delay.


vii.  The 2110 law

      Any paid member of a company which has over 2110 employees, whose salary is at least 1% of the company's worth, is considered a "Vital Mechanism".  In other words, the individual is more part of the company than an individual, and thus pays the current company tax for his income rate as opposed to the flat rate of 12.46% paid by the Populus.  This keeps the profits of companies benefiting the Populus and stops the hiding of profits by distributing them to the elite executives, while still allowing for substantial profits of said elite executives. (Detail page 84)


g.  Churches and Temples

     The Individualists believe in and uphold the American Constitution when it states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  Therefore, the following is mentioned as a suggestion regarding religious establishments from an Individualistic point of view.

     No holy place of worship should take donations without giving proportional property rights in return.  Too often supposed holy men are corrupted and find it too easy to receive and give nothing but empty promises of illumination in return.  This action suggested is an attempt to make these individuals more truly representatives of their faith and to have them make better attempts at actually illuminating their students and make their establishment more focused on their religious instruction as opposed to money.  Those donating are now part owners and will consequently feel much more responsibility for the establishment and its members.  This suggestion does not affect religion, it affects currency which is the Populus' property and thus the property of all people of all faiths in the Union.  But again, this is merely a suggested method of conduct and not a law.


h.  Decriminalized Activities

i.  Illicit Drugs

     This subject raises the eyes and the hatred of most just by viewing the words.  Therefore, the Individualists request special care of the reader in considering the Individualistic reasoning before making a judgement, while remembering that it is the underworld itself that wishes this activity to remain illegal for its sole benefit.  The illicit drug market in the U.S. alone is over 65 Billion dollars per year, and 300 Billion dollars globally. Whether legal or illegal people will still engage in this activity, therefore the aim is to find the most constructive way to handle the subject.  To deem something illegal only opens the door for crime which brings with it violence, and all of the other related corruption.  The Individualist believes that all drugs should be legalized for a six-fold purpose:

1.  All sales can be monitored and the money put into the Populus government and not into the pockets of foreign governments or criminals. 

2.  If individuals are so senseless as to abuse drugs leading to their death, they were not of strong enough caliber to be among the Individualistic society in the first place, and their death removes their weakness  from it.

3.  The very act of making a substance illegal creates a taboo and black-market around it.  Prohibition of   alcohol is the common example.  Therefore, making something illegal actually increases interest in the  substance.

4.  No government or any other individual should have any control over the personal decisions of any individual, so long as those decisions affect no other individual outside of the decision maker.  For example,  suicide and murder, are both the decision to kill, however one involves an exterior individual.  

     Thus the first should be legal, the latter illegal.  The Individualists place this much more responsibility in the hands of the individual, where it has always belonged, as a natural result of the increased freedom and independence of the Individualistic society.

5.  Legalization removes a huge influx of "criminals" out of the taxpayers' system and makes them tax payers themselves.  Thus, there is a threefold gain in Populus profit: 

     a.  Less justice system influx means less spending, hence more money 

     b.  A once underworld business becomes a Populus tax generating system

     c.  Drug industry related criminals themselves become taxpayers, instead of costing tax by sitting in prison. 

6. Legalization lessens violence associated with the industry, and causes a drop in crime, and crime organizations, as well as increases social safety and user safety.


     Many believe that the common illicit substances are no more dangerous to the human mind and body than are alcohol and nicotine.  The regulations of these substances if legalized would be no different than alcohol, sold in state stores to people 21 or older.  Since making illegal a large portion of these substances in 1914 by the Harrison narcotics act, the underworld has marketed an image of terror around these substances to keep them illegal for their own control and profit.

     This madness of making illegal some things as hazardous to an individual "for that individuals own good" is a cover up for the control of a market for profiteering purposes.  For instance if gasoline is lethal to drink, why is it not illegal to drink it?   But safrole, a flavoring of original root beer, was supposedly found to cause liver cancer in rats only after feeding them massive doses, thus it was made illegal to consume.  However, not much was said about how it is used to create MDMA, the designer drug called 'ecstasy'.  The Individualists believe that a warning on a product is all that is necessary, if one wishes to ingest a potentially lethal substance, it is their freedom of choice to do so, and the repercussions of one's own free choices is how one learns.  Else, the society as a whole must hasten to make fire illegal to touch.

ii.  Prostitution

     No different than the previous subject, it is another subject often kept out of sight and out of mind.  It is for this very reason, ignoring reality, that a global market of horror has risen up, with human beings actually being sold into slavery and shipped about world wide.  The Individualist does not ignore such topics and subjects them to analysis for the truth, no matter how difficult it is to ponder.

     Prostitution has existed since history has been recorded.  It obviously is not going anywhere and must be recognized as a fact of human existence and dealt with accordingly.  Therefore, the most constructive methods must be drawn up to coexist with the phenomena.  Research in countries such as Sweden show that repressive measures do not result in the reduction of prostitution.  They merely shift the practice from one area to another. 

     There are arguments for and against any subject, either side chosen always has pros and cons.  However, the repression of this practice has been attempted since history began and has yet to succeed, thus it has proven futile, and now the alternate argument must be considered.  The Individualist sees this practice as simply a matter of free choice.  If any individual wants to sell sex and another wants to buy it, as long as none is harmed, and it is done in a discreet fashion, then there is no social harm, thus there is no social injustice, therefore there is no crime.  

     The question of morals is strictly between one's own self and one's god.  If one desires to perform this act, it is their body and their freedom of choice to do so.  Hence, the Individualists find difficulty in calling this a crime but find ease in calling it amoral.  However, personal morality is no grounds for incrimination or laws, simply grounds for self shame. 

     If legal and regulated, prostitutes and their clients will be safer and sexually transmitted diseases will be lessened.  As above, the business will be a $12 Billion per year tax generating system, and an influx of individuals would be removed from the penal system.  If written law is allowed to govern morality, one could be forced to dress a certain way, behave a certain way, and live life in a certain way.  One's actions, however immoral, simply display to the rest of the population the level of learning and understanding of that individual.  Thus, law cannot punish ignorance, for rarely is the ignorant one responsible for being ignorant.  If law is to punish ignorance, than the entire current schooling system must be immediately incarcerated.

i.  Individualistic Legal Simplicity

     The state of having all of the laws and punishments simplified to such an extent, without sacrificing any order, wherein every individual has the entire code memorized is called "Individualistic Legal Simplicity".  This statute will be simple enough to fit on a reasonable sized plaque, or set of plates, and will be placed in all Populus facilities and most homes.  Complexity of law only assists, supports and encourages corruption. Once any restriction is set upon man by law, it immediately creates a black-market and all the evils connected thereto.  Law's only right is to establish reasonable guidelines for the individuals of a society to use to get along.  It is not to be used as a controlling force or a concealing force.  Knowledge alone allows the people to live in harmony, with laws only being required as a background framework.   Knowledge alone is sufficient to guarantee all liberties, and it is awareness and knowledge, freely shared, that will lead to a free and just society, not an endless doctrine of laws. 

3. Individualistic Taxes

Tax defined:           

Enforced charge exacted of persons, corporations and organizations by the government to be used to support government services and programs.

– Sanderco Glossary

A contribution for the support of a government required of persons groups or businesses within the domain of that government.

– American Heritage Dictionary


     As one can see, the ambiguous word "government" is used in these definitions.  Again, it matters greatly whether it is describing a direct democracy truly representing the people, or if it is describing an entity separate from the people.  If it is an entity separate from the people, the people would be paying their tax money to another entity with its own interests and profits independent of the people, which is exactly what is happening in most of the present world.  The amount of money being paid by the people compared to the amount of benefits which they proportionately receive in return from their investment is negligible.  There have been revolutions over much less a blatant disrespect, abuse and exploitation.  But, unfortunately the lack of education and awareness maintained by this separate entity has successfully kept the masses in a state of sensory depravation bordering on a coma, unable to act in favor of themselves.

     The word "Tax" is often a biting and contemptuous word to many people, as it should be do to their experiences described above.  However Individualistic taxes are utilized strictly for the benefit of the Populus as a whole with numerous public checks on the way they are spent.  No dime is spent without a vote by the people, and all profits of those projects initiated are returned to the people. The Individualists therefore define Individualistic tax as such:

A reasonable contribution of all the individuals and businesses of the union for the proportionate support of the individual desires of that union.


a.  Income Tax

     In 2006 over $2.2 trillion in federal taxes and over $1.25 trillion in state and local taxes were collected.  Additionally, over $0.9 trillion in health care was collected from the 7.65% of each individual's wage allocated to health care (as Medicare and social security). Later in this document (pg 90)  it will be shown that national health care can be achieved by allocating an additional 2.54% in taxes to health.  It will also be shown that the 2.2 trillion  (15% wage tax) spent each year to run the federal government is 71% to much (pg 143). Thus, of the strictly federal tax (average of 15%), which is meant only to run the government, 2.54% of it is instead allocated to health care, leaving plenty to run the inflated federal government.

     In the present world the average specialized laborers are getting away with only 63%, at best, of the money they earn.  Of their paycheck they are taxed roughly 15% Fed income, 6.2% SS, 1.45% Medicare, 5.5% state, 2% local, totaling around 30.15%.  This net profit is then taxed for all things bought and paid for with it, such as utility taxes, sales taxes, etc, averaging another 7% of the remaining income. 

     The US federal income tax law is over 60,000 pages long, and just as with anything, complexity is equal to corruption.  The Individualists achieve simplicity by implementing a federal flat tax of 12.46% based on income, simple enough for all citizens to file themselves.  SSI and Medicare are removed as well as the additional 2.54% of the federal tax which was allocated to health.  State taxes will be capped at 5% and local at 2%, and neither may use this money for health related manners.  Thus the Individualist pays approximately 10.7% less of his gross income than the average American.

     This 12.46% is the bare minimum amount needed to run the government in its present wasteful, oversized and thoroughly corrupt, corpse-like state.  However, with the disbanding of the many unnecessary government departments along with the federal reserve, fractional reserve, usury, and the countless other depraved actions of the US "representatives", operating costs will plummet, and this 12.46% will be more than enough funding for an efficient government leading to a bountiful society. 

Not only will the taxes lower, but also a great amount of revenue will be generated simply by simplifying taxes: 

1.   Simplified taxes eliminate the deceptive areas of tax law created and exploited by the corrupt.  Amounting to over 300 Billion dollars in the first year from stopped evasion techniques and reduced administration costs. 

2.  The Department of the Treasury estimates that the cost of conforming to the endless guidelines of the US tax law is around $125 billion a year.  Simplifying the code will be able to completely abolish the IRS (with over 10 Billion in operating costs), as well as a myriad of filing institutions.  Saving the taxpayer time, frustration and money by completing a simple form themselves.


b.  Real Property Tax

     Individualistic Property tax is a federal flat tax per acre annually.  There is no "premium" land and the alterations to it such as, excavation, buildings, utilities, make no difference in the tax.  Each individual's initial acre of land is not taxed, however, every other acre up to ten acres is taxed at a flat rate.  Land amounts greater than ten acres fall under the excess land tax (page 82). 

     The suggested amount of this initial tax is $100 per acre, and adjusted accordingly per year to find the optimum comfortable compromise between the Union and its individuals.  This number was generated from various property taxes, from as little as 0.11 cents per acre on plains land, to thousands of dollars per acre for premium lands.   

     Hypothetically, if every acre in United States paid $100 the (approximately) 2 billion acres of land would bring in 200 Billion dollars in tax revenue.  However, the realistic number is less than a third of that figure being that a third of US land is protected and about a third of it is uninhabited or presently uninhabitable, leaving the remaining third able to draw roughly 66 Billion dollars annually.

c.  People's Health Care Tax

     Being that the Individualistic society encourages self sufficiency, which may lead to a drop in available workers, this tax's form is a voluntary non income based flat fee divided equally per capita of $4090 for each individual.  Adults are responsible to pay this fee for their children.  Legislation shall be passed forbidding tax spending on Health Care except with strictly this flat tax for the care of only paying members of the system.     

     The tax credit received from the lower income tax of the Individualist society (+10.7%) will make more capital available to these working individuals to pay this fee.  This burden on average will be $2,522 less than the privately insured previously paid, and $1,800 more than what the publicly insured previously paid, yet $4090 more than the10% unable to work paid in the old system, (who must either opt out of the care or have some other pay for them).  This makes the total US national average fee approximately $521 less per individual per year than the old system yet all are covered equally well in the new Individualistic system.  (For the detailed discussion of the determination of this figure see pg 86).

For more detail on Individualistic Health Care click Here

d.  Inheritance Tax

     The Individualists disband the estate tax, inheritance tax, or death tax, by other names, being that 1.  All property accumulated was bought on previously taxed money and 2.  A government, local, state or federal, has no place whatsoever in family matters regardless of the size of those matters.  It is simply an attempt to exploit yet another facet of life for profit.


e.  Sin Taxes

     The "Sin" taxes of the Individualistic society are in place to prevent acts of oppression, deception, inefficiency and damage to the environment and to life, especially human.  Do not be discouraged by seeing the many new taxes, for only those who are not in harmony with higher thought will pay these taxes, ideally, no one in the absolute Individualistic society will pay these taxes. 

     Many sin taxes are split taxes, that is, they are taxed to the manufacturer to place that product on shelf and to the consumer or end buyer for purchasing it, before any applicable sales tax.  This discourages manufacturers from making a product effected by theses taxes, as well as discouraging the use the same.  It encourages both to take steps towards more intelligent solutions, and keeps the ideals of Individualistic harmony in the forefront of the minds of the Populus.

i.  Controlled Substance Tax

     Just as Alcohol and Tobacco are monitored and taxed, the Individualist propose all newly legalized controlled substances be treated just as alcohol, taxed accordingly and sold only at secure Populus outlets to adults.  Due to the nature of these products these new stores will be designed similar to light duty banks, with the safety of the workers ensured.  Fully equipped with separation of the employees and the wares from the customer, silent alarms, and doors which lock any perpetrator within.  The workings of these outlets will be posted on the inside and outside so that deviants shall know that robbery is futile.

     Experimental and new pharmaceuticals are also taxed.  These are those never ending streams of wonder drugs curing any ailment while causing ten others in side effects.  These irresponsible toxins making up most of the pharmaceutical industry's product line are more dangerous that any illegal drug to date yet are openly marketed through every medium, displaying the industry's brazen attitude as an immune diplomat.  This tax shall assist to slow if not altogether stop their careless actions.

     The suggested tax 12.5% to the retailer upon purchase from manufacturer, and additional 12.5% to the end buyer calculated after retail markup and before sales tax.  The amount of revenue generated is predicted to be approximately 49.69 Billion dollars annually from taxing 200 Billion in US annual prescription pharmaceutical sales and 65 Billion US annual illicit drug sales.

ii.  Excess Land Tax

     The Individualist realizes that one acre is sufficient for one individual to successfully sustain oneself, thus by right one must be entitled to one acre.  This initial acre is therefore not taxed, as it is a natural right to have enough land to sustain oneself.  However, it is not necessary to possess more than this amount of land as it then infringes on the rights of others to possess one acre also.  Also recognized is the human desire for spacious land and the desire of ownership over that land thus the low flat tax of $100 per acre is established up to 9 acres over the initial one tax free acre.  However to own more than these ten acres of land is an excess and therefore the excess land tax becomes invoked.  This is a tax upon any amount of land over that necessary for one individual's sustenance and one's fair desire of spacious land ownership. 

     For every power of ten (acres) the tax on the new lands shall double, thus 1 acre over the free acre is a $100 per acre flat tax, 10 acres over (11 total) equals the tax X 2 ($200 per new acre), 101 acres is the tax X4 ($400 per new acre), 1001 acres is the tax X8 ($800 per new acre) etc.  This makes one not hoard land in vain, forcing the ownership to be advantageous and profitable. 

     The owner may select any one acre for his capital (the tax-free acre), all remaining tax on land shall be as it was chronologically purchased by total acres owned.   Defaults in tax are subject to tax auctions.  Partial payments shall cover owned properties in chronological order.  Auctions may only be held after the owner fails to report to court summons after six months, and the property duly posted for the same length of time.  (To often banks do not pay the taxes of a property when accepting a mortgage from and individual, without that individual's knowledge.  The property is often sold out from under them for pennies at tax auction, while they are left with mortgages of tens of thousands of dollars for property practically stolen from them.)

iii.  Foreign Soil Business Tax 

     All goods made in foreign lands either by U.S. citizens or foreigners will be taxed an additional 10% wholesale vale upon entering the U.S.  This will encourage all business to remain in the U.S., and reduce exploitation of oversea labor.

iv. Fossil Resource Tax

     All fossil fuels and fossil fuel byproducts shall be taxed 12.5% to the retailer, and additional 12.5% to the end buyer calculated after retail markup and before sales tax.  This is applied atop the US average combined tax of $0.42 per gallon (using gasoline for an example), adding approximately an additional 49 cents per gallon.

     These taxes shall create more responsibility in these companies and slow the consumption of these soon to be banned resources and their entourage of dangerous products.  This will funnel inventive thought towards renewable energy sources and the innovative use of natural materials.

     This tax shall cover not only all known fossil resources but also their byproducts including but not limited to: Plastics, artificial flavors, scents, and colors, as well as any (fossil) petrochemical derived drug, coating, additive or product.

     This covers many products in the market, and thus shows the over use of fossil oil, and how little or no steps are being made to create products from other mediums.   Depending on the drop in consumption, the prime directive, the additional revenue generated from just fuel tax using the 2004 figures of 140 billion gallons of gasoline and 40 billion gallons of diesel consumed, would be approximately 88.2 Billion dollars annually.  The revenue from the various other products effected by this tax shall also be a substantial figure.  However, the actual aim is to stop the use of these fossil resources altogether, not to attempt to generate additional revenue. 

v.  Hazardous Material Tax

     Any man-made material that is found to be harmful to any form of life to any degree is taxed 12.5% to the retailer, and additional 12.5% to the end buyer calculated after retail markup and before sales tax.  This will reduce the use and production of many pesticides, industrial chemicals, cleaners, volatile chemicals etc and cause the focus upon more natural and friendly solutions to increase.

vi.  Junk Mail Tax

     Ad mail is a direct result of a materialistic society, the only purpose of this wasted material is to make a sale.  U.S. companies alone distributed 100 billion pieces of ad mail in 2005.  At 2 cents per copy, this amounts to 2 Billion dollars per year.  The amount of energy spent to generate this, in paper, ink, shipping, distributing is shameful when it could have been used for the free education of the public instead.  This amounts to 300 pieces of mail for every US citizen, think of how much knowledge could have been placed on each of those pages.  44% of this mail is never even opened, even less of it is actually responded to.  Less than 36% of this mail is recycled costing taxpayers an estimated $275 million dollars per year to dispose of it.  Amounting to 5.8 million tons of junk mail ending up in the solid waste system each year, which is tens of millions of trees wasted every year.  The amount of such mail increases the size of the postal system, whose increased operating costs come back to the citizen.  This is a blatant waste of money and energy from every angle.

     Therefore, the Individualists invoke the junk mail tax.  For each single page of ad mail to be mailed, the mailer must purchase a three cent stamp in addition to the base mailing fee.  Thus the tax is 3 cents per page, resulting in an approximate 150% tax.  This is to abolish this practice for good and make those who continue use it, to have a very important message, thereby causing more people to actually read it.  This generates a rough estimate of 2 billion dollars additional revenue in the first year.

vii.  Large Entity Tax

     All companies over 100 people must pay additional large entity tax which is 0.1% of their profit per every ten people over the 100 person limit.  Thus a company with 998 employees will pay 8.9% in additional taxes.  This controls the speed of growth of companies leveling off the playing field.  This makes it difficult for any company to become a controlling force separate from the people as well as making a company plan with more care an efficient method of expansion to warrant the increased taxes. 

     Limiting the size of businesses leads to a maximum efficiency between competing companies just as limitations on NASCAR engines specs do the same between engines.  The larger a business becomes in this system, the more it returns to the populace, the more the populace then cares for it, the more the business then cares for the populace, inspiring efficient innovative solutions, thus expanding and continuing a cycle of firm, healthy growth.  As opposed to the malignant and hastened, weed-like growth of the present world companies, where cheap solutions are encouraged, and their pointless products use the people instead of assist them. 

     This helps younger companies start with just their ideas, keeping most of the profit for themselves and enabling them to reinvest more into their company.  As one may notice, companies of over 5000 people begin to pay more to the Populus than to themselves.  With over ten thousand people the company works strictly for the benefit of the Populus but is still operated by private forces who dictate their own salaries.  This is the origin of the 2110 law.

     When a business reaches 2109 employees, the business and personal tax rates become the same.  After 2109 employees, the business tax rate grows larger than the personal.  Thus, the founders may make their salaries substantially large to absorb the profit and pay less of these higher taxes.  This is protected by the 2110 law, listed here again:

     Any paid member of a company which has over 2110 employees, whose salary is at least 1% of the company's worth, is considered a "Vital Mechanism".  In other words, more part of the company than an individual, and thus pays the current Company tax for his income rate as opposed to the flat rate 12.46% for individuals.  This keeps the profits of companies benefiting the Populus and stops the hiding of profits by distributing them to the elite, while still allowing for substantial profits of said elite.

viii.  Packaging Tax

     The current amount of plastic, synthetically coated papers and paperboard, used as packaging, is unacceptable.  Most of these materials are not able to be efficiently recycled, if at all.  Even those that are recyclable, are to often discarded into the solid waste system, and not properly marked as to what type of plastic they are.  All environmentally unsound products in packages such as these are therefore taxed 12.5% to the retailer from the manufacturer and an additional 12.5% to the end buyer calculated after retail markup and before sales tax.  This includes any plastic package or wrapping in any form, be it sheet, bottle, box or petrochemical derived wax papers and paperboard.   

     This forces wrappings to be of untreated paper and paperboard, glass, foils, cellulose derived cellophane, plant or animal waxed papers, (excludes petroleum derived paraffin) etc.  This type of packaging is more easily handled by the environment in a reasonable time frame.   Glass and foil are recyclable, and can occur naturally as opposed to plastic, although some plastics may be recyclable, many humans do not participate thus these substance end up in natures hands.  This tax helps reduce this problem as well as encourage companies to use safer packaging, and make efforts to develop innovative packaging materials.

ix.  Primitive Vehicle Tax:

     To encourage the development of advanced electric motors and battery technology, along with the phasing out of fossil fuels, all vehicles will be taxed if they utilize any form of internal combustion engine.  The degree of the severity of this tax, with gasoline being the most heavily taxed, is as follows: 1.  Gasoline 6%, 2.  Fossil diesel 5%, 3.  Gas or diesel hybrids 4%, 4.  Ethanol 3%, 5.  Propane and methane 2%, 6.  Hydrogen and biodiesel 1%. 

     Any fully electric vehicle with no on board internal combustion engine is not taxed.  This tax will be paid upon purchase of the vehicle, 12.5% by the dealer from the manufacturer and an additional 12.5% to the end buyer calculated after retail markup and before sales tax.  This will encourage the phasing out of the fossil fuel based engines which maintain a society of consumption.  It will additionally encourage research into electric vehicle technologies on a much larger scale.

x.  Unnatural Foods Tax

     All foods which utilize any enhancement, synthetic, or additive which does not naturally occur without the presence of man is deemed unnaturally enhanced and taxed 12.5% to the retailer from the manufacturer and an additional 12.5% to the end buyer calculated after retail markup and before sales tax. 

This includes but is not limited to:

Any plant or animal with genetic alterations not acquired by selective breeding. 

Any plant or animal enhanced with hormones either man-made or extracted by man from some other source. 

Any plant or animal fed any man-made chemicals. 

Any plant or animal sprayed or powdered with any man-made chemical. 

Any plant or animal raised and/or kept in an inhumane and/or unsanitary environment, thus an unnatural environment.

Any food with man-made additives or preservatives of any kind.  

Any food with partially or fully hydrogenated oils.

* "Man-made" is defined as a substance that cannot naturally occur without the presence of man, and/or any man-made imitation of a naturally occurring substance.

*  Food is defined as anything ingested to be used by the body.


     One can see that this discourages the damaging use of the chemical industry's fertilizers, pesticides, mold inhibitors, artificial additives and preservatives, as well as the synthetic drugs from their partner, the pharmaceutical industry.  Sadly, it covers nearly all of the available foods, which shows how tainted the food supply has become.  This will greatly assist the health and longevity of the society as a whole, while encouraging people to create more of their own food.  Making food safer for the Populus and making them more conscious of what they are eating.

     The revenue generated from this could be calculated roughly from the U.S. food industry's sales of approximately 600 Billion dollars annually minus the mere 14 Billion dollars in totally organic foods, yielding an estimate of 109.9 Billion in additional tax revenue.

xi.  Waste Tax: 

     The Individualists believe that the "disposable" mentality of the world must stop.  For example, millions of plastic freezer bags, all going to the land fill, when one glass container, could be used and used again.  Or millions of plastic grocery bags, when each individual should be responsible and bring their own baskets, useable again and again.

     The Individualistic society makes its citizens very waste conscious early on in schooling and applies taxes for all non-recyclable wastes.  All natural waste is to be dealt with on one's own land.  Any other waste it to go to a Populus Waste Handling Facility, where one has to pay a waste tax for any non-recyclable substances. This is an attempt to achieve a zero waste society or as close as possible to it.  This tax is paid by individuals or companies dropping off waste.  It will be calculated per pound and material type, recyclable materials will not be taxed.  Thus, if an individual avoids products containing non-recyclable materials such as Styrofoam, this individual may never pay a waste tax. (See pg. 148 for the waste table and how the Individualist achieves virtually no waste.)  This tax rate is to be voted on by the local Populus and is meant to be slightly high so as to encourage efficient thinking and avoidance of products which generate these wastes.

     The ignorant and slothful may try to burn, bury or stockpile their waste instead of thinking of solutions to initially avoid waste or pay the small tax.  This is the origin of the environmental waste law (pg.73), reprimanding those found burning, burying, or stockpiling unnatural or non-recyclable materials.

     All of the above taxes are cumulative, for instance if a company is selling meat that has been unnaturally enhanced, and is wrapped in plastic that has been made from fossil oil, there will be three sin taxes applied to this item. The attempt of these taxes is not to generate revenue, it is to slow and eventually abolish these activities.  Those who disagree with any of these taxes show that they obviously support waste, hazard, exploitation, and pollution.

4.  Health Care

     Before beginning this subject it must be noted that the figures available to the public are generated by groups either directly or indirectly affiliated with the organizations involved in health care, most of which have billions of dollars in profit at stake.  Thus it is highly likely, but not factual, that these figures are either, fully or partially falsified to bias all arguments into their favor.  Nevertheless, the Individualists shall use their figures, and still prove the system faulty.  The Individualists accuse the entire health care industry of being so full with corruption, waste, fraud etc, that if the true figures were known, as to the total revenue vs. the total truthful and reasonable expenditures, the percentage of squandered funds would be staggering.

a.  Breakdown 

The Total U.S. Health Care Cost was 1.988 Trillion Dollars

2005 figures


     $0.903 Trillion, of total income tax collected in 2005 went to health care.  The US population is approximately 300 Million people, a third of which are children.  59% of the population has private health insurance (assuming 39.33% are adults), 26% of the population (17.33% adults) has taxpayer paid care (some wrongly call it government insurance) and only15% (9.99% adults) have no insure.  Of the total population approximately 5% are unemployed and 5% cannot work, (disabled, early retired etc) and 7% are retired.  

     Therefore, 75% of the entire adult population contributes (by taxes) to the taxpayer paid health care, amounting to 45.4% of total US health care costs which is 903 Billion dollars.  Thus, the majority of the entire adult population already pays for practically half of the total US health care costs with their taxes.  Therefore the US is, basically, half way to national health care.  The remaining 54.6%, or $1.085 Trillion, of the total US health care is all private money.  This will be examined in two parts.

1.  Private Health Care $694.4 Billion or 35% of the Problem

     It is assumed that a negligible few pay private health care costs and are also unemployed, such as a wealthy individual or the retired.  Therefore, only the work force is considered to bare these costs for simplicity's sake.  About 63% of the entire US workforce of 150 million people has health insurance. (This is 94.5 Million people or 31.5% total Population)  However, being that half of the population cannot work: 33% children, 5% unemployed, 5% disabled, 7% retired,(yet only 15% are uninsured); the labor force could be generally viewed as supporting themselves and the other half of the population.  Thus, the total tax burden of $1.988 Trillion falls on the 150 million people of the work force equaling to $13,253 per labor force worker.

A. 63% of the workforce pays private AND government funding (with their taxes) which is 94.5M people.  Averaging $7,348 private health insurance burden per paying worker in addition to the $7,333 health tax and out of pocket burden, (2005 average private policy premiums were $10,880 for families and $4,024 for an individuals) for a total burden of $14,681 per worker.

B.  37% of the workforce pays only government funding, which is 55.5M people, amounting to a $7,333 burden of health tax and out of pocket expenses per worker.

     Therefore, of the total US citizens available to work, only 37% do not contribute to this part of the problem. Thus only 63% of this portion of the problem is solved or 22.05% added to the 50% from above.  Thus, relatively 72.05% of the US is already leaning in the direction of a national health care scenario.

     To clarify, in a national health care system all pay the same annual fee and are cared for equally.  Hence, what was proven above is that 63% of the workforce is already paying this total fee, and 37% are paying half of it, therefore 72.05% of the US is already paying the fees needed to establish national health, to private industries who profit and lobby for the system to remain in the wasteful limbo between national health care and private health care at the expense of the work force.


2. Private out of Pocket and Misc. Expenses of $390.6 Billion or 20% of the Problem

A.  Out of pocket expenses of $250 Billion -$12.5 Billion*    = $237.5 Billion (11.9% of the problem)

     Considering the out of pocket costs are roughly estimated to originate from each two workman types listed above (A and B) and are distributed evenly between the two groups, yet removing the 7% of the population that is retired, and the10% that are on other programs such as disability, both of whom are also paying some of these costs.  Therefore, only 83% of the workforce contributes to this potion of the problem (paying $197 billion), adding 9.88% to the relative figure making it now 81.93%.

B.  Other misc. expenses of $142 billion or 7.14% of the problem

     This figure incorporates many questionable items, including $67.7 billion (almost half the total) for the construction of private hospitals and equipment, and unspecified amounts in spending in cafeterias, parking lots, and gift shops etc. within health facilities.  Other funds are from philanthropy support.  A satisfactory breakdown of the remaining $74.3 billion was not found.  Thus, none of this can be added to the figure.

*.   The amount of co pay from the unemployed or disabled is considered double counted because an unemployed individual is receiving benefits paid by taxpayers and thus his out of pocket expense came from the tax payers.  Thus it was estimated that half of the unemployed made some type of out of pocket payment so 5% of the 250 Billion or 12.5 billion was a double count.


     To briefly summarize, The US is already relatively 81.93% national health care.  100% of the workforce already pays out enough taxes to support a $903 Billion health care program, and pays enough out of pocket expenses to support a second plan of $197 Billion, both together total $1.1 Trillion.  Furthermore, 63% of the workforce supports a third plan of $694.4 billion.   This remaining uneven burden could be evenly distributed for a national plan of $1.79 Trillion.  Equaling a decreased health care burden of $11,933 per labor force worker.  This is $193.6 Billion short of the present $1.988 Trillion health care system.


b.  Important Figures

Know That:


Of the $1.988 trillion paid by the people's money:

$100 Billion is Profit of the pharmaceutical industry

$11 Billion is Profit of the health insurance industry

$12 Billion is HMO profits

$29 Billion is Private hospital profits

$68 Billion is Private sector construction and equipment

$150 Billion is administration costs


Totaling = $370 Billion Dollars


$152 Billion in private profit would be practically eliminated in a non profit national health system. An estimated $150 Billion would additionally be saved on administration costs alone by the superior efficiency of central organization. While at least 68 billion would be added to public health assets annually.


The following are not considered priority:


$  87 Billion on dentistry

$170 Billion on nursing home and home healthcare

$100 Billion on pharmaceuticals

$ 57.Billion on misc. professional care (private-duty nurses, chiropractors, podiatrists, optometrists and .........physical, occupational and speech therapists, among others.)

$ 52 Billion on non-traditional sites (community centers, senior citizens centers, schools, and military field .........stations) (*Reorganized)

$  5 Billion on Industrial services (health care or supplies provided by employer for employees at the .........employer’s establishment)

$ 40  Billion on research

$ 57  Billion on government health agencies  (*Reorganized)


Totaling = $568 Billion Dollars


- This $568 Billion dollars must be left to the Private choice of people.  These are non-vital cares, such as dentistry, a cosmetic care at the expense of the populace, having no rational place in national care.  Taking the insurance industry out of these categories will bring these costs down for those who truly need them.  Too often one with insurance is told that they need something when they do not, and are exploited for their ignorance, and the insurance company is sent an inflated bill.  Such as the millions of children running around with eyeglasses or taking pharmaceuticals, a heinous practice developed only over the last 100 years of mankind.  Children's' entire bodies are "weak" compared to that of an adult, they develop and grow strong over time and need not be interfered with.  The Individualists observe exploitations like this with horror, how many children's eyes and body chemistry have been forever altered because of money?  Without insurance support, people will not go to these places unless necessary being that they must pay the entire cost.  Thus, these places will then be forced to lower their cost to maintain business, bringing the costs of all these barely necessary services back down to the rational earth.

-  Nursing home and home health care services are not to be paid for by the collective strong.  They are places for the weak and the abandoned and shall not burden society.  The burden shall fall exactly where it should, on the immediate family.  This shall assist all to make better preparations for the future, and maintain better health deep into their later ages, while encouraging the youth to assist the assurance thereof.  This system is constantly exploited with preposterous overpricing such as $75,000 per year as the average price for one individual's nursing home care.  At this cost one could outright buy one's own home and equip it with a live-in nurse for less. 

-  The Individualists know that 80% of pharmaceutical sales come from "blockbuster" drugs pushed harder on the public than any street dealer of illicit drugs, for only the survival of hypochondriacs.  The nation will not assist the support of needless dependence. No Pharmaceuticals are supplied by the Populus funds, else this leaching industry would exploit the program, skyrocketing the costs and cause the system to fail.  As such, fewer drugs will be purchased being that the individuals will have to bare the full cost themselves.  This will assist the practice of Individualistic health, causing the people to become more aware of the resilience of the body without synthetic chemicals, causing the pharmaceutical industry to lower prices and turn to more natural solutions to maintain business.

-  Various miscellaneous care is considered non-vital and of private interest.  Of all of these and similar categories, chiropractic care is the only one recognized by the Individualist as a vital practice and encouraged for its near endless curative and preventative techniques.  However, it is too often exploited for dubious insurance claims and must therefore remain private.

-  Non traditional spending is mostly misused, mismanaged and misdirected tax money to be dismantled and integrated into the one orderly system of Individualistic care. 

-  Industrial services must remain private choice.

-  There will be no lending of public funds to private researchers.  Government lending to private research is thoroughly compromised.  It is also a violation of Individualistic precepts to allow any form of government assistance.  Thus, all necessary public research will be conducted at the Populus' direction with the amount that they alone specify.

-  All government agencies involved in health care are dismantled and organized into one efficient body of the Populus Health System.


1.  $309 Billion of this $568 is publicly funded (tax)

2.  The selling of any type of insurance is forbidden in Individualistic society, thus all the above labeled 'private' will be paid for totally out of the pocket of the purchaser.


Reasonable expenses:

$421 Billion in physician and clinical services, salaries etc.

$  58 Billion in medical equipment

$430 Billion in hospital care (less administration and profit)

--- The above three prices are most likely inflated to hide additional private profits ---

$  20 Billion Public structures


Totaling = $929 Billion

$151 billion of this is publicly funded (tax)


$761 Billion in expenditures are immediately removed by implementing the Populus Health System.

$  88 Billion is now towards Public Health Structures and equipment, as permanent assets of the public.  (This amount is expected to drop substantially after the first year, for construction has always been an excellent outlet to hide profits and inflate expenses.)

$109 Billion is reorganized*, inefficient, departments of the old world, into a new centralized management.

$909 Billion remains virtually in the same use but under more efficient monitoring and management of the Populus Health System. 


Know that this does not include the spending of these private entities on extraneous costs such as marketing, which for the Health industry alone is over $1.6 Billion.

     The Populus Health System would therefore be, at most, a $1.227 trillion plan ($1.988 - $761).  With the workforce already presently paying $903 Billion in the form of their taxes allocated to government health programs, and $197 Billion in out of pocket expenses, a mere additional $127 Billion needs to be spread upon the 150 Million adult workers of the workforce, amounting to a flat tax fee of no more than $847 dollars per year which could be temporarily implemented while transitioning to a fully Individualistic system.  By removing 2.54% from federal taxes and allocating them to health instead, this $127 plus the $197 in out of pocket expenses are both covered.  Therefore the system will not even require out of pocket expenses.  ($197 + $127 = $324 Billion, which is 2.54% of the 2005 Gross Domestic Product of $12.8 trillion, such is the origin of the percentage used).

     Being that the Individualistic society encourages self-sufficiency, and may lead to a drop in available workers, the work force alone cannot be considered.  The Individualists remove all health-related taxes and consolidate them into one fee.  The tax's final form is a non income based flat fee divided equally per capita of $4,090 for each individual or $8,180 divided over just the workforce as it is presently.  Creating an average $5,073 health burden relief per labor force worker (13,253 – 8,180).

     Legislation shall be passed forbidding tax spending on Health Care except with strictly this flat tax for paying members of the system.  The tax credit received from the lower flat income tax of the Individualistic society will make more capital available to these working individuals making the relative burdens on average (14681 – 8,180)  $6,501 less than the privately insured workers previously paid (63% of the work force), and (8180-7333) $847 more than what the publicly insured paid (37% of the workforce).   These payments by this working half of the population support themselves and the other half of the society, the children, the elderly and the disabled, just as they do today.

A 143 Billion deviation is found in data regarding the amount spent in premiums on private insurance and the amount of revenue taken in by the private insurance industry) Due to rounding in this document the error only seems to be 121Billion)


     No one is forced to pay the flat fee for health care, even though at its low cost it would be foolish to do so.  In the event that an uninsured individual is harmed, and care administered by a Populus facility, it will be viewed as though a loan was taken from the Populus funds, and therefore, needs repaid within five years, as any other loan, else one is sentenced to a Laborforce assignment.

     This fee will most likely drop each year as Individualistic philosophy takes root and corruption subsides under the pressure.  The Individualistic system will be evaluated each year for cost, and its price adjusted accordingly to the people's desire.  With Individualistic philosophy, the population will become increasingly healthier, as they realize the strength and resilience of nature, for millions of years not needing any drugs, therapies, supplements, assistance, etc.  Following the simple health methods of the Individualists (pg 150) the people will most likely only use health care for shear accidents.

     The sole reason why the health care costs are high and rising is because of the lack of preventative care, and basic health practices, such as hygiene, exercise, and diet, as well as the countless exploitations of ignorant hypochondriacs created by the mass marketing of health problems and products.  The majority of the US now exists as a nation of ignorant, lazy, and out of shape weaklings, who are thoroughly unhappy, all contributing to increased health problems. Over 65% of the population of the US is over weight.  The NCHC suggests that retiring elderly couples will need $200,000 in savings just to pay for the most basic medical coverage.  This is simply because of the weakness created and encouraged by the current system and dependence upon it and synthetics as opposed to self-heath practices.  The Individualistic elders will be strong up to the moment of death, and will need very little, if any, assistance when aged.

c.  Quality of Individualistic Care

     As one may notice the amount of physicians and their salaries was not altered in the conversion to Individualism, thus, there is no threat to doctors or the quality of care they proved. However as Individualistic thought grows, the profit driven doctors, with more feeling for the size of the bottom line than for love of the occupation they chose, will fade away with the increasing popularity of the Individualistic doctors, displaying true love of healing and compassion for their fellow man. 

     The salaries of individual doctors, as all Populus employees, will be based upon their performance.  Too often, guaranteed high salaries cause people to become doctors (or any other occupation) for money instead of for Love of what they do.  The Individualist does not disagree with the right to earn a high salary, but it must be granted to a worthy recipient of a public funded system by popular vote.  Thus each patient must fill out a form after receiving care and mail it to the GEP evaluating their care, on a point-based system.  Each year the points are totaled and a subsequent raise or demotion is given to each Populus Health Facility and to each individual employee from doctors to janitors, according to the points which they earned.   Thus these Health workers will always remember that they are employees of the people they are serving.  Therefore, a truly excellent healer, known nationwide in the Individualistic society, could possibly command a salary much higher than the present average doctor salaries of $156,010 to $321,686.

     A Fee per visit system encourages haste within doctors, as more patients seen per day equals more money, leading to poor care. If the fee was 50 dollars and one patient was seen every fifteen minutes for ten hours a day, five days a week, this doctor's salary would be 520,000 per year, over twice the present mean average doctor salary, it is no wonder why some doctors support this option.

d.  Quality of Present Care

     The Individualists believe that many modern hospitals are money making machines, and nothing else, far removed from places of healing.  Facilities where Death is suspended for profit.  Such as when an individual arrives brain dead from a massive heart attack, many doctors see nothing but dollars.  They perform "emergency surgery" and sustain the body on a myriad of machines each charging by the hour.  They fill the corpse with expensive "medicines" while conducting expensive tests with more sophisticated machines, each costing ridiculous amounts.   This is dragged on for days, weeks, as long as possible giving a family false hopes, while feverishly writing the bills to the insurance companies accounting for every second and penny.

     Individuals entering these doors are potential experiments, guinea pigs for a host of their practices and products.  A person in good health can be lead to believe they are ill, and allow themselves to be subjected to endless horror. Hypochondria is nursed and encouraged, the more fear instilled into a soul the more that soul will place all trust in the doctor instead of God and self healing.  This is used to the advantage of their pockets by placing these people on countless drugs, tests, and surgeries, killing, poisoning, maiming and mutilating their fellow brethren for income in the blasphemous guise of healing.

     Many surgeons have become masters of mutilation, filling men with pins and plates, replacing and removing body parts as if it were a fad.  Ignorant to the infinite complexity of the self healing divine machine, the human body, while asserting in arrogance that they comprehend in detail this work of God.  Thus they proceed in blindness with great conviction, and their conviction becomes contagion when spoken of with certainty to "lesser" men, which only succeeds in compounding the ignorance of man.  Thus, they continue treating the effects of disease rather than their source, disregarding wholly the factor of spirit in their equations.

     Thus, much of health care is naught but an unprovable racket, for an individual with no degree in medicine cannot hold an argument against any doctor and be believed, even if in the right, thus a doctor will win every argument regardless of his ignorance.  Society hands them a pedestal with their degree and often looks to them as "all knowing".  Instead of looking into one's own heart or to God for answers, they consult a doctor, which is just another soul.  These doctors exploit this ignorance and trust of these "patients" in the guise of benevolence and use them for their advantage.   Even if they know a simple, natural and safe cure, they prescribe "procedures" and endless pills to elevate their profit and that of their contributing industries, the pharmaceutical industry, medical manufactures etc.  Such are the countless numbers placed on "Chemo therapy", naught but a poison, and most likely responsible for more deaths than cancer.

     Of the $590 Billion in hospital care how many emergencies have been feigned for insurance money, how much money goes into each child birth when the Indians had them in fields.  How much "special care" is feigned for newborns?  How many are taking drugs or are scheduled for a procedure, that could merely be prescribed a regime of exercise and diet?  The Individualists believe it to be substantial, and will remedy great amounts of people and expenses with simple self health care methods.  (Pg 150)

     For example, the Individualist examines the nonsensical, and purposely unintelligible itemized hospital bills with ridiculous charges such as $5,000 a day for a room, $50 per pill, tens of thousands for one titanium screw, or $75,000 dollars per year as the average nursing home bill for a single individual, and sees the unrealistic markup and blatant theft of these institutions.  Corruption is rampant and has many heads and faces.  Such as the following five health insurance companies which have profited billions per year on the people's money.


1          United Health Group               71.542B       4.159B

2          Wellpoint                                56.953B        3.095B

3          Aetna                                     25.569B         1.702B

4          Humana                                21.417B            487M

5          Cigna                                   16.547B            155 M


(Italics are total revenues bold are annual profits)


     Many often pitch that the hospitals and insurance companies act as separate entities, robbing each other, this is most likely a secondary illusion, with the reality being that the hospitals are owned wholly or partially by other health care industries, such as insurance, pharmaceutical, medical equipment manufacturers etc.  Thus the loss shown by most hospitals is simply a front for the great profits of such industries composing and profiting off of all hospitals.

     These and similar institutions frequently give "campaign donations" to politicians to bias support, laws, etc in their favor. The people are already paying for every thing, thus, there is no need for private middlemen making $11 billion in profits.  These middle men, as all the others, are not of the people or in favor of the people, they are private and for their own interests, a siphon in the middle of a simple stream.  As one can see, private establishments such as these stand in the way of a simple, reasonable system of affordable and logical Health Care, without any of the drama and hype.  These and similar institutions have billions of dollars in reasons to stop such simplicity.


5.  Food

     In our present insane society, industrial farmers are more worried about the sale of their product than its nutritional value and safety for their fellow man. They drench the crops with pesticides and fertilizers, many which do not fully wash off and are highly toxic.  After harvest they then further poison the foods with preservatives as well as chemicals to make them look good, prohibit mold etc, and then send it to the market place.

     These industrial farmers are supported by the "government" who pays them, with the people's tax money, to grow crops.  Thus, the people paid for the crops to be grown yet they buy them a second time at the market place for a $120 Billion profit to the Industrial farms.  The government then pays them to burn the crops so that the market isn't flooded with product and diluting the price, (to maintain control of the cycle of waste and consumption).   This then taxes the soil from over use, which the farmers then have to pay to have fertilized (more profit for the chemical industry).  $25 Billion of taxpayer money, in the form of farm subsidies to mostly massive corporate farms, is squandered in this way annually.  This nonsense and lack of reason is the Individualists archenemy, so far removed from logic it is mind numbing. 

     Approximately $500 billion is spent processing, and distributing these foods.  The Individualists, being self sufficient, rear their own small farms.  Apart from having safe food, it eliminates the need for a $500 Billion processing and distribution cycle, $120 billion in profit to unnecessary industrial farms and $25 billion in subsidies which will be redistributed to the people to assist them in their personal micro farms. (The US creates 10,000 new processed-food products every year, and nearly 90% of its food spending is on these processed foods.)

     This present world madness has extended to unprecedented levels.  Within it man feeds his fellow with harmful laboratory creations and calls them "generally recognized as safe for consumption" food (an actual FDA term).  All significant efforts to clearly inform the people are impeded or not made at all.  Within the average household practically all foods will contain one or more of the ingredients listed below.  Many of the "trusted" household names are not to be trusted when one researches their ingredients and deceptive labeling of these poisons in one's food.   

     All of these ingredients are shown in different tests to be harmful to some degree to the human body but are allowed to be present in food because the US democratic decision making has been compromised by many industries and the safety of the people is no longer a priority.  Government departments such as the HHS and FDA, along with back pocket politicians, all benefit by allowing poison to remain in the food for the profiting industries.


     These chemical additives were not designed with the consumer in mind, they were designed strictly for profit, making food:

1.   Look Better

     No sale can be made on even the healthiest food if it appearance is bland.  The focus is simply on the sale, not the nutritional value for the buyer. 

2.  Last Longer

     This is so the merchants can maximize their profits, the longer something can sit on a shelf the more chance it has to be sold.  The concern is not health, it is profit.

3.  Taste and Smell Better

     Nearly all of modern food has been so overly processed that chemicals need to be added to give it a flavor and a smell.  Most big name fast foods, and high dollar name brands get their smells and tastes from artificial flavor manufactures, and certainly not from their food quality or preparation method.  Without these chemical giants you would never buy the substance which tastes no better than dust.  The aim is profit, not well being.

4.  Lower Calories

     The marketing madness of caloric intake pushed upon the world has caused people to rather eat zero calorie cyanide than one calorie of naturally occurring fat, which is essential for the intake of many vitamins and imperative for proper brain function.  It has created a slew of feverish mindsets bent on buying anything that is labeled "reduced fat", "low calories" etc.  The "generally safe" toxins which achieve this in various ways are created for the sole purpose of capturing this part of the market, thus are simply profit minded.

5.  Cost Effective

     Substituting artificial chemicals for their expensive natural counterparts is often cost effective for the manufacturer.


The motive in all cases is Profit five fold, with not one concern for YOU.


     The below list is by far exhaustive.  These are just some of the most common of these chemicals to be aware of.  Of all of the chemicals listed below, if one cares not to watch for all of them, at least avoid these four.  Just in these four one will begin finding shopping a challenge.

1.  BHA and BHT,  2.  Anything Hydrogenated,  3.  Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet),  4.  Artificial colors: Blue 1, Blue 2, Red 3, Yellow 6


a.  Artificial colors

BLUE 1: Derived from Coal Tar

BLUE 2: Derived from Coal Tar

CARMINE OR COCHINEAL EXTRACT: comes from drying and pulverizing over 4000 cochineal insects to produce an ounce of this red dye, can be at times labeled as "added coloring". 

GREEN 3: Derived from triphenyl methane which is made by reacting benzene and chloroform with aluminum chloride catalyst.  Prohibited in European Union

RED 3: Derived from Coal Tar

RED 40: Derived from Coal Tar, has produced two unidentifiable metabolites in urine. Prohibited in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

YELLOW 5: Derived from Coal Tar

YELLOW 6: Derived from Coal Tar

All of these chemicals have shown adverse effects on humans to varying degrees, yet still remain in the food supply.  All products containing coal tar and coal tar derivatives are prohibited in Norway.

b.  Artificial flavor

     On food labels will be seen either "Artificial flavor" or "Natural Flavor" but preferably neither.  The presence of either signifies a bland food lifeless without this magic component or a food that needs a taste hidden.  To distinguish, "natural" flavor may denote a chemical extracted from a real plant, however, it is still added thereby acknowledging that the product one is consuming lacks that property naturally.  Also "natural flavors" does not delineate the extraction process used or the chemicals which may have also been employed in that extraction process.

     Conversely, Artificial flavors are created with no link to the original substance, they are entirely engineered in a laboratory.  Flavor has become merely an ingredient, not a product of the ingredients.  Many of the famous flavors of the fast food chains and name brand foods of today are actually purchased from chemical companies composing the flavor industry such as; International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), the world's largest flavor manufacturer, Givaudan, second largest, Firmenich, third largest, Frutarom, Haarmann & Reimer, Takasago, Quest International etc.  This flavor industry has annual global revenues of approximately 10 Billion dollars.  There is no law requiring that the chemicals which make up these synthetic flavors be labeled for public awareness as long as each individual component of the flavor is tested as "GRAS" which means "generally recognized as safe".  As seen in just a few of the above Colors, GRAS has no meaning when deemed as such by a corrupt entity such as the FDA.  A number of these chemicals, such as vanillin, are derived from coal tar just as the above colors, which are known to be harmful.

c.  Manufactured Fats

     These synthetic fats are inexpensive and have long shelf lives thus bring greater profit all around. 

i.  HYDROGENATED OILS (trans fat)

     Derived by passing hydrogen gas through oil.  The health effects are numerous including; coronary heart disease, stroke, liver dysfunction, cancer, and obesity.


ii.  OLESTRA (Olean) 

     A synthetic fat developed by Procter & Gamble.  Impedes the absorption of vitamins D, E, K, and A, and causes numerous adverse bowl effects.



     A modified fat developed by Nabisco who declared it safe for human consumption and marketed it without FDA approval.  There is much debate as to the proper testing of this substance as tests appear suspect.  Evidence suggests adverse gastrointestinal side effects.

d.  Flavor Enhancers

i.  MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

     Or "free glutamic acid."  Allows the reduction of real foods by multiplying the taste of smaller potions.   An arguably addicting substance, it is often disguised in many ingredients that contain or create it during manufacture such as; autolyzed yeast, carrageenan, "Enzymes", hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sodium caseinate, yeast extract and many others.   Disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate often signify the presence of MSG in one or more of the ingredients being that they enhance MSG action but are impotent alone.  Similarly, the phrase "seasoning" or "spices" may also indicate added flavor enhancers.  The FDA, HHS, and USDA do nothing to ban the use of this deceptive, ambiguous and misleading labeling of foods knowing that it would capsize the entire food industry due to the fact that most foods contain harmful chemicals as these for strictly profiteering purposes.

Some claim MSG triples insulin release causing obesity with excessive use.  Some claim possible links to ADHD, ALS, Alzheimer's disease, Autism, Diabetes, Huntington's disease, Migraines, Parkinson's disease, and a myriad of other adverse nervous and endocrine system effects do to excitotoxicity of free glutamic acid. 

e.  Preservatives

i.  BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)

     Derived from petrochemical hydrocarbons and outlawed in Japan, Romania, Sweden, and Australia for possible liver and kidney damage and carcinogenic health hazards.  These chemicals are added to food to slow spoiling in fats and oils.  Some suggest that neither compound is needed and can easily be replaced with Vitamin E as a natural preservative. 


     Used primarily in Meat and fish to fix a lively color and add longevity. It is also an anti bacterial agent against botulism, however, it forms known carcinogens in high heat cooking and has been linked by some to colon and pancreatic cancers.


     Slows spoiling in fats and oils. A suspected carcinogen.

f.  Sweeteners

i.  ASPARTAME (AKA NutraSweet and Equal)

     Derived from aspartic acid (a known excitotoxin) methanol (Known toxic alcohol) and phenylalanine.  Upon ingestion it breaks down into its harmful component parts.  What is more dangerous is that out side of the body it rapidly breaks down at room temperature into 1. DKP (diketopiperazine) which converts to a suspected potent brain carcinogen upon ingestion 2. Formic Acid, a component of insect stings 3. Formaldehyde, an embalming fluid 4. Methanol, a toxic alcohol known to cause blindness.

     Aspartame has been linked to brain tumors and lesions, blindness, convulsions and many other adverse nervous and endocrine system affects, common to excitotoxins.  Most commonly found in 'low calorie', 'diet', or 'sugar free' products.

     Aspartame was discovered by accident in 1965 by scientist James Schlatter while working on a drug for peptic ulcers for G. D. Searle and Company, a US pharmaceutical corporation.  It was approved by the FDA in July 1974, but withdrawn in December of that year because of brain tumors found in rats tested with aspartame. In 1977 the already 20 year political veteran, Donald Rumsfeld, became the CEO and president of G.D. Searle.  In April 1981 shortly after Regan took office, newly appointed FDA Commissioner, Arthur Hull Hayes, appointed by the Secretary of HHS Richard Schweiker, overruled a Public Board of Inquiry and approved aspartame for use in dry foods before any further tests were conducted. Then In 1983 it was approved for use in beverages.

     Upon leaving the FDA September of1983 Dr. Hayes became dean and provost of New York Medical College.  Then in 1986 he became a paid consultant for G. D. Searle's firm Burson-Marsteller, one of the largest public relations firms in the world, a mere one year after Donald Rumfeld assisted the sale of G.D. Searle & Company to Monsanto chemical corporation for a suspected profit of $12 million dollars in 1985.  While G.D. Searle's Lawyer, Robert B. Shapiro, became Mosanoto's president.

     There is Great debate over the authenticity of the safety tests performed regarding this chemical as noted in 1987 by toxicologist Dr Jacqueline Verrett, before a US Senate hearing describing the tests as, "serious departures from acceptable toxicological protocols".  Obviously, as shown above, the government departments are compromised by corporate interest thus all tests conducted by them including NCI (national cancer institute) will all be likewise compromised.



     This synthetic sweetener was discovered in1937 on accident by Michael Sveda while working on the synthesis of an anti-fever medication.  It was banned in October 1969 as a Suspected Carcinogen about four years before the legalization of aspartame, but has been making a comeback and the ban has been being lifted. 


iii.  SACCHARINE: (sweet N low)

     Derived from coal tar and discovered by accident in 1879.  Has caused cancer of the bladder, reproductive organs, skin, and other organs in laboratory tests.  Therefore, 1977, the FDA attempted to ban saccharin but Congress allowed its used in foods so long as they had warning labels.   In May 2000, the HHS removed saccharin from its list of cancer-causing chemicals and that same year, Congress revoked the need for a warning label while this chemical remains banned in Canada.


iv.  SUCRALOSE: (splenda)

     This product of Johnson and Johnson is derived from sugar (sucrose) and chlorine.  There is debate over whether it has been significantly tested, and concern that approximately a third of it is absorbed by the body.  Claims have been made that it causes thymus gland shrinkage and enlargement of liver and kidneys as well as general concern that prolonged use may result in adverse nervous and endocrine system effects.

g.  Irradiated foods

     A newer practice arising in food production is irradiation.  This process allows for more filthy foods to be irradiated and become "safe" for consumption.  This allows the corporate slaughterhouses and other producers to speed up their production with less concern for cleanliness.

     This irradiation can leave trace levels of radioactivity and animals eating such foods have been shown to exhibit an increase in tumors.  The radiation breaks up molecules not only in harmful bacteria but also in vitamins and other nutrients as well as any preservatives or pesticides etc.  This myriad of broken chemicals then combine with each other forming new chemicals called unique radiolytic products (URPs) which can be any chemical, some possibly unknown.  Known URPS include benzene and formaldehyde, two known toxins.  The irradiation causes nutritional value loss of 5-80% depending on food type and application method.  Irradiated foods must be labeled with the following logo:

h.  Diets 

     The dieting population is suckered with countless poisons to cater to their fear of weight gain, each worse for them than if they'd eat pure fat doused with sugar.  It is arguably better to just eat sugar than to ingest laboratory produced synthetics.  To believe that man, in his few thousand years upon earth, knows what is best for the human body, a product of 300 billion years of natural earthly evolution, is outright foolish.

     There are those who then decide to simply eat organic, where another slew of deceptive merchandise lies in wait as well.  "Natural" flavors are additives produced by laboratory processes, as are "modified" starches, flours and proteins.  Each of them laboratory products, which may have degrees of safety, however, the point is that they are many times included in supposedly "organic" or "all natural" foods over twice the price and half expensive to make.  Many times companies succeed in using all organic and truly natural products and then add unnatural preservatives and inhibitors to the mix and claim that they "protect taste" or "freshness" or "flavor enhancer" when it is strictly profit oriented as above, and remains marketed as "organic" or "all natural".


     The population's concern with weight is based mostly on misunderstanding.  Fat is light compared to muscle and water.  So to measure health by weight is completely irrational.  If one works out one most likely will build muscle and drink more water, thus becoming heavier.  Fat itself, regardless of weight, should be watched as a degree of tone.  And effort should be made to keep such tone as all animals in nature are active and thus hold a healthy fat to muscle tone ratio.  But the lazy are concerned with the magic pill, and become host for an endless supply of poisons, from diet pills to steroids.  All wanting something with out putting forth any effort.  Excess fat is simply the result of laziness coupled with overeating and nothing else.



     Strict amateur vegetarians are exploited because of their usually incomplete diet is in need of countless supplements eagerly supplied to them by the chemical industry.  It would be no surprise if the chemical industry were actually a major proponent for vegetarianism.  All vitamins and minerals supplied by the chemical manufacturers can all be had by simply eating a certain food.  Unlike the synthetics, real foods have an additional overlooked quality, that of life itself.

     All synthetics are devoid of life.  The vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. are only a part of the body's needs, the material part.  The subtle energy of life feeds the spiritual body, a more subtle body. This is actually the true philosophy behind vegetarianism which most fad vegetarians are unaware of.  The energy is very high in freshly harvested plants yet the energy begins to fade the moment a plant is harvested or a beast slaughtered, and that rate is much faster in animals.  Thus bottled juice and canned fruits and vegetables, have much less life, if any, than fresh picked food.  The Individualists are aware of the importance of this ingredient and have no shortage of it with the practice of self-sustenance.


iii.  WATER

     With the proper amount of water nearly every common aliment can be alleviated.  One should drink one fluid ounce of water per pound of body weight per day, and have 1 gram of salt per 150 lbs. while drinking such quantities.  Water is used by the body to carry all things from foods to wastes, thus a shortage of it slows the entire procedure.  Dehydration, or simply inadequate hydration, thus causes a lack of waste elimination resulting in countless toxins in the body reeking endless havoc.  Couple this with the resulting lack of efficient transportation of food to rebuild and combat such damages, and the signals of these various internal, "wars" are many: From, aching joints, muscular cramps and inflexibility, head ache, dry skin, eyes, nose, lack of mucus causing asthma like symptoms, heart palpitations, restlessness, etc. Thus, this inefficiency of food/energy delivery and waste elimination, set a stage for pathogens to thrive causing the situation to greatly worsen.  This drinking water should preferably be pure water, as in distilled, free from chlorine, fluorine and other added toxins.  (Chlorine is a suspect in kidney and bladder cancer, and fluorine is suspected to accumulate in bones with adverse effects)

i.  Animal alteration

i.  GMO (genetically modified organism) and Synthetics

     Genetic engineering and alteration of animals and plants, making them produce more or different things than in nature is seen as an abomination to the Individualists when it is done with a profit oriented mind.  Many of the chemicals fed to the animals or their side effects end up in the final product consumed by man. Such as the adding of milk production boosting hormones to cows which have side effects on the product, causing excessive white blood cell count (pus) to be contained within it.   The Individualists set up the Unnatural Foods tax to counter these horrific acts.  As well as initiate proper education to inform the people and to raise future chemists with a more compassionate demeanor.  All people in Individualistic society will thereby be aware of the detail of their foods' origins.

j.  Food Bill

     A bill called the "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act" or the "Cheeseburger Bill", bans anyone from suing food manufacturers, sellers and distributors regardless of the harm caused by food one has eaten. The only way this bill if fair is by passing a companion bill forcing the full disclosure of all industry ingredients and methods of production and distribution, in a clear unambiguous manner.  Only then can one be responsible for what one is eating.  This is further proof of the profiteering mindset of another industry who has the entire government bought and paid for.


6.  Privatized Banks

     Of all of the need suppliers the banks are the pinnacle of their vile hierarchy.  The need they supply is a medium required by all to do any and all things, a restriction which masterfully channels all activities through them and their selfishly biased system successfully controlling all involved.  A bank once was simply a heavily walled structure designed to only protect money.   Banks have since evolved from such secure facilities into powerful entities which exercise many controlling abilities over the very individuals who deal with them and whose investments fund them.

     Before one places one's hard earned funds in these establishments where they charge one to do so while they then invest those monies and make a profit which in no way is shared with the depositor, one should ask oneself: In how many ways do banks thieve money off of the workers?  How many lives have banks destroyed by foreclosure and crippling usury?  (It is much more often than not, yet one will never see it reported in one's faithful news broadcasts.)  How many families exist in which both parents work just to make ends meet? (This is not merely ridiculously accepted today but it is a distraction from an even greater terror, because of this, who then is raising the children?)  How many people are in their sixties and still slaving for the impassive and unappreciative machine?  Because of the banks there is no question in anyone's mind as to the right to enjoy their life, which means every second, not just the last four hours of the day because of toiling on the machine which has no goal, point or purpose, successfully expending their most vibrant hours of life each day for nothing. 

     How, one may ask, are the banks responsible for all of this?  Because of the long reaching effect of usury.  Today most every major possession is financed, and the financing is commonly orchestrated to have the borrower pay three to five times more than what the item is worth.  Therefore, every individual works three to five times longer than what is fairly required.  The grand picture of this is an entire world working three to five times longer for the face value of all they possess.  Funneling all of that excess profit to only the banks as the spirit of the people and their over all demeanor collapses as a direct result of this meaningless and overly taxing drudgery.  One may say it is right to pay the banks for borrowing their money, but as will be shown, it is not their money and most of it doesn't even exist.  (see also pg 46)

     For just one example of their countless debased practices let one examine foreclosure.  A man only owes $1,077 on a home which appraises for $81,000, the same amount borrowed from the bank some 29 years ago.  He falls late on his last two payments and the bank forecloses taking the property and selling it for $81,000, meanwhile up to this point the bank most likely had already collected $192,768 before this sale (81,000 at 7% for 30 years minus two months).  Furthermore if the bank only secured $70,000 at the auction instead of the $81,000 amount of the initial loan, they are further entitled to sue the man for the other $11,000.  Hence in this scenario the bank grosses roughly $273,768 and profits $265,668 (the bank only paid $8,100 for the house because of fractional reserve) while the man has nothing after 29 years of his life, hard labor and $192,768 of timely payments.  This is an unacceptable outrage, yet evils of this nature go unquestioned in the old dying world because no one has the incentive to stand up to it.  The Individualist clearly sees these heinous acts for what they are and hastens to eliminate them and all those who perform them upon their fellow brethren.

     The Banks have ensured their existence by passing laws which makes their existence and their use a necessary step within the society, practically forcing all to have at least a checking account just as one is forced to have insurance.  What better a business to be in where the people are forced to do business with you?  A case in point, for a business to open and be able to do business, it must first possess a "business checking account" at a local bank. What other businesses can do this?  This is absurd yet it goes unquestioned.  In the guise of "keeping track of lawful business" the banks entrench themselves, embed themselves into the system no different than a burrowing tick.  In numerous other guises, laws and methods they have done the same.  Nothing of any significant amount can be purchased with cash, it must be had by check, again forcing one to use the banks.  All private institutions controlling the actions of the public and profiting off of their forced use.

     As money is time and power, the collection of money is synonymous with the collection of time and power.  Any entity who collects pools of money is collecting pools of time and power which can then be utilized however that private entity desires regardless of if that use is in the interest of the individuals it was collected from or the society it is contained in.  Too often this money is used in ways not clearly disclosed to the contributors.  Such as when a bank invests in a corporation (such as a loan) with the people's savings, whom if informed of the nature of said corporation, may not agree to their funds being applied to it, furthermore these people will see none of the profits gained by utilizing their money.  If these customers would have placed their money into a business of their own choice, a profit would have been returned to them and only that business would have become powerful, not a business one did not choose who is fed by the unaware funds of thousands.  The ability of large corporations to set up subsidiary banks, allows for them to acquire such a block of unregistered, powerless, non-voting, unaware investors so that they may proceed with plans unimpeded by concerned investors.

      To funnel more of these unaware investors (the common bank account holders) into the system, all systems that assist independence are eliminated.  To be independent in this world only two things will allow for it 1. Sufficient funds (to supply all one needs) or 2. The knowledge of self-sufficiency.  The first is greatly removed by usury and market regulation (prices and wages), the second has been purposefully kept from schools to force man into the system of money use, and by this action only the ones with the money grow in power.  Each low dollar individual is a potential servant, the more taxing the market and lending practices the more low dollar individuals can be created and locked into the system, or taught and encouraged to use the system.

     The money of the banks is the people's money.  The bank only exists by having people feed it money. Without account holders installing money, there is no bank capital, as a result there is then no bank lending or investing capabilities, then there is simply no bank.  Yet banks continually take more from their account holders, their lifeblood, and award them less and less while profiting from their funds.  May this be a reminder of the nature of a bank, a servant and product of the people, and not vice-versa.  A private bank is simply a pool of the people's money which an independent private entity controls by its own rules and profits therefrom returning nothing to the people who compose it.  If it is the people's pool of money then only the people should control and profit from it.  Otherwise the money should be returned to them.

     What follows is the mechanics of fractional reserve which deserves full attention. It is practiced by every bank everywhere every day and is allowed by law, (for only banks that is).  A person deposits $1000 into his local bank account; this bank can then loan 90% of this amount to a second individual and only be obligated to maintain 10% physically in the bank.  (Thus a fractional reserve)  Therefore, the initial person still has $1000 in their account, but now a second individual also has $900 from thin air, and the cycle indefinitely continues.  From bank to bank the money is transferred and grows, thus from this $1000 the chain of lending would be:

1000, 900, 810, 729, 656, 590, 531, 478, 430, 387, 348, 313, 282, 254, 229, 206, 185, 166, 149, 134, 121, 109, 98, 88, 79, 71, 64, 58, 52, 47, 42, 38, 34, 31, 28, 25, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3.5, 3, 2.7, 2.43, 2.19, 1.98, 1.78, 1.6, 1.49, 1.3, 1.17, 1.05, 0.94 etc.  Totaling $8962.08, and these figures have been rounded off for sake of simplicity, the actual value would be $9000.

     Thus is shown the bank's unwarranted license to print money by private individuals and none of it is backed by anything meaningful.  None of the profits go back to the consumer whose backbreaking labor in the form of currency was used to build this exponentially increasing phantom wealth. There is no material backup for the worthless paper and digital credits that are deemed your net worth.  It is a blatant exploitation of the working class and must now come to an overdue end.

     From a snap shot of a single bank the practice does not seem dangerous.  It is when the entire industry is analyzed that this creation of phantom wealth becomes apparent.  For the entire industry acts as one entity exchanging money with itself in this manner producing 90% non-existent funds.  This very practice can be used by corporations and banks behind closed doors to erect lending circles between themselves generating potentially endless funds.

     Thus, as shown, the banks create 90% of the currency thereby controlling a nation's money supply.  It is the Government of the People who are to control the money, not privatized individuals who are separate from the government and who have interests which may not have anything to do with that government which should be of the People.  Therefore, by this clear description it is a direct threat to the people which is fueled by the very people it threatens.

     The only reason today's hollow currency has any power whatsoever is because everyone believes that when they take the currency to another person, that person will give an expected amount in return.  Hence, the banks can be destroyed by making their money useless simply by refusing to use it.  By this very same method one becomes immune to their enthralling powers.  The instant doubt becomes injected into the system the bank's dollar and welfare is threatened.  This is done by simply creating a new currency and first getting many individuals and companies to begin utilizing it because of their belief in what it represents, trusting only in it and refusing the other currency.  As it grows all will have the right to get paid in either currency.  Some businesses in the highest technologies run by Individualists will refuse to do business with the old currency or banks.  Doubt will then grow in all the populace as to the power of the bank dollar, as it now cannot be used for anything and everything as in the past.  As a result, to do business with the most evolved companies of the new world one must use the new currency because undoubtedly these companies will be Individualist owned and by their very nature will posses overwhelming technologies.  Soon the bank dollar will only buy primitive technologies, and useless material items.  May no law be made to stop the people, as a whole, from printing their own money or having their own recording institutions, beware of such acts of tyranny and suppression. 

     An argument that states that the Populus Common Wealth system is no different than the One World Bank system. Here are the clear differences: 1. The One World Bank promotes utter dependence so that no one may buy sell or trade without having their currency.  Individualist currency can be had by simply trading in surplus food, power etc. generated directly on the homestead by the hand of the Individualist, if said Individualist chooses to be utterly self sufficient as opposed to having an occupation within the community.  The Individualist society actively encourages this self sufficient, independent behavior by way of incentives, where as the world bank would discourage this by erecting veiled stumbling blocks to discourage its practice and encourage dependence in its stead, not assisting self sufficiency because its very nature threatens the bank's existence.  2.  And greatest of all, the Individualistic society forbids usury in all forms and the pooling of money by any private individual or group for any purpose, which is contrary to the one World Bank system.

     Banks have the world convinced that it cannot function without them.  The truth is, it is the banks that cannot function without the people.  A bank cannot exist without the account holders who blindly use them yet it taxes and charges their every action, profits on their money and returns little or nothing to them.  They have accumulated trillions of dollars from exploiting their enslaved (deceived) brethren in this way.  Why are they enslaved?  Because the law supports the banks' usury and debt collection, thus the law favors the bank and not the people who compose the bank.  The people are powerless to change the law when they are deceived into believing that it is a just and fair system.

     Yet there once existed small clauses which had lenience toward these slaves, who were sadly working three to five times over the value of the amount they borrowed from their captors.  These clauses have since vanished leaving no hope for the escape of any slave.  One was bankruptcy but it has since been restructured by the banks in favor of the banks to force their slaves to pay back every cent of the obnoxiously inflated debt, which without interest they most likely have already paid back numerous times.  The slave cannot even refuse to pay this unconditional judgement because the banks and the compromised justice system will simply garnish one's wages forcing this repayment of three to five times the amount borrowed.  Say the frustrated slave wishes to run away, being that all records go directly to the credit bureaus this makes it very difficult for a "run away slave" to escape for long.  The moment a job is acquired or personal information is listed on any official paperwork, the slave masters know their slave's location and will come for him.  Bankruptcy only forgives the case of the extreme poor.  After taking all that the individual owns, the bank is still entitled to its "lost" money through federal government insurance, which is naught but tax money.  Thus the taxpayers, even those who are not voluntarily enslaved, are, in fact, also enslaved.  They involuntarily pay for the bank's losses through their hard work in the form of taxes.  Thus the bank has excluded no one from its tyranny.

     Now the true face of the bank is becoming apparent, yet it will only reveal the totality of its hideous features once its collapse begins to fully manifest and its life blood, the people, flow away from it.  Its claws will then be set deeper into those that still remain and blatantly it will begin ardent campaigns for laws hindering the noble Individualist movement.  Therefore, act quickly, the least that needs done is to make illegal usury and fractional reserve.  However, even then it will be seen that privatized pools of money still only breed corruption, then it is understood that the thorough dismantlement of all banks must come to pass to realize a complete solution. As this manifests, be advised of banking lobbyists who will assure the people that the doctrine of Individualism has exaggerated the facts about their establishments to an unacceptable degree, as they then continue to charge the people while using their money to the profit of only the bank.

     Concluding with this description of the true nature of the banking system as a degenerative disease afflicting mankind and its healthy evolution, the suggested remedy will now be disclosed.  Many people will say that the dismantlement of the entire global banking system is unfair to the banks or an impossibility.  They may insist that the money is the banks' because they have 'earned' it, or that the creature is too large to be dispatched. The banks have raped their fellow men since the day they opened for centuries, it is only just that they are eliminated and the funds redistributed.  Here is now shown the Individualist solution to slaying the great beast.

Suggested Method of Dismantlement

     The following activities will be handled by the local HVR and any disputes may formally appeal to the next higher HVR within 10 days.


a.  Privatized banking is made illegal.  All banks are closed and their activities are frozen.

b.  A detailed audit of the bank and its owner(s) and shareholder(s) is conducted reaching back thirty years. 

     Most importantly it will contain:

    i.  All loans.

   ii.  Land and Buildings which the bank operates from.

  iii.  Balance and history of all accounts  (Hereon defined as THE COMMUNITY Yet Excluding The Owner(s) and the Shareholder(s) or any individual who is found to be an owner or shareholder in any other bank,  as none of them may be considered part of THE COMMUNITY.  Neither may accounts or individuals with less than $100,000 spread over more than two banks less than one year old, any account less than six months old with an average daily balance less than 2,000 dollars or any account less than two months old be  considered part of THE COMMUNITY.)

   iv. All other Holdings and assets in any form.

c.  The owner(s) and/or shareholder may at this point liquidate 10% of their holdings and account balance, if one exists, which is all they are entitled to, do to the nature of fractional reserve creating 90% phantom wealth.  If however, in the audit there is any suspicious activity of boosting holdings with foresight of this dismantlement, all of these funds will be liquidated and returned to THE COMMUNITY leaving these cheating individuals without anything.  In either case they must remain within the locality for the remainder of the dismantlement for reasons outlined in the following section d.

d.  All accounts are closed and each account holder is to be given the full amount within his account in cash. *  If the owner(s) and shareholders cannot produce this, it will come out of their liquidated personal belongings, if after that that there is still money owed, the owner(s) and shareholders shall become indentured servants to those owed as special Laborforce workers in the field chosen by the creditor (the individual(s) owed).  Any owed accounts will be in this way repaid from the smallest to the largest.  Upon opening of the local HVR facility, the account holders may deposit or exchange their cash.

*If the owners/shareholders cannot meet the required account cash out, the shortage will be converted into a percentage of the amount owed in full and each member of THE COMMUNITY will be shorted that percentage of their account cash out.  They will then be repaid as outlined in this section.

e.  The total amount of monthly payments successfully applied to the amount which the account holder initially borrowed is calculated for all loans.  If this amount is more than the amount initially borrowed the borrower is reimbursed this amount.  However, if the amount is less, the borrower must continue the monthly payments until paying off EXACTLY what was borrowed, as usury has been removed.  10% of these funds are to be divided evenly among the past owner(s) and shareholder(s), the remainder of these funds, if any, are then distributed evenly amongst THE COMMUNITY.

f.  All remaining holdings the bank possesses, if any, are liquidated and the wealth evenly distributed to THE COMMUNITY.  (Some buildings may be initially purchased for fair market value by the Populus, see section h.)

g.  All monies returned to the people must be exchanged for Populus Energy Certificates, the Populus printed currency backed by the Populus Resource Reserves, at an exchange rate calculated at that time.  Old Currency of the deceptive Federal Reserve is deemed valueless and not accepted for exchange after one year.

h.   Suitable bank buildings will be converted into Populus owned HVR facilities.  Each being a "Hall of Vital Records" capable of exchanging money, shredding Federal Reserve notes, lending, and all other normal banking activities without the practice of usury or fractional reserve in any form. 


     This method will take great time to realize, and it is known that there exists those fervent Individualists who would rather deliver a blow immediately.  For them there is simply the boycotting of all banking: no accounts*, no loans, no credits, and the convincing of all others to do the same.  Money orders can be utilized until the "Populus Energy Certificates" become more recognized.  Above all, stick together with your fellow Individualists and combat laws which restrict or encumber these activities.

*  Keep an account with a tiny balance so as to be considered part of a COMMUNITY to benefit from the dismantling process.

     Let it be clearly seen that all that has been done to the banking system is 1.  The elimination of Usury 2.  The elimination of fractional reserves 3.  The returning of the money stolen from the people by the two aforementioned evils 4.  The establishment of the Just bank of the Individualist which is owned and controlled by all the people of the nation, making illegal the privatized bank and similar establishments such as the Federal Reserve.  5.  The establishment of safes and vaults as now being local treasuries, military protected compounds of real concrete wealth of the people backed by the Populus energy reserves, as it was in the past with the gold standard. 


"If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power of money should be taken from banks and restored to Congress and the people to whom it belongs. I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money, are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies." -- Thomas Jefferson

7.  Insurance Companies

     The Individualists erect the Populus Accident Fund eliminating the need for a private insurance industry.  A play on fear, these establishments exist only because of the irresponsibility of one's own risks. By these means they gain large pools of wealth, exactly as a bank, which endow them with the very same powers and corruption.  Such as lawmaking capabilities with which they practice making laws in favor of only themselves. Masters of deceit, their contracts are so wordy that few have the time to read every portion or understand their purposely cryptic language.  The details are such that there is an escape clause for almost every claim one may present to them.  Fast to demand their money, and faster to evade one's claims of need, these fraudulent and cheating beasts lay in bed with the darkest sides of governments, banks, hospitals, unions and a endless list of other writhing worms.  Privatized insurance leaves too much room for corruption as the people have no say about its actions and fees nor can its claims versus premiums, and type thereof, be accurately verified by external sources.

     Exempt from federal laws, (such as anti trust laws, opening the door to the ability of price fixing, and market and consumer control, the very same laws which Alan Greenspan condemns), and automatically chosen by banks as defaults, they tirelessly practice and exercise their legalized extortion upon their fellow man.  Their rackets are further solicited by brokerage firms just as insidious, claiming no alleged allegiance to their masters who reward them for every soul lured into their contracts of illusions, and twisted words, wrought full of holes visible only to their wicked eyes.  

     Within the Individualist's society all "insurance" premiums will be paid to the Populus Accident Fund.  (See page 51)   The monies collected will pay for any and all accidents which occur that year for the entire nation.  If there is any surplus it is divided and returned to the population evenly with their tax returns.  If there is a deficit the money from the surplus of the following year will make up for it.  If there is a continual deficit, then either the people are too accident prone (which is absurd, if this were the case then all insurance companies would have went out of business long ago) or the annual fee per individual is not high enough.  Being that insurance companies make huge profits each year and expand at alarming rates, one's common sense will allow one to foresee the substantial return each year if all paid their present premiums to the Populus as opposed to their private companies. 


1.  There will be no life insurance which is simply a gambling form of usury, usury with an escape clause -death, so one won't be around to ensure the follow through or to argue a case.  Most likely the returns received at the time of one's death are less than the total amount paid into the fund over the many years. 

      And the amount of profit gained, if any, is insignificant to the amount of profit these institutions made on that money in the guise of benevolence.  It is illegal for any purpose to sell money in the Individualistic society.

2.  Health insurance is no longer needed as all health care is now Populus provided by the PHS.  A private company is obviously in business to make money thus its goal is tainted, this initial taint causes a focus on money not on healing, which should be the prime focus.  Thus from the onset the concept is flawed. 

      Having people pay out of pocket for non covered items, as dentistry, keeps prices realistic (because the "health care" professionals know there is no longer access to an endless pool of insurance money to be raped with inflated charges and dubious itemization) and the people taking better care of themselves initially to avoid such fees.

3.  Workman's compensation is now a sub division of the PAF, all job accidents must be filed as an accident tothe PAF.  At the end of the year the remainder of this fund will be redistributed evenly among all contributing employers.

All insurance companies shall be dismantled with the same basic procedure as outlined with the banks.


     An argument may arise of how the Populus can seize the funds "earned" by a private corporation.  The Populus will respond that unjust earning in any form found will be returned evenly to the nation.  The proof of this unjust earning are the laws which force one to have insurance, and a society which practically ignores the uninsured.  This is an industry in collusion with health care providers, unions, banks (as homeowners insurance etc) the automobile industry, and corrupt lawmakers, in violation of anti trust laws from which they are mysteriously exempt.  Therefore for years they have been profiting and erecting bias laws, exaggerating the probability of accidents and their costs, all the while injecting doubt and fear into society to their own benefit.  The property will be seized just as a bank seizes the property which individuals paid for more than twice.


8.  Welfare

     The U.S. has over 70 welfare programs distributed by six departments: 1. Department of Agriculture (DoA), 2. Department of Energy (DoE), 3. Department of Labor (DoL), 4. Department of Treasury, 5. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and 6. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  In 2006 the Federal welfare spending alone was $359.5 billion, with an additional $138 billion in state and local welfare spending.  Approximately 51 percent of these figures went to Medical assistance of low-income persons and 38 percent of it went to Cash and food handouts and housing aid.

     Welfare began as a good measure but has since been molded into an efficient tool for dependence which is naught but enslavement.  The welfare offices are strategically placed near poverty-stricken areas making it easy for the poor to get to them, rapidly addicting them to dependence.  The poor (created by the increasing class contrast caused by perverted capitalism) then learn the details of the system and its different "hand out" or "free money" programs and how to qualify.  As a result they purposely will not seek employment so as to qualify for poverty income level checks.  Furthermore, they will feign madness or suicidal tendencies to gain disability and actually brag over the amount of checks they receive.  They will either sell food stamps or else buy food for other people with the stamps, in exchange for the money, causing little of the food money to actually go to food.  Very little of this money goes to any good.

     With all of this free time on their hands, it would be nice to think that they would apply it to lofty aims as the noble Individualist, but unfortunately the chores they prefer are prostitution, drug using and selling.  The pharmaceutical companies have happily set up a market as large or larger than the illicit drug market in this environment because under the government hand out programs the people get their drugs for free, addicting these poor creatures no differently than illegal drugs do.  These new addicts then get the drug for free every month paid for by tax dollars which go right into the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.  The free drugs received are often then sold on the street to gain money to use for alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs.  This in turn becomes a large block of votes, because a politician knows that if he supports welfare he will have the support of all these slothful souls submerged in debauchery and decay as well as the contributions from big Pharma. 

     Wherever these offices of dependence spring up the surrounding neighbor hood falls into ruin, businesses shut down and the economy collapses and is then in need of even more support.  Therefore the formula is clearly apparent that when a facility intended to assist is implemented it only causes dependence. Just as a narcotic the addiction becomes worse and worse, and needs more and more assistance (in the form of tax dollars), until it reaches a point that if assistance is withdrawn, death ensues. Thus, resulting in the total collapse of the neighborhood.   This system is nothing but a cesspool where tax dollars are lost and changed into drugs, alcohol and tobacco profits. 

     The Individualist sees this and therefore does not implement any assistance in the first place.  It may seem cruel but it makes for powerful individuals and a collection of powerful individuals creates a powerful state.  Each individual has weaknesses that must be overcome.  The universe places trials and tribulations before every soul so that it may hone its skills to be worthy before the perfection of God.  If another takes those trials away, even with good intent, then the necessary development never occurs and stagnation results.

     This is not to say that this is the only way dependence is initiated.  If an individual is kept from learning the foundation skills of self sustenance which every native American and primitive peoples knew, a birth right which has been muddled over, and at times blatantly hidden, without this knowledge they indeed also become dependant.  These two modes of dependence are a ploy of the need suppliers since antiquity, no different than a mother lion that does not teach its cub to hunt, but instead supplies it with food until old age.  It is a ridiculous and unnatural scenario but it is exactly what is happening.  The knowledge of self-sustenance is the knowledge of True Independence. 

     As can be clearly seen, the ignorant and lazy are the ideal subjects for the need suppliers.  In their corrupted societies will be seen many systems and programs fortifying existing weaknesses and others which are creating and cultivating new ones. For these reasons there are NO crutches whatsoever in the Individualist society.  A crutch is a system that nurses weakness, when you nurse a weakness it only grows to larger weakness. Any type of social welfare is a system that encourages proliferation of the ignorant, inept and socially impotent sheep, which were created by, and only exist to feed and serve the need suppliers' parasitic requirements.  The supplying of one with all they need creates no incentive, ambition or skill in any occupation because they have never experienced work.  If experience is had, it is usually in an underground, black market of some type of social and morally degenerative activity.  By eliminating this crutch you will not only have stronger individuals, but the socially degenerative activities will slow if not stop, including the degenerative influence of the drug, alcohol and tobacco industries, preying upon and assisting the implementation of these types of environments.

     Many Economic overviews fail to take into consideration the full impact of the poor, disabled and retired, neglecting a shadow side of the market.  There exists a massive black-market here greatly effecting the working taxpayer.  These monies dumped into these people are not used for the intended purpose but are transformed by many heinous methods into cash for prescription and illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  Thus in the act of kindness the taxpayers are fooled into sending their money to these three dark industries, when the intent of taxes is to benefit the strength and integrity of the Union.   Furthermore, the massive Health Care attention to these exploited people (sick from laziness and drug abuse) and the complimentary Pharmaceutical interest, both in the guise of benevolence, are corrupt industries, fully aware of how greatly they benefit from this system of dependence on the tax payers bill.  Thus welfare causes the taxpayer to lose all the way around and actually causes harm to the Union because it weakens and corrupts the people who it was intended to assist as well as the taxpayers.  In the end it supports only corrupt industries, all of which have no concern whatsoever for the taxpayer or the union.

a.  Unemployment Compensation

    No assistance is offered in the Individualistic society to any for any reason besides the free information housed at LAFKI.  The instant a group is defined as needing assistance, one has caused separation within the Union.  The new "group" is defined different and it is thus separate.  Separation causes a cascade of evils even if with good intent.  "United we stand, Divided we fall!"  is very true, any degree of separation is division in the union which is a crack in a diamond.  If an individual is inept for whatever reason to make his own living, he can volunteer in a "Laborhood".  In time the individual will learn all trades necessary to forge their own independent path to social and spiritual success.  Nursing weakness only strengthens it, and creates a medium for its spread.

b.  Foreign Aid

     The current US foreign aid budget is about $26 billion.  Approximately 30% of the US foreign aid budget has been going to Israel since 1949 totaling over $85 Billion, with $50 Billion in interest being paid by the American people (since the money so generously given away is "borrowed", reflecting a deceived nation), totaling over $135 billion and growing.  $15.2 billion has gone to Japan from 1946 –52 and from 2003 – 2006, $28.9 Billion was given to Iraq.  The logic here seems to be: pay money to destroy, pay money to rebuild, all on the taxpayer's dollar, to the benefit of private corporations with no profit returning to the taxpayers.  The taxpayers pay all the way around, and the corporations and war manufactures profit all the way around.  Thus, war and foreign assistance is simply a racket.

     Most of these "loans" are never paid back, and 70% of them go toward "economic recovery".  Which is simply corporate interest, building their new factories, machines and successfully implanting a new system of waste and consumption, fully paid for by the taxpayers to the profit of private industries.

     The Individualist taxpayers will not pay to help strangers in other nations for no return.  When is there ever a public vote as to whether the people would like their tax dollars to go to a foreign nation?  When is there ever an itemized receipt for the use of those funds?  When has a public board ever investigated the accuracy and verified the legitimacy of such expenditures?  This is the result of corporate interests and has nothing to do with the integrity of the Union which tax money is meant for.  If corporations have interests in other countries they are welcome to pay for them with their own private funds.

9.  Credit Bureaus

     All credit bureaus (Equifax, Experion, Trans Union and Innovis Data Solutions) will be dismantled in exactly the same way the banks were.  All records will now be kept by the HVR, whose practices shall be much more humane than the credit bureaus.   The HVR will practice a more detailed judging system, taking into account reasons for late payments, years of on time payments, as well as adding bonus points for early and overpayments.     

     With the present method of operation, an individual who has had excellent credit for 20 years and then goes through a six month streak of bad luck, now has a terrible credit score, no better than bankruptcy or an individual who has never paid anything on time or at all, for the next seven years.  The current bureaus are merely a treacherous agent of the banking system possessing no human compassion or regard for the advancement of society.  They hide facts about the data they keep on the public and with whom it is shared, yet they claim that they are independent of the banking industry, while selling this information on people which should be free public knowledge.  The HVR will keep free public records of each individual's past public deeds, financial and otherwise.

     With the dismantlement of the banks, the demise of the credit bureaus naturally follows, as well as all debt management and credit counseling services (dismantled as the banks).  Establishments as these use the ignorance of their fellow man against him and make him settle with the banks in various ways for a fee.  Some even make the individual's situation worse by preying on his desperateness, and placing payments in a trust, not paying the creditors, causing endless added fees and lawsuits, compounding the nightmare of debt.


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