The Library of Accredited Free Knowledge and Instruction is the collective mind of the Populus, containing all of their knowledge.  As the GEP is the active knowledge of their awareness, and the HVR is their static knowledge or wisdom, the LAFKI oscillates between these two as the sum total of all of this knowledge and clearly communicates it to man.   With its massive collection of unrestricted free knowledge it aids the understanding of man in all subjects and applications thereby enlightening his existence, purpose and goals.  This creates a populace wherein every individual is fully competent to wisely vote on all decisions of the GEP consensuses, resulting in a society whose greater harmony, meaningful social projects and facilities, consequently arisen out of the PHMC, are the direct reflection of the desires of the entire people as a whole.  This then allows man to create and discover even higher ideas for the future, continuing this synergistic cycle of healthy growth and evolution.  See diagram below:


0. Intro 

1. Populus Media

2. Populus Free Education

3. The LAFKI Information Distribution Center (LIDC)

4. Departments Assimilated by LAFKI


1. Schools

2. Communication

3. Entertainment

0. Intro 

Unlike the bogus and impotent "freedom of information act", LAFKI practices truly unrestricted freedom of information.  It shall be made law that no entity, government, public or private may withhold information from LAFKI, who represents all of the people, each of whom having unrestricted access to LAFKI data (save in war, see '6M' pg 73).  It is the right of each citizen to know all information within their society being that a society is one unit which must work together, the only reason to withhold information is to keep others at a disadvantage.  It is illegal in the Individualistic society for any aspect of the government to withhold, or make unclear, any information being that that information was had by using the people's money, therefore that information, by definition, is the property of the people.  Furthermore, any just government is to be strictly of the people, again making all "government" information the property of the people.  Any government that separates itself from the people in anyway should be dismantled without delay for the sake of freedom.  It shall be stressed that deceit, suppression and dependence begin by withholding knowledge from one's fellow man.  Thus, those who hoard and privatize knowledge and insights which The One has given them, directly impede the evolution of mankind.   

     The Individualists begin empowering each individual by first overhauling the impotence of the present education system, from the elementary to the colleges.  These shall be made more demanding and informative focusing more on practical knowledge and detailed awareness, including but not limited to, the mechanics of government, law, economics etc., to make competent souls instead of corporate tools.  Furthermore all knowledge shall be readily available as a free digital database accessible to all at any time.  LAFKI will thus dwarf the library of congress and their "THOMAS"  (an acronym for "The House's Open Multimedia Access System"), and world digital library of congress (www.worlddigitallibrary.org), by being unrestricted and actively reaching out and communicating, constantly, with the people.

     The LAFKI section of the Populus Informer will actively included valuable methods of self-sustenance, self-creation, self-defense and practical lessons on the newest breakthroughs in science and technologies etc.  It will then refer the reader to databases where the details of the knowledge down to the equations and harvesting of the natural materials will be found.  It will be written in an easily understandable method outlining the how and the why of the technology in question with links to the history of its evolution prioritizing the full comprehension of the average reader.  This will create a thinking and involved society of Scientific artists who by their very nature will be immune to control by others, and who will make wise decisions for their society in harmony with each other and God's creation.  Furthermore, the public shall be made more aware of, and encouraged to use, public facilities, such as libraries.   These shall be broadened in scope in the spirit of Individualistic free knowledge, active information distribution and teaching, becoming additional outposts for LAFKI Instruction which shall further assist the ease of access to this tremendous wealth of knowledge.

     Note:  Patents shall still be given, but the knowledge will be publicly useable, (too often patents restrict the proper uses of knowledge) however credits must be given to the patent holder and homage be paid in the amount of 2% wholesale royalties to the individual for his work in attaining the idea.  However the patent holder may grant the use for anything less than 2% if so desired.

1.  The Populus Media

     The Populus Media acts as a completely free and independent balance to the GEP's researchers and to privatized media giants.  It has a large portion of rotating volunteers in addition to its Populus paid staff, and is constantly monitored and directed by the consensus of the entire population, making it very difficult to corrupt.  Its media includes a paper, radio station (satellite and local where necessary), television channel, and cellular service.  All of which (save for the cellular service) is accessible on the Internet.  The cellular service of the Populus Media not only gives inexpensive phone service to much of the population, but will serve as the foundation for a completely free, global, wireless internet system.  Allowing all of the worlds knowledge to be accessible to anyone, at any time, any where on Earth.  With the advancement of laptop computers each individual will be able to carry all of mans knowledge with them wherever they go. 

For More detailed information on the Populus Media click here.

2.  Populus Free Education

a.  Populus Colleges

     Besides the active distribution of free teachings via the many outlets of the Populus Media and the full data base of LAFKI online, LAFKI also erects public colleges from existing community colleges and other buildings, such as dismantled prisons.  Unlike other media instruction, physical colleges can teach knowledge in 'hands on' applications.  These colleges will only be erected at the request of the locality because, unlike online instruction, these facilities will have substantial operating costs in comparison.  In the event of a locality without such a building, classes as these can still be taught at hosting facilities, such as a Populus Fabrication shop, which would be able to hold fabrication oriented classes, or a Populus mine which could host geology, prospecting, metallurgy etc.  All of these services would be free as the result of the amount of taxes previously allocated to the program, agreed upon by the people as a whole.  If there is a demand for more 'hands on' classes as these, possibly exceeding the tax budget, it will be voted upon in the Populus Informer whether to increase taxes to hold more of such classes, or to have a certain percentage be paid for, at cost, by each student. 

     The placing of a price on knowledge is another method to restrict the knowledge of mankind and thereby impede their evolution.  The Populus, therefore, maintains knowledge as free as possible, exacting the minimum fees allowable to make up the cost of the mediums used to transmit that knowledge.  However, any individual who gets below average grades at these facilities, must pay (at cost) for the next semester of learning, because individuals as this are wasting the time and energy of this generous system and possibly taking the place of another who will excel.   This minor penalty shall act as incentive for every truly appreciative student to excel.


b.  Populus Militia Colleges

     There are two other LAFKI instructional institutions which both operate out of the PHMC.  One is the chain of Populus Militia Colleges, and the other is the various Laborhoods.  The Militia Colleges are the facilities which train every member of the society in defense of their person, locality and nation, as well as survival and paramilitary occupations, such as citizen police.  After the initial two year training is concluded, any citizen may return to the college for additional schooling but must reenlist in the Militia for another two years and thus hold a paramilitary occupation, in exchange for the additional free training. All of this information is indeed freely available from LAFKI, however, what one gains by trading in their personal time, is expert hands on training and experience.

For more detail click here


c.  Laborhoods

     The Laborhoods are a place of learning for the mind, body and spirit.  The students are placed on a site in temporary, mobile housing and rise each day for class.  Class is the teaching of the building of a homestead from the ground up.  The entire project is preplanned by the Populus, from the number and types of houses in the proposed community, to the project's location.  It is carried out by the students at the direction of skilled instructors, (tradesmen, engineers, architects etc).   The students are not only taught how to build an entire home, but to farm and to hand build renewable energy devices.  The materials needed are paid for by the Populus as a loan to the students.  When the project is complete the student may move into the new homes that they built, or leave them for the Populus to sell, at cost, to a buyer.  The only expense for the student is to repay the cost of the materials for the home and the accessories (only if moved into), as well as the room and board rendered during the time which they were learning.  When this project is over each student not only has a home, but the skills and knowledge of many trades to assist in the community from that day forward.

     The Laborhood will not only be used by curious students, but by those in need of a home.  This remedies the act of government projects handing out housing to individuals who then have no understanding of the amount of effort and skill gone into the structure, and thereby possess no appreciation of the privilege handed to them.  With this out dated method, the taxpayer pays for the home and gets nothing in return.  Conversely, with the Individualistic Laborhood, the Populus lends the amount and is repaid in full within five years.  Furthermore, those receiving the Populus home through the Laborhood program, at its completion, are consequently endowed with great understanding of the entire construction process and possess many new skills.  They are therefore competent contributors to their society either by employment within that society, excess production upon their own homestead, or teaching others the valuable skills which they have learned. They are not left incompetent and inept as in the dying world's system of housing handouts.  For the elderly and the disabled, one of their able-bodied family members may sign on to a Laborhood on their behalf.  However, any one going through a Laborhood program cannot go through again to gain an additional home*. 

     Similar to the Laborhoods are the Populus Conversion classes.  Held at Populus Conversion facilities, they lend the student the money to, hands on, convert one's internal combustion engine driven vehicle into a fully electric vehicle.  They will also give a student a vehicle if the student has no vehicle for going through the class.  The student can then repay the Populus by whatever method chosen, especially volunteering for a Laborforce assignment and requesting to work at a conversion facility to hone the new knowledge acquired.

     As mentioned earlier housing and transportation amount to 80% of all household debt and supply massive interest profits to the banks. (Remember that interest is wasted energy see pg 47)  Therefore, the Laborhood eliminates one of the largest sources of energy waste in present society while simultaneously enlightening the people and strengthening the integrity of the Union.

*Laborhood built homes may not be rented under any circumstances. Else one would make profit on the generosity of one's society.  Anyone caught engaged in this activity will have the home confiscated and be sentenced as grand theft.


3.  The LAFKI Information Distribution Center (LIDC) 

     As the GEP is responsible to collect and compile the people's will, the LIDC is the aspect of LAFKI which ensures the delivery of all information to the people so that they may wisely respond to the Populus Informer. The LIDC is responsible for the printing and delivery of the final version of the monthly Populus Informers, via the Internet, post office and the various outlets of the Populus Media.  The LIDC also allocates the people's end commands (final consensus responses to the Populus Informer) to the proper departments in a clear and organized manner for that department's efficient access and use, so as to execute the people's will immediately. 



1.  Schools 

     Ignorance creates poverty which then creates ignorance and repeats the cycle. Dependence is directly proportionate to this ignorance, and slavery is directly proportionate to the resulting dependence.  The simple fact that people do not know self-sustenance causes their dependence upon the machine, which demands them to work, expending all of their time, leaving little or none for the acquisition of knowledge.  With less knowledge they therefore earn less money.  Thus impoverished, the condition then worsens because the children of such homes, 1. are raised by parents who are working most of the time, thus not passing on their knowledge, leaving the children more ignorant than the parents, and 2.  cannot afford to go to college thus continue in ignorance and raise more children, again with deeper ignorance, compounding the situation.   Even some who achieve college are often no better off, as many private colleges are producing workers for the machine, as opposed to free thinkers.  No matter how "free" they believe that they think, their minds remain confined by parameters taught to them which they accept as fact without proper research.

     Let it be known that the Individualist has sympathy for his fellow brother of the old world.  It is not his fault he is ignorant, for he was borne into the trap.  In his schools he was taught nothing useful but to be a passive slave relying on the system for sustenance.  His potential for noble deeds and ambition for evolution and higher purpose was snuffed out in the monotonous repetition of meaningless mundane tasks which only serve to maintain the machine and weaken and corrupt the human spirit.  In stark contrast, the school of the Individualists creates powerful enlightened freemen. 

     As knowledge is the cornerstone stone to Individualistic success, the school is the foundation for that stone.  Knowledge is useless unless properly conveyed. The very first, most important, and constant teaching of the Individualists from grades K-13, is the teaching to the students that they are infinite, limitless spirits.  Come to this earth to perfect themselves in mind body and spirit, and are not fragile, limited "human beings", which was the weak concept with which the old world used to imprison the children of God.  This is not a religious teaching, as any religion can be laid over its foundation, it is a philosophical teaching which adds courage and force to each individual.

     This very same concept will change the way parents and teachers look at children, and consequently alter their teaching methods.  Presently, parents and teachers look at children as if they are incompetent, when in fact they are ancient spirits.  Thus, they present teachings to them in a very slow manner, so that the children can grasp it (and wonder why attention deficit disorder exists).  This lack of understanding of a child being a vast soul capable of feats of genius, and therefore taught and spoken to as an inferior being, wrongly convinces that soul that it is a weak and frail mortal thing, (as opposed to an indestructible spirit sparked from the genius of God), thereby crippling its confidence.  Therefore the Individualists apply rapid and complex teachings at the earliest of ages, successfully rearing a society of prodigies. 

     As such, the Individualistic school year is continual, proceeding all summer long, yet the length of each grade is dropped to 173 days.  Within this year are four one-week breaks, one beginning each season. Thus in 12 years with the traditional 3 month vacation and 180 day school year, a student receives approximately 5.9 continuous years of training.  With the Individualist method, in 12 years a student receives 230 school days per year or 7.6 full years of training*.  This amounts to an additional 3.3 (600 days) traditional 180 day school years completed by the same age. This allows for the introduction of a thirteenth grade and 2 years of mandatory militia instruction to be achieved in three months less time than the mere 12 grades of the outdated schooling method.  In the final year of the two-year mandatory militia service, the student is a paid member of society in a chosen (temporary and practice) social service. (see pg132) Not only do the students receive more time learning but also the intensity of that learning is twice that of the traditional methods.  Amounting to, relatively, 16.4 years of continuous learning creating individuals 2.8 times as adept as the traditionally taught students in less time.


* (Traditional time off = 36, 2 day weekends + 20 holidays + 3, 31 day months.   Individualistic time off = 52, 2 day weekends + 31 holidays off.  Grades 1,5,9 and13 begin after spring break.  Grades 2,6,10 and the first and second years Militia training begin after winter break.  Grades 4,8 and 12 begin after summer break.  These 173 day school years still allow that grade's teachers their three months vacation as in the past, if desired.)


     More sophisticated subjects will be administered at much earlier times than present schools. For example, three languages shall begin to be taught in the first grade when the brain is best suited to learn language, and continue to the 7th grade, as opposed to modern methods which wait to teach languages well after this optimum period has elapsed.  All Individualistic learning shall be taught utilizing techniques that stimulate both the right and left brain simultaneously to facilitate rapid information absorption by the students.

     At 7th grade the student begins a "Populus" class which continues up to the 13th grade.  In addition to traditional classes, it teaches Individualistic philosophy, simplicity, law, voting, active government participation, etc. as well as the four Populus departments, who's duties and functions shall be memorized in detail to ensure continued simplistic operation of the Individualistic society.  It does not teach these things in a matter of fact manner, but gives the reason why these things are implemented.  It therefore speaks deeply on types of corruption, from usury to tyranny, that can afflict a just nation.  The entire constitution, amendments, bill of rights, along with the detailed working of the economic and law system, shall likewise be memorized by every student to make it impossible for corruption, ignorance and dependence, to grow uncaught in the Individualistic society.   Thus, ensuring that it will not revert back into the inadequacy and chaos of the old system with its countless departments and inept citizenry.

     The 13th grade will be focused primarily upon assuring each student's preparation to be a self sustaining, contributing member of society with a firm understanding of civilization's workings.  From the finding of raw materials and the extraction thereof, to fabrication, economics, self-sustenance, renewable energies, to understanding the reason that humans exist in such societies in the first place. There shall be numerous hands-on projects, raising food and shelter from the earth, building wind and water turbines, various solar collectors, electric motors and generators etc., to understand in detail the principles and methods of energy efficiency.  This grade thus teaches aspects of real life, unlike modern schools whose students are left dumb to some of the most important areas of life, and are primed to depend on another.  From real and practical economics, to basic moral and social conduct, this grade makes all citizens wise, understanding members of the community able to uphold such an advanced system of social living.


     The need suppliers have purposely allowed the schools to become shameful jokes of useless information.  To combat this degeneration of the schools, starting pay for all of the teachers shall be the same.  Teachers annual pay raises shall be based upon their student's scores on administered Populus tests.  These tests shall be drawn up by an elected group of accepted and accredited citizens based out of LAFKI.  These tests will be updated each year, and copies of the updates will be sent to all parents to approve and comment thereon before the final test is printed and administered. The students of each class are graded on these tests by an independent Populus panel, far removed from the teacher's access, so that the teacher cannot purposely pass his students to gain a pay raise. 

     Each teacher's merit will thus be clearly exposed with this grading system, and evaluated at the end of each school year based upon this premise, granting a proportionate raise or demotion thereby.  This removes the competitive nature from the students and puts the responsibility and stress of learning on to the teaching adult, leaving the child's mind free from negativity.  It is therefore the teacher's responsibility to understand the learning methods of each child and to ensure all children are perfectly prepared for the Populus issued test, and thus, pass.  Therefore, if a child fails, it is not because of the child's lack of intellect* but the teachers lack of skill and understanding to successfully teach that child.  Thus, the greatest teachers will be able to teach any type of child, any level of understanding. 

     As can be seen, the children are not the ones with learning disabilities, it is the growing number of ignorant adults who have developed teaching disabilities and irresponsibly blame the children.  This creates a doubt in a child's mind from an early age that the child is deficient, when, in fact, it was the adult who truly was.  This system will create extraordinary teachers and will expose all incompetence.

     *Disadvantaged children are welcome to participate in all Populus systems and will be viewed as wholly equal and therefore, expected to achieve the same high standards.  Due to the "No child left behind" action, classrooms of advanced children have become compromised with severely disabled children.  This causes strain on the teachers with the implementation of the Individualistic "salary by grade" system.  Therefore severely disadvantaged children's test will be sent to a separate department for review so that the teacher's salary is not affected by such an anomaly.  The panel will ensure that a disadvantaged child may only pass on to the next grade when that grade is duly earned.  Furthermore, due to the fact that public education is paid for by tax dollars, no child may stay in school for more than 16 years plus 2 grace years.  It is therefore probable that a severely disadvantaged child be held in the second grade for 16 years, being that lowering the standards to accommodate one's disadvantage directly thwarts the doctrine of equality. 

     Lastly, it must be made clear that the Individualists erect no laws against private schools or what they may teach.   It is simply hoped they can match the effectiveness of the noble Individualistic education methods. Furthermore, any education of the masses can be used for control, the Individualistic teachings are thus distinguished by avidly teaching independence and corruption awareness amongst the traditional types of classes to negate the possibility of such control.


Child Psychology

    The diabolical practice of child psychology must be briefly mentioned here.   A child's psychological makeup is not developed enough to 1.  be analyzed 2.  develop a psychosis 3.  be tampered with.  Child psychologists hurt children far more often than not, because they have forgotten what it is like to be a freethinking, imaginative child, filled with boundless creative energy (just as their Creator).  Thus in their dull, ignorant and blind view of life, enslaven to their soulless modern teachings, they force a child to grow just as dull as they are.  Thus the children grow into adulthood shackling their free minds and spirits to melancholy, whereat a psychosis is sure to develop as they are made fit to be pacified slaves as opposed to vibrant free thinkers.  It is the child psychologist who has the psychosis – one that believes children have mental problems, when the children do not fit into their belief of what is the "right" way to think and act.  Most likely one of this profession had no vivid and vibrant childhood because of being raised in the empty and restricted world of the need suppliers.

     Furthermore, Attention Deficit Disorder is not a disorder, it is a product of today's lame and pointless society which creates no desire or incentive for children to pay attention to its senselessness.  A soul finds interest in the pursuit of its creator and in activities mimicking its creator, thus it must create and seek, all else is empty and futile, just as is the entire present world.  Instead of these simple facts being seen by the supposed "learned" these children simply become guinea pigs and income to the pharmaceutical industry, as they are drugged at a stage of rapid cell growth, with amphetamines such as Adderall and Ritalin.  All the while the brilliant newscasters wonder why such chaos and murder exists in the schools.


2.  Communication

     Privatized media groups have become too large and influential, rarely for the good and advancement of the society.  These groups are owned and/or influenced either directly or indirectly by corporations, mostly to advocate their sales.  No different than much of modern journalism and marketing which has mutated from an informing mechanism to a belief mechanism.  Instead of informing the people, the people are led to believe misinformation, half truths, or opinions, as truth.  Over time, practices as these assist the compounding of the ignorance of the masses instead of enlightening them, whether done intentionally or not. 

     The Individualist highly respects the freedom of speech and does not intend to dismantle or regulate these mostly corrupt organizations who take pleasure in deceiving and misleading there fellow brethren 24 hours a day.  On the contrary, The Populus Media will be erected as a dynamic communication system paid for by a small percentage of the Union's annual collected tax.   Completely free and equally owned and governed by each member of the union. 

     It shall begin as a fully public paper, first on the Internet, and if votes agree, to paper also (for those without Internet access).  Half of the paper will have available open columns, where, on a first come first serve basis, the people's documents will be published and express their unedited social opinions (save vulgarity) in topics chosen by the writer, from law to art, government to science.  This conglomeration of multiple perspectives, stances and beliefs will negate any possibility for bias in any subject.

     As opposed to written media, broadcast media has also been perverted.  In the present world there exists an over abundance of aimless RF communication, a noise. Encouraging the ability to speak of meaningless and non-constructive topics, a waste of time and energy for both parties and the system utilized to allow such mindless activity initially.  60% of all teenagers now have cell phones, 66% of all cell phone communication is mere gossip. Less than 15% of cable and radio stations are educational.  (Talk shows are not included as educational due to their frequently bias content, bordering on propaganda). 

     The Individualist creates a more meaningful and constructive broadcasting system as The Populus Media grows from a newspaper.  It will be a Public broadcasting system similar to the existing public broadcasting system in the US, except that it will be funded with a small amount of tax money, therefore it will be owned equally by each individual of the Union whose votes and desires shall control its every action.  It aims at the highest quality and method of information transfer to enlighten all of its viewers most efficiently.  With superior teaching of unrestricted knowledge, great attention shall be drawn to it, lessening the use of privately funded channels that teach little or nothing, and are constantly interrupted with materialistic ads. 

     In its early stages the Populus Media will broadcast a weekly program12 hours long twice a day.  Each day of the week the entire program moves 1 hour forward.  Each week the entire program is changed. Thus any citizen of the populace should be able to find the information they desire at the time they desire it, if not watch all 12 hours of programming.  This initial channel shall present detailed practical knowledge taught rapidly and efficiently, as opposed to the supposed learning channels that use up an hour to describe something that could have be expressed in a single paragraph. 

     A typical program lineup would be similar to this: Hour 1.  Science (all types) 2. Art (graphic, literary, theatrical, martial etc.) 3. Languages 4. Practical techniques (Homestead hands on techniques such as foundry work, hand wound and built generators, machining etc.)  5.  Philosophy (physical, metaphysical, political to divinity) 6.  Self-sustenance 7.  Individualistic simplicity (thorough understanding of the importance of maintaining simplicity in Law, society, etc) 8. Mathematics 9. Individualistic philosophy 10. News (local and national) 11. Open (for petitioned broadcasts from any of the Populus, from amateurs to professionals.  Initially on a first come, first serve basis until significant growth is achieved, then Populus voting shall determine its content.) 12. Also Open

     The Populus Media will eventually extend to having one channel for each of these topics, soon growing to a complete college level course per channel. The Populus Media will be assisted in growth by the Large Entity and Excess Land Taxes which will cause large communication companies to raise their bills or increase the length of commercial breaks to cover the cost of these taxes.  This will cause their customers to utilize The Free Populus Media more frequently and abandon paid programming.  This loss of customers will cause communication companies to sell off their assets.  The Populus Media will then grow by buying all of this discounted, already erected broadcasting equipment.   Those companies remaining in private communication, to survive and compete with the practically free (considering it comes from a small tax allocation) Populus Media, will necessarily be of profound skill and innovation thus being a great benefit to their users.  The Populus Media radio programs will be organized in much the same way.  The amount and type of music, programming, and open public spots etc. will all be decided by the Populus. 

     When of sufficient size the Populus media will begin a cellular phone service.  All phones will be bought at cost by the user.  The service issued will be a flat amount of minutes per month, useable at anytime, with calls timed in ten-second increments.  There will be a fee for this service initially, but as it grows to the proper size, it will become totally free (save for the initial phone purchases and necessary tax allocations).  Each user will be responsible to purchase one's own phone and will be issued a reasonable amount of minutes decided upon by the Union, such as 150 minutes per month.  Upon reaching the maximum there is no overage, the connection is simply denied, (one would pay for amounts over this initial equal allocation).  This will pressure the existing cellular companies with the same forces which pressured the broadcasters, and in the same way the Populus Cellular system will grow.  With a large base of phone and cable systems, the Populus Media will ensure a totally free Internet (and ideally, fully wireless) for the distribution of its free media and for the free use of all of the Union

     As can be seen, Individualism focuses great energy to keep all informed of All.  Those who say that this is unnecessary refuse to see that the smallest amount of ill informed people, and therefore ignorant people, is a seed for the propagation of ignorance which is the adversary of efficient progress, and the base element of subjugation.

* The Populus media will endeavor to grow to the point where it may allocate its money to mass produce, "efficiency computers" which are the very basics of a computer able to get on line and communicate, and sell them to the people lacking the ability to get online at cost.

Dominating Corporations of Media


The elite: Time Warner (formerly AOL-Time Warner-Turner -- 2004 U.S. media revenue, $37 billion -- January 2000 merger with AOL recently approved worth $178 billion. Total corporate worth: $350 billion. Also directly connected to Comcast (see below) and Liberty Media Group, which also owns 3% of Vivendi (see NBC below) and has holdings in 7 of the top 100 media companies; as of late 2003 was talking with EMI about combining music divisions -- worldwide Time Warner's revenue was $39.5 billion

Viacom (2004 U.S. media revenue, $21.4 billion -- separated from CBS into two companies beginning in 2006 after years of being combined. CBS was formerly held by Westinghouse.)

Comcast -- linked to AT&T, by a $72 billion merger (2004 U.S. media revenue, $20.1 billion -- owns E! Network, part of QVC and Golf Channel, Comcast Cable Systems, and linked to Liberty Media Corp. (not a media company but investors in media companies such as Time Warner) and owns Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers.

Disney/ABC-Cap Cities (2004 U.S. media revenue, $17.4 billion -- possibly being acquired by Comcast in a $54 billion merger, Disney is also directly connected to AT&T's Liberty Media Group -- it has 10 TV stations)

NBC Universal (GE) (2004 U.S. media revenue, $12.4 billion -- NBC recently acquired Vivendi (French owner owner of Universal, whic owns USA network and is huge into music and theme parks and also holds 26.8 million shares in Time-Warner) -- GE has 44 TV stations. It is also into areas such as aircraft engines, lighting, plastics, medical systems, nuclear fuel services, satellite, electrical distribution). GE's worldwide revenue was $134.1 billion before 2003.

News Corporation (2003 media revenue, $11.4 billion -- Rupert Murdoch controlled corporation holding Fox TV, MySpace.com and into books, cable, books and magazines around the world, is also directly connected to Echostar (owner of DISH satellite network) and Gemstar (owner of TV Guide) -- News Corp. worldwide revenue for 2003 was $19.2 billion -- it has 37 TV stations

DirecTV (2004 U.S. media revenue, $9.7 billion -- owned by General Motors Corp.

Cox Enterprises (2004 U.S. media revenue, $8.5 billion -- into newspapers, TV (owns 16 stations), cable, etc.)

EchoStar Communications Corp. (2004 U.S. media revenue, $6.6 billion

Clear Channel Communications (2004 U.S. media revenue, $6.5 billion -- nation's largest radio owner, also holding TV stations -- including Bellingham's KVOS and other media) 

Advance Publications (2004 U.S. media revenue, $6.4 billion -- owner of Parade magazine, Conde Naste's 17 magazines (such as Vogue, Esquire, etc.) and 25 newspapers, and linked to Cox. Enterprises

Gannett (2004 U.S. media revenue, $5.7 billion -- owns USA today and around 90 daily newspapers, along with TV stations (21 of them), cable, billboard, etc.)

Tribune Co. (2004 U.S. media revenue, $5.5 billion) -- owns 30 TV stations, 15 newspapers, including the LA Times and Chicago Tribune, and has holdings in radio and cable and owns the Chicao Cubs 

Bertelsmann (German corporation holding books, magazines, music, multimedia and broadcast in Europe -- $15 billion -- as of late 2003 was combining music divisions with Sony)

Six parent firms -- General Electric (NBC Universal), Viacom, Disney, Bertlesmann, Time Warner, News Corp. -- (ordered on annual media revenues) have more of such revenue than the next 20 firms combined -- Ben Bagdikian, The Media Monopoly, 6th ed. In the 7th edition, Bagdikian lists Time Warner, Disney, News Corporation, Viacom and Bertelsmann as the "Big 5."


Above list courtesy of Mr. Tim Pilgrim www.hope.journ.wwu.edu/tpilgrim


3.  Entertainment

     The Individualists do not wish to control people's choices of entertainment, just enlighten them to the propaganda of mass entertainment.  Entertainment only exists because the one in need of entertainment has no constructive activities in which to engage one's mind and abilities for the progress of oneself and mankind. However a small degree of entertainment is acceptable, but look at the scale of it today.  It has become a focal point, a titanic 1.5 Trillion-dollar industry.  As you have seen above, most media, the main outlet of entertainment, is controlled by a handful of multi billion dollar groups.  The control lies in what is allowed to be seen and what is not.  Rarely any details of practical knowledge are made apparent and the over all nature is usually of low moral and intellectual character and it is getting progressively worse. Such as much of present day music, broadcast programming, and even spectator sports. All the result of art and action produced by the desire of material gain instead of being produced by the inspiration and love of the act itself, thus it is hollow.  Be aware that it can easily be used to distract, and subtly guide opinions, understanding, beliefs, and acceptance of the same while drawing one away from sources that can bestow truth.

     In the society of the Individualist entertainment will naturally decrease as the Individualist has his time occupied by much more lofty and meaningful practices than that of the present day world.  When he would desire entertainment it would be appreciation of true artists expressing their love for their art. The Individualist sees clearly the priceless value of time and very few of them will waste this time for "entertainment" or even for material gain.  Most Individualists will find an overwhelming amount to learn, practice, and create that they will not seek to waste time, being that they are entertained to the highest in the pursuit of their own works.

Spectator Sports

     The Individualists witness the countless numbers of people watching someone else play a game, as opposed to playing the game themselves, and persons who, ingeniously, have every statistic, player and rule memorized but know nothing of any knowledge that would make one self sufficient.  The Individualists are saddened by such a waste of time and powerful intellectual capacity.  Ideally they would dismantle and restructured Spectator Sports altogether.  However, they refuse to interfere with free enterprise, yet aim to educate its followers as to how beguiled they are. 

      A great portion of the sports industry is in frequent violation of anti-trust laws, which are laws designed to prevent monopoly and conspiracy.  Too often the courts rule in favor of the sports industry allowing the continuance of such violations.  Such closed markets cause the consumer to bare an unwarranted burden in the form of spiked ticket prices and other associated inflated expenses.

     Ideally the Individualists would bust such trusts and cap all salaries at two times the mean average of the salary of the nation.  If anything the pioneering scientists, places of learning and instruction etc. should be paid millions of dollars per year for the advancement of evolution.  (In all due respect to the athletes and their talent in their game.)   But, think of how much free teaching could be given to those in need, by utilizing the inexpensive Individualistic methods, with all of these millions.

     These salaries have gotten out of hand, and encourage school children to do less thinking because of the amount of money that lies in games as an occupation. All of these monies could be utilized for far more lofty goals and necessary projects for the people, and not simply thrown away into deep private pockets.    Teams should be owned by the community as well as all of the facilities.  All profits beyond operation and maintenance fees are either returned equally to the individuals of that community or put towards a community project.  If the players win the championship, they are entitled to 15% of the entire pool (of each locality/state involved) before it is returned to the Populus.   Being that all stadiums are paid for by the tax payers money, thus owned by the Populus, all private entities must pay a fee for stadium use which is also returned directly to the people.  However, these are merely suggestions, the people are fully entitled to throw away their time and money.  It is for this very reason that private commercial gambling is completely legal in the Individualist society, yet subject to large entity and excess land taxes as all other business.


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