This department is the workhorse of the four departments.  As the previous departments are mostly knowledge based, the PHMC is where that knowledge and will of the people gets crystallized into reality, physically building the body of the society.  Composed of various facilities and services, from mines, to farms, utilities to highways, all means of production and distribution will have at least one such PHMC establishment representing, paid for, and directed by the Populus, and employing numerous Populus paid individuals.



1. Populus Services

2. Populus Facilities


1. Military

2. Land

a. Cities

b. Resource Extraction

3. Transportation

4. Unions

1.  Populus Services

     The types of services performed by the PHMC are too extensive to describe here in detail, however a few are briefly mentioned to convey the general idea.  These "services" and "facilities" will often overlap, or be one in the same.  Operating costs of services and facilities are had by a specified amount of tax dollars allocated by Populus vote, rendering the products and services generated, able to be given to the people free or at cost.

a.  Populus Construction Service

      Divided into national, state and local levels, the Populus construction service is the builder of all Populus projects within the nation, from houses, highways, to Populus facilities.  The projects they undertake are not planned in haste as many modern projects.  They are reviewed countless times until the entire Populus agrees upon the final plan.

     In contrast, most present day developers (develop: to grow or evolve) develop nothing but the destruction of the earth in inharmonious ways.  Land is changed in ignorance to higher goals and harmony with nature, for money, not for necessity.  Had they these thoughts in mind they would then truly be developers as is the Populus Construction Service.  Until then they are merely destroyers.

     The use of all Populus forces for Populus projects eliminates the common practice of political favoritism to one private construction company (at times even owned by a politician), causing inflation of prices to the people and ambiguous and misleading itemized expense sheets supposedly detailing the incurred costs of public projects.

b.  Populus Electronics

     This facility and service produces electronic devises at cost to the Populus at their collective demand, including TV's, radios, computers and cellular phones.  The projects undertaken are decided upon by the Populus in detail.  "Cost" is not to be mistaken with "cheap", for the Populus workers will be well paid which will be reflected in the price.  However they will also be highly skilled, increasing efficiency, also reflected in the price.  As well as all materials used will be had at cost from Populus mills, also reflected in price, causing an inexpensive end product, made by the people, for the people.  Obviously no profit is placed on Populus products and services because the profit would simply be returned equally to the people, creating a pointless step.

c.  Populus Militia Industry

     It is illegal for any private company to have their products used in war.  The reason is because one who would profit by selling one's product in times of war, for example munitions, would therefore be a supporter of war.  This not to say that a private company cannot produce war-related items, such as weapons and machines, it simply cannot sell them to the Populus militia.  Therefore their products must be sold to private interests, and at risk of treason, those interests may not be foreign.  Such individuals wishing foreign war customers are more than welcome to move to their customer's country and establish a prosperous business there.

     As such the Populus Militia Industry's factories, plants and mills, are erected to build all tools of war preventing private interests from coercing a nation to war for private profit.  Their strategic focus will be upon homeland defense as a neutral nation.  Unlike today's active invasion and patrolling of foreign nations being defined as "defense".

d.  Populus Utilities

     All utilities are owned equally by the local Populus, no privatized utilities are allowed. This system will not be a monopoly because every single citizen is equally a part owner.  A localized service upon which people depend upon cannot be privatized because it opens the door for exploitation, captured markets and price gouging.  Each utility's actions are directed by the Populus.  All remaining poles and lines will be strictly Populus property.  Any other way 1. allows for anyone to place poles and run conduit wherever they desire, and 2. disallows anyone to place poles and run conduit because all the property has been monopolized by another private entity.

    Nearly all personal electricity is to be generated on site and supplemented with biofuels, if necessary, until efficiency is achieved.  A large portion of the electrical transmission grid shall be dismantled.  The towers and wires removed from the sky and wisely recycled.  All remaining transmission and communication lines must be below ground in an underground conduit system owned by the Populus.

     Water shall also be mostly generated on site with wells and rain collection devises and methods, coupled with electric distillers.  A substantial amount of sanitary waste shall also be processed onsite by advanced means.  The operating cost of any remaining utility is divided equally by the amount of people receiving service, with the people paying proportionately for their consumption amounts. 

     Natural gas will be slowly phased out.  All Populus phone and Internet service shall focus upon achieving completely wireless systems.  Private phone and cable companies must use Populus line, or pull their wire through Populus conduit, renting the line and space.

     With a central point of generation of any utility, in times of war, one bomb could deprive an entire city of a utility.  Self-generation keeps all in supply in times of war.  This in itself is an immunity to the ever rising threat of "terrorism" which is most likely simply small groups paid by the need suppliers to justify more spending.  (Need to sell security technology?  Blow something up.  Need more resources to exploit?  Deem a nation as a terrorist capital so the people don't mind conquering it.  Need the support of allies?  A small thousand-dollar car bomb in their country will do the trick.)  The Individualist is immune to terrorism by self-generation and through detailed knowledge of military defense of the self and of the homestead, armed and unarmed.

e.  Regional Environmental Management Authority (REMA)

     REMA is the DEP and EPA both purged and combined.  It fulfills all of the same duties yet is strictly directed by the Populus.   A mere 200 years ago man could drink his fill from any stream, now he can drink from none.  REMA shall begin ardent campaigns of reestablishing mans harmony with nature as well as maintaining it.  It works in connection with the Populus Construction Service conducting general maintenance of all lands and Populus properties, federal, state and local.


2.  Populus facilities

     Similar to the previous section, the complete description of facilities to be erected is too extensive to present in this work, however a few are briefly mentioned to convey the general idea.  All erected Populus facilities are agreed upon by the Populus direct democracy.   They will be constantly monitored the entire time they are operational by the GEP, who shall report clearly to LAFKI, so that the reports may be read by all the people, who may, at any time, demand more detailed information.  The itemized breakdown of the cost of each facility's construction, daily operational expenses, and returns to the people, (products, services and or profits) will be placed upon a plaque at the facility in clear view of all.  Thus, this shows the exact amounts, and reasons, of tax money expenditures or returns generated by the facility. 

a.  Populus Conversion Facilities

     With the implementation of Individualism, all existing devises utilizing fossil fuels must be converted to a renewable energy source within five years.  Therefore, the Populus Conversion Facilities will be one of the most utilized mechanisms in the move towards a fully electric society.  These facilities will be located near hydroelectric power plants, thus having the capability to make powerful magnets and batteries with these high voltages.  The magnets will be used in Populus electric motors and generators of all sizes, assembled at these facilities.  These facilities will also convert all internal combustion engines into fully electric vehicles.  Recycling the engines for metal to be used for more electric motors, wound with the copper salvaged from the dismantled electric grid.  All products and services of these facilities are given at cost to the Populus (payable by energy certificates, allowing various methods to pay), or by loan or a Laborforce trade.

b.  Populus Equipment 

     Each locality will have a warehouse of Populus purchased equipment, from power tools, tractors and attachments, construction equipment, to cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.  Each piece of equipment, and its rental price, was agreed upon by the locality prior to its purchase.  Any profits made by this facility will be either returned equally to the locality or used for the purchase of additional equipment, dependant upon that locality's vote.

c.  Populus Fabrication Shops

     These shops are open on a first come first serve basis, having a sign-up list, with a maximum successive time limit per each individual.  Taxes pay for the general construction and upkeep of the facility, and the people pay individually for the length of time using the facility.  The price of that time is decided upon by the locality.  As with any Populus facility, people who do not use such a facility may file to be exempt from its taxes, but then may not use the facility.  (However this would be unwise, for this tax would amount to a very tiny amount of money when divided over all of the people, and after the initial construction, facilities as this will most likely be self sustaining, gaining their upkeep from their use and generating a yearly profit, returned to the people.)  Any profit is returned evenly to the contributing people of that locality.  The equipment includes, lathes, drill presses, band saws, welders, milling machines, sheet and pipe bending equipment, vacuum forming machines, injection molding machines etc.  This gives access to the commoner to use such machines for a project of one's desire, whether professional or hobbyist.  LAFKI instructional classes will be available there to instruct the inexperienced on the proper use of such equipment.

d.  Populus Farmlands

     The Populus farmlands include agricultural farms, fisheries and animal ranges, as well as solar and wind farms, all erected at that locality's desires.  The agricultural farms grow food for the resource reserve.  If it is not used in a certain amount of time it is converted to fuel (when able) or another form for storage.  The wind and solar farms will have a small, on site, Populus Resource Reserve office, where the people can charge any type of battery, from home storage batteries to fully electric vehicles.  Any surplus of energy generated there is either converted into hydrogen (by water electrolysis) or stored in large deep cell battery banks for future use.

e.  Populus Laboratories

     These various laboratories of all of the sciences, are directed by the Populus for their interest, curiosity, and necessity, as opposed for material gain at the expense of ignoring and hiding cures, or creating toxins and titling them as medicines, as do the perverted modern labs.  They will be unhindered by corporate directives, and restrictive funding requirements, allowing the scientists to truly pursue their love and the interest of humanity, causing science to evolve at an incredible rate.

f.  Populus Seed Bank

     This facility supplies the people with every type of seed that they may need.  They will not supply the modern, genetically modified seeds which produce seedless plants causing the people to have to buy the seeds every year.  On the contrary, they will be perfectly natural seeds, so that if reared correctly, the grower will have an endless supply of seed.  Seeds will include fruits, vegetables, trees, tobaccos, teas and coffees, to tropical plants for those with greenhouses.  Freeing anyone from having to buy such products.

g.  Populus Vehicle Works

     The Populus Vehicles will be designed as a national, state and local cooperative project.  The Nation will most likely agree on a general design, while the localities will come up with customized versions.  Each car will thus reflect the unique desires of that locality.  They will be fully electric vehicles, sold at cost to the people, utilizing materials from all Populus facilities, mills, mines, etc.  Built for the people, by the people, as it always has been, save that the private profits have been removed, as well as usury, resulting in a very inexpensive end product.  Yet the comradery formed in such a cooperative project, by highly educated people, will also cause that vehicle to be of substantial high quality.  This is not to say that the Nation will only make a single car, as the system grows they will produce, trucks, motorcycles, and all other vehicles by the same cooperative procedure.



1.  Military

     The only way a peaceful nation can exist on a planet without a military is if there are no other foreign nations.  If a nation, no matter its power, disbands its military in a world with separate nations, even if they are all at peace, it leaves the door wide open for a malignant power to rapidly rise up and lash out at these defenseless nations.  It is unwise to assume that man lives in a perfect heaven, and that peace can exist unthreatened.  The earth and man are imperfect by nature and thus the peace they achieve will be likewise.  Perfection exists only in archetypes such as "heaven".  Therefore the Individualist strives for the highest ideal yet maintains realism, understanding the necessity of a military for defense against the unpredictable malice of man.

     Even within a peaceful nation with a strictly defensive military, a war can be started simply by the greed of man.  The need suppliers love war.  Within it, or in preparation for it, armaments and munitions of all types call for an increase in the mining of metals and explosive minerals, skyrocketing the manufacturing of all things, from tanks, radios, to clothing and all other war merchandise.  For such profitable reasons they purposely start wars without the care of the loss of lives while their profits are soaring.  In war these material things are twice as expensive, yet rapidly destroyed and thus, they need rapidly replaced therefore, for them, war is a perpetual gold mine of consumption and waste.  Waste of lives, energy, and resources, for the high profit of the few, who are always eager for another war.  Each new territory gained is exploited for its resources, with its men recruited to do battle in the next moneymaking scheme.  All the while, the most extreme profit is funneled to the international bankers who are financing all sides.

     It is for this reason that only Populus owned facilities may create war machines or supplies, solely at the vote of the entire Populus.  No private party will start a war to initiate this cycle of waste for private profit at the expense of the tax dollars and lives of the people.  For the same reasoning, all Populus meetings, especially in times of war, are broadcast live and immediately made available at LAFKI.

     The Individualistic Union is strictly neutral and claims no allies, for allies have exterior interests.  Its military force is constantly a passive defense.  Too often the word "defense" is used for an active attacking force far from the US boarders.   The Individualistic Union only defends when a force threatens its boarders and it never fights off of its own land, or sends its people from theirs.  Its Forces will never be more than 500 miles off of their coast. 

     The Individualistic armed forces remain the same in organization.  However its forces are now made up of all able citizens, with one percent of the population being full time, professional soldiers.  Upon high school graduation all individuals serve a mandatory two years in the Populus Militia, with a three-month boot camp, modeled and operated by the US Marine Corps.  They are taught how to defend themselves as well as their friends, loved ones, home, and locality, thus the nation.  They are taught hand to hand combat, firearms, war strategy, and given a general understanding of the divisions of the armed forces. 

     The 2nd three-month period shall be instruction in the detailed defense of the homestead and locality as well as familiarization with the war machines of each armed force.  In this military protection of the homestead they are shown the value of civilization and social cooperation as opposed to the savagery of dealing with nature on one's own.  Each student is made face the wilderness, with the bare essentials, to prove an understanding of the survivalist techniques which they were taught, consequently granting the students clear sight to the appreciation of a society and the ease with which cooperation of mankind (a society) makes life.  With this understood they will know why it is their duty to protect such a society, so long as that nation maintains a doctrine of Liberty.  Finally the infamous "crucible" finishes their six moths basic training.  Upon successful completion of the crucible, they are given an M1 Carbine rifle, engraved with their name and "omnes homines aut liberi sunt aut servi" for graduation, theirs to keep for the defense of their homestead. 

     They are then allowed to pick a military specialization at which they will work on for the remaining 18 months under their chosen branch of service.  The next six months will then be instruction on the selected specialization, as well as instruction as to the proceedings around a locality, such as passive policing, Laborforces, and methods of regular training upon return to civilian life.  They are then paid for their last 12 months (approximately 500/week) as they practice their duty within the union.  The knowledge and teaching in the first 12 month period shall be their pay for the first half of their military training, and the M1 being the reminder of such.  Concluding their 24 months of service, they may chose to return home as a reservist, or become a professional soldier. 

     All such citizens returning home are considered members of the Populus Defenders until the age of 50.  Each entire local block rehearses once every two months with their fellow neighborhood, and is visited, twice per year, by an overseeing general to keep all drills, skills, knowledge and awareness at the highest possible level of mastery. This very challenging visit includes a standardized test which each division must pass, or face being sent back, for one week, to basic training for their deficiency. 

     All Populus Defenders are required to train at local facilities one weekend every three weeks, totaling 17 weekends per year until the age of 30.  Thereafter, one weekend every 6 weeks up to the age of 35, and then one weekend every two months up to the age of 45.  (Thus those from 35-45 need only train at the neighborhood drills)  After age 45 there is no required training until age 50 when one becomes officially retired from the Militia. Wardens reserve the right to detain unfit reservists for a health regime at any time during these training sessions.  Furthermore, there is no restriction to train at these sessions more often than required.  

     Each locality is divided by homesteads and rank of the citizens composing that locality.  If the highest ranks are numerous, one individual is chosen to be the block captain.  The training drills shall focus mostly on the defense of their particular locality, but are not limited to such.  The organization and efficiency of the alert of their locality and preparation for its defense, will be flawless, down to the execution of all strategic maneuvers.  Besides the reasons already mentioned and those that are obvious, the Individualist turns practically its entire adult population into this active reserve, or retired soldiers for the following reasons.


     "Government" militaries can become the power of an entity separate from the people and thus suppress the people.  Else they can become a power in and of themselves, and overthrow the orderly rule to initiate a tyranny.  Today's militaries are the tools of corporations, causing war for material wealth, ownership and control.  In the past they were the tools of the church, causing wars for spiritual ownership and control, and before that they were the tools of single rulers, kings, emperors, and pharos, for their own ambitions in all of the above.

     The Individualistic Military shall be a tool of the people for their security in all of the above. It must be composed wholly of the people, bar none.  The instant exclusions are made, a division takes root and will grow into exactly what exists today, two groups, "civilian" and "soldier", ignorant of each other, who could be turned against one another.  Separation in all of its forms is observed with a watchful eye by the Individualists.  Unity, harmony, cannot have separation, else it is not One.  Separation immediately causes contending forces.  With a common experience a comradery is formed, strengthening the union.  The wealthy and the poor, man and woman, all in the same trench under the same stress.  All illusions of separation are shattered as each see each other as fellow humans upon Earth to cooperate together to survive. With all people experienced as soldiers each one knows the inner workings of the military and the reason for its necessity to protect the society they love, in the event of malice. 

     The present day US military is 1,427,000 soldiers or 0.47% of the population.  About 13% of the US is elderly (about 39 Million people (+65)), 18% is of age 50-65, 34% are Children, and 2% are mentally retarded and or criminals (some believe it is the entire nation).  Leaving 33% of the population to contribute to reserve military duty.  Whether male or female, mother with child, disabled, or obese, there is a small contribution from every one, as it is their duty to be an active part of the society and assist its protection and welfare.  (Only a few will be excused from local reserve training; pregnant females and the disabled.  Yet they must still report and be given suitable light duties and practical knowledge tests)

     Approximately 2% of the total Populus, or 6,020,000, are 17-18 years old and will be active in their military induction.  Possibly an additional 1% will voluntarily remain in active service becoming professional soldiers.  Thus 30% of the Individualist population is a standing reserve army with 3% being active soldiers.  Additionally, Approximately one third of the reserves will be dwelling in fortified, strategic homestead structures, a common Individualistic, energy efficient home building method. (see pg 145)  This is an active military increase of over 600%.  However, unlike the military of the old world, the might is composed of the people thus controlled by the people, not by separate interests. 

     This possession of all the citizens with military knowledge and weaponry, negates any possibility of authoritarian attempts of control whether by corporations, political corruption, or military coup.  It causes neighbors to have elevated respect for one another and a common foundation, thus closer bonds.   Additionally it makes for a much safer home, locality, and nation from foreign invasion as well as criminals, being that all potential criminals will be made into cooperative citizens by the bonds of comradery formed with their mandatory two-year training, and that all potential victims are now well armed and well trained. 

     With this trained populace there is thus, no need for a police force.  The active militia members of that locality will be assigned for patrol of their locality. These citizen police stop law being used as a control force, as all will be familiar with the law, from its creation to its execution, including documentation and prosecution.  Policing duty is never more than a two-year period, unless volunteered for longer service in the position, and accepted by local Populus vote; this method deters the corruption of police.   Police with over four years experience may request to become local wardens.  Over eight years experience is required to become a senior warden.  The word warden was chosen to remind them of passive policing; to "Ward" off malice, not to Police the citizens.

2.  Land    

     Sovereignty over land is God's alone, not man's.  When one is born, one randomly appears on some piece of God's land.   Often a "ruler" declares this one born under his rule, because this newborn is on "his land".  This assumption of the possibility of land ownership, not to mention the governing of others, is the initial fault of the entire psychosis.  The rules which all mankind are to follow, are the rules of God's land, not the rules that any man decides to place over those lands. The clear thinking Native American Indians had a difficult time understanding this flawed logic of land ownership.  Unfortunately, the psychosis is contagious.

     Without the consent of the newborn, this "ruling" group immediately places its limitations (laws) upon the infant.  This is not hurtful if the society is enlightened and truly free, but today, nearly all of man's actions are far from such virtue.  Thus, more often than not, the individual grows to adulthood under such limitations, and is often exploited by those claiming ownership of the land, in defiance to the Creator of All.  Being raised in such a manner, one often never questions the lack of freedom to a section of land for one's own independence and survival. 

     The Individualist, however, has an alternate view of land ownership. The Individualist instead looks to oneself as the custodian of one's land.  Fully responsible for its well being, and aware that it is a natural right of every human being to have one tax-free acre to freely sustain oneself.  The lack of which is forced servitude.  (Maintaining Individualistic simplicity, mineral rights are no longer separate from the land, the land is one unit.  Furthermore, cremation is preferred, but home burials on one's own property are allowed and encouraged, both practices save land and allow it to be used for those living who need to sustain themselves.) 

a.  CITIES: 

     Concentrations of people create a myriad of unnatural filth, disease and pollution. Few places in nature is the waste of any species concentrated in one spot, in a way nature cannot properly absorb, (sanitation systems) along with the species itself clustered together in an unchanging location.  The Native Americans never had diseases because they never had concentrated cities, they were spread out.  It is this concentration that generates a great deal of unnatural microbial life, creating an environment fit for their growth and increasing the probability of new strains.  The Individualists will be even more spread out by having at least one acre per citizen.  Sprawl will be of no concern to a self-sufficient society, which consequently works at home, and uses fully electric vehicles as transportation.

     The Individualists shall apply their minds to eco-cities if they retain the belief that cities are necessary.  Cites will be designed for air flow, limited population per unit of space, use of sun, plenty of vegetation (even upon the structures, exterior walls and roofs) etc.  Building new cities and renovating old ones into healthier, harmonious, energy efficient, communities.


     Some Populus facilities (mines and quarries, etc) will focus upon extracting all needed materials for the Populus' interests.  As all Populus facilities, they will be run on tax money and their size regulated by the annual vote of the people.  A flat fee tax shall pay for the initial construction of the facility, its employees, as well as its operation and maintenance expenses.  The price of the plant's product will be set by these annual expenses, according to the amount of product created, divided equally among the amount of tax payers.  This unit amount is simultaneously the price of the product and the amount of the flat fee tax.

     For example, the 100 people of a locality are each required to contribute 25 cents to a copper plant to cover its costs.   The copper plant produces 50 pounds of copper annually, thus every half pound is 25 cents.   Each individual is thus eligible for this half pound of copper for free.  If it is not wanted, they may sells it back to the plant who then sends it to the resource reserve and issues that individual an energy certificate for the 25 cents. Thus this individual gets his tax money back if he does not use copper.  However another individual might need two pounds, his first half pound is free, yet he pays 75 cents for the other 1.5 pounds.  Thus this man using the facility pays taxes on it. 

     If no one uses the facility an abundance takes place and the plant is shut down until needed.  Abundance and shortage is monitored by the Resource Reserve of the HVR.  Any single individual who purchases more than 40% of the plant's product must pay a 15% gratuity on every unit thereafter. Therefore the plant profits if only one or two individuals are buying most of the copper.   Accordingly, the people profit as this amount is divided amongst them, and the one or two buyers of most of the copper undoubtedly profit also.  Thus this system helps private businesses (and individuals) by creating low material costs, which creates yet another small profit for the people, due to the low prices on the products manufactured by those Individual's who bought most of the copper.

     This does not imply any laws against private resource extraction.  However, large plots of land are subject to excess land tax and other applicable taxes, while the Populus facilities are not.  Private facilities will obviously have to be more innovative to compete with the low prices of the Populus facilities.  This is simply to ensure that a publicly controlled aspect of each market is open to all individuals' input.  Ideally this makes for the most efficient company in the business, while keeping the public actively involved with their society, from its foundation to its pinnacle, as opposed to encouraging the least possible involvement of the people, such as in the present world. 

i.  OIL

     The total US petroleum consumption in 2006 was about 318 billion gallons.   Any feasible alternative to this oil addiction is rapidly thwarted by the oil and automotive industry and their many allies.  Much like the recall and destruction of all fully Electric Vehicles after the California Air Resources Board withdrew its quota for Zero Emission Vehicles. (One of these destroyed vehicles was GM's EV1 which had a range of 160 miles and top speed of 80 mph with a sticker price of $40,000.  Very reasonable, but hardly any of the public knows about it to this day) 

     The Individualists strongly advise that all Fossil Oil be phased out in ten years.  All of the people must be actively educated as to its waste, its wise alternatives, and demand that the alternatives be developed, so as to be able to abandoned this product.  The people must demand cooperation from their corrupted government to make much more efficient strides towards phase out and implementation of fully electric vehicles.  (If the entire US workforce of 150 Million people all contributed $10 to an Electric Vehicle fund, this would amount to 1.5 Billion dollars, more than enough for the construction of a fully electric vehicle plant.  The people would then simply pay up front, at cost, for a vehicle and wait until it was built.  Thus, is the first Populus factory.)

     If as much time, money and research went into batteries, electric motors, solar cells and magnets, that has gone into the oil, coal, plastic, pharmaceutical and automobile industries, this phase out would have already been achieved.  Biodiesel, hybrids, and hydrogen vehicles are merely brief stepping stones to the end solution of fully electric.  They should quickly become secondary backup systems to the fully electric system.  With the implementation of recharging stations, and increased battery, motor and magnet technology, distance problems will be eliminated.

     President Bush himself admits the possibility of reducing gasoline consumption (which is only 50% of the oil market) by 20% in ten years with his "20 in10" plan.  If an oil baron admits this, the average energy aware soul will agree with the Individualists 50% in five, phase out in ten plan.  At first, only twice as demanding as the president's plan, but possible.  However, the difference is when the president achieves his goal he stops, he applies no further effort to the hundreds of years to come, obviously because he and his children benefit therefrom (so they ignorantly suppose).  The Individualist does not stop mid-stream in a task, nor build half a building.  Thus they shall achieve their goal of phase out, because they continue to apply the same energy that achieved the initial reduction.  With the president's admittance of 20% reduction in ten years, he indirectly admits phase out is possible in fifty.  The Individualists put forth all of their effort to beat this deadline by landslides, mostly with fully electric solutions.

     Once this is realized the use of fossil oil can be made illegal.  All oils needed must then be derived from plants. All civilians will receive credit for their gasoline engines when they install an electric motor in a local Populus conversion facility.  All chemical companies dependent on oil (plastic manufactures) will be forced to apply their research skills to plant oils.  (The earth is not the only place to get oil, this "easy way" with little thought of the consequences, is long overused and abused).  All other companies dependant upon oil and its byproducts must also utilize plant oils, further encouraging scientific research, and expanded cultivation into this area because of plant oil's current expense and limited volume.  (With the expanded cultivation of plants comes the need for acreage to grow these plants, this will undoubtedly encourage exploration into vertical greenhouses, recalling the myth of the hanging gardens.) With time plant oil will be inexpensive and abundant, just as Edison vowed to make the light bulb so cheap that only the rich would have candles.  So too, will the brilliant Individualists solve the problems of the future, and conquer the blind materialists stripping the earth for nothing but money and power over others. 

     There will be no assistance programs here, the wisest will succeed and blaze a trail, and the others will follow or be forced into new fields or into the crop fields.  The only assistance offered is the knowledge of self-sufficiency for those long relying upon raping the earth for sustenance, unable to support themselves without depending upon another's backbreaking labor, frightened to lose the security of their empire begotten by taxing the earth and returning nothing to it.

     Some suggest that if fossil oil is removed the economy will collapse. This is sad, as it shows how dependant upon one substance a deceived people can be, unwilling and uneducated to utilize other means.  It is simply the lack of thought that leads to that conclusion, for if there is a will there is always a way.  The implementation of a new system grows as the old system is phased out, it is not an abrupt overnight change. The low expense of a product, the speed of the production of a product, or the power a product gives one in offensive war, does not mean it is a wise solution. These factors only indicate "wisdom" in the haste of a wasteful, and/or war seeking society capitalizing on a product regardless of its consequences to humanity and their globe.  This mindset will become a painful memory in the dark past of mankind.  Taking a little more time, and money (in the beginning) to utilize renewable means, will benefit the society by the many new areas of research and heightened awareness and responsibility for their species and planet.

     (Fossil fuel lobbyists support hydrogen cars only because hydrogen can be made from fossil resources.  Any technology that does not support their fossil fuels will always be demonized to the public, who they prey upon.  Government research and development is too often skewed to the interests of these giants as opposed to the interests of the people who are supposed to be in total control of the actions of that government.  Hydrogen should only be used as a storage method for any surplus electricity generated.  This can then be used in a hydrogen powered generator to convert that energy back into electricity for use in a fully electric society.)

ii.  COAL

     Coal also must phase out in ten years, for any burning purposes, directly or indirectly, as well as any attempted oil creation. All electrical power plants based off of Coal must find the solution to their own survival by utilizing only elemental means such as wind, water, biodiesels (a temporary solution), solar, etc., else they will be shut down and dismantled.  All establishments and residences dependent upon the plant are expected to assist its solution or find their own solution of elemental means.  It is possible that assistance will be provided depending on the Populus' vote of that locality. 

     All companies who create products based on coal tar or similar coal products must find new solutions in the plant kingdom.  This may included the industries of dyes, pharmaceuticals, artificial flavors, scents and colors, and a plethora of other synthetics.  All others dependent on coal have ten years to realize a solution to how they are effected.  Some may be forced into Individualistic self-sustenance until they realize an alternate path.  This will further encourage this practice assisting the people to realize a richer form of life, dependent on none other but oneself.  As for cities, they will find it difficult to make a solution, however not impossible.  This will encourage the thinning of some cities, the vanishing of others, and the propagation of some wise and industrious cities of the future.

     To give one an idea as to why the Individualists strongly encourage the phase out of coal, the following data is presented.  To generate one kWh of electricity (which would light a 100 watt bulb for 10 hrs) at the most efficient modern power plant, requires, on average, 8,000 BTU (about one pound of coal) of heat energy.  To convert that electricity back into heat when it reaches its destination, it is only possible to get 3,412 BTU of heat in return. That is an instant loss of 58% of the energy within the coal.  Every plant uses millions of tons of coal.  Thus, for every million tons in, over half a million tons is wasted.  This is absurdly primitive yet goes on unquestioned.  Furthermore, This figure does not take into consideration all of the BTUs (energy) required by the colossal mining and transporting of the coal or transmission line losses, all of which would make this figure so low as to be shameful.

     A quarter of the US's total energy and over half its total electricity is generated by coal. Coal burning power plants are the largest source of air pollution.  They are immune to clean air regulation (which target new plants) due to "grandfather" loopholes, and there have only been a few new plants erected since.  They are active in the corrupt practice of emissions trading, (including the compromised "carbon market") which is a money making scheme on pollution itself.  Wherein polluters buy "credits" which are, basically, the right to pollute, from a less polluting company (at times at the expense of the taxpayer).  In this way the buyer is thus fined for polluting and the seller rewarded for not polluting.  However, while this is a nice way for brokers, and a select few to make money off of the trillion dollar market, (money which could be used for, Populus owned, non polluting, wind, water, and solar farms) little has been done to the amount of pollution being emitted. 

     Money is not a part of the equation, one cannot buy the emissions out of the sky, incentives only lead to collusion and delay.  It must simply be made law to not pollute and the people must be willing to generate their own power or create Populus facilities so that prices of the new systems remain affordable with the removal of private profit and usury (such as inexpensive wind turbines and solar cells).  The people (who are the government) should not support or utilize coal and initiate its overdue dismantlement.  The Individualists aim at the eventual dismantlement and recycling of the entire grid.  All of the telephone poles used as paper and wood products, and the miles of wire to be used in the industry for new efficient generators. 


     The harvesting of methane (natural gas) from crustal gas fields must phase out in ten years.  All methane must be produced by controlled anaerobic means (biogas).  Nearly all home heating must be electric within ten years (biodiesel may also be sparingly used as a direct heat source, or to power a generator which in turn powers electrical heat).  The use of natural gas will be used only in special cases, such as certain chemical reactions which must utilize it, and will be strictly monitored.


     The modern chemical industry is almost entirely an extension of the oil industry.  The largest portion of this entity has no concern for orchestrating its activities in harmony with nature or for the benefit of human evolution.  As long as it makes the largest possible profit in the shortest amount of time, no matter how many men or how many parts of the Earth are diseased and destroyed, it has accomplished its desire.  These thoroughly ignorant souls would dissolve the entire Earth and all of mankind in their crucibles for an ounce of gold, even to their own blind destruction.  Their minds are focused strictly on personal gain, not even the well being of their own children, who will inherit the Earth they poison, enters into their confined minds.  Their concern for emissions, dumping of wastes and the testing of any chemicals they create thoroughly for human safety, goes only as far as their bribed regulations agents insist, which is not even a half step in the right direction.  As long as their new, unnatural, and unnecessary product sells, and sells big, giving raises to their executives and bonuses to their scientists, none of them care of the effects of their deeds regardless of what they tell the public. 

     They have become so huge that a one million dollar fine is nothing to them.  For a sole proprietor, fines as this would destroy such a small business for life.  Thus, justice accidentally ensures the chemical giants' clear territory.  This instills fearlessness within these monsters from the tiny stings which justice can inflict.  Further more, being that a large portion of all of their products come from oil, most modern day politicians, knee deep in it, protect their alchemical brethren by slyly delaying what little justice can do.  Diverting the eyes of the innocent public, answering their cries with impotent circular speeches and actions. Their pockets overflowing with payoffs, mocking all that the title of their position "representative of the people" stands for, as they are caressed by their blind masters like a rabid dog beside the throne.  Completely numb to morals and love for their fellow man, these beasts see the people just as what they call them "consumers", and in the title that they give their fellow man they openly admit their disrespect.  Their household cleaners leave chemical residue behind more dangerous the dirt they were intended to remove, when all that was needed was water, or plant oils.  Their Pesticides "deet" and "anvil", pushed with an industry induced global scare, such as the infamous west Nile virus, frightening the people into buying their product as a magic bullet. (Aids may be no different, of the 3 million that die of aids each year, how many of them were taking supposed "medicine"?)

     Large chemical companies such as: Du-Pont, Eastman-Kodak, Syngenta, Monsanto, Dow, BASF, and Bayer etc. should be forbidden to use any chemical for any reaction if that chemical or its product is in any way, to the smallest degree, hazardous or not found in significant quantities in nature.  These companies constantly spill and secretively cover up their grossly unnatural substances, endangering all forms of life in many unforeseen and unpredictable fashions above and beyond the few know or admitted ailments which they cause.  The only few spills the common man hears about are the ones in which some eye witness happened to see, or in an area to populated to conceal.  By setting these strict standards it would force corporations to use their scientists to make all discoveries in harmony with nature, opening a great door to the future of chemistry.

     One of their biggest products is plastic. Plastics exist simply for haste and merchandizing reasons.  Hastily created from oil to ensure the quickest profit, it is then turned around to a merchandiser just as hasty to implement it.   The merchandisers are likewise concerned more with their profit than with the buyer's health or that of the environment.  Seeking only easier, cheaper, and faster packaging, and production.  At all costs their product must "stay fresh" and "look good", regardless of if it is either.  This haste of creation and implementation generates a haste of usage, which is the seed and foundation of the "disposable" attitude of much of the modern world.  A disease given to them by the need suppliers, who would have the entire Earth covered over with heaps of garbage and smile, because for every discarded object there is a penny in their abysmal pockets.

     With proper thought plastics could be replaced by "bioplastics" or specifically bred plants to make new durable woods and pulps eliminating plastic altogether.  These solutions may be more time consuming, yet are definitely an advanced and more intelligent solution of the higher Individualist mind.  The wisdom of the Individualist creates products and fuels which are endlessly reusable and biodegrade in a reasonable time frame without profit being the primary focus.  Woods will last as long as they are cared for, this is all the longer that any object needs to last, else one simply builds with stone as the nearly immortal pyramids profess.

     The plastics are a danger outside of the human body, but much territory still remains to be destroyed.  These feverish scientists advance their shambling kingdom to the very bodies of men with their unnatural patented potions and have him ingest them, and cover his body with them.   All the while lying about how helpful and wonderful their new substance is and the depth of the safety research they have performed.  Hiding the chemical's origins and effects, that is, if they have even endeavored to exhaustively ascertain all of its effects.

     Great portions of flavors, fragrances, and colors are made from petroleum chemicals (such as the popular synthetic vanillin, synthesized from the petrochemical precursors guaiacol and glyoxylic acid).  If it is not to falsify the food's look, smell and taste, it will be made unnaturally imperishable. Harmful preservatives are placed in foods, clearly known to be capable of harm, yet are not listed in the food's ingredients because of FDA loopholes, which these butchers have created and paid for.   They jeopardize the life of every individual, who supports their empire by eating the product, just to make their product last forever.  This allows laziness and irresponsibility on their part because they need not worry about efficient transit and logistics, or an excellent product to make a quick sale for their perishable item.  Instead their practically imperishable poison can wait on shelves for eternity for an unsuspecting victim, while their profits from minimized product urgency measures soar.  Sadly even the words "green" "herbal" or "Organic" merely prey upon ignorance when many of these products have numerous petroleum byproducts and lab manufactured chemicals in them, or if not, are packaged in plastic.

     But behold, pharmaceutical companies are at the bottom of this pit of treachery, creating concoctions for human consumption in the blasphemous guise of Healing, with side effects greater than the disease they claim to treat and understand.  The side effects are full proof of their complete misunderstanding of the human physical body which they arrogantly believe that they understand. With prescription and retail sales at $200 billion each, and distribution reaching $140 billion, this den of scorpions desires no cures, for that would place them immediately out of business.  They are the creators of propaganda inventing numerous phantom ailments, nearly all of which would be self cured by a simple natural diet, plenty of water and exercise, combined with deep breathing and conscious relaxation.  They care not about the dangers of the side effects of their products, for they will make a product to "cure" that also, it too with its own side effects, and on and on through a murderous money making cycle.

     Their scribes and professors are the dukes and barons of Lie, licking their masters' hands clean with forked tongues and shining their guilded masks with their sweet venom. Worse than the lowliest street drug pusher, they convince all men that any feeling is a disease for which they have a magic pill. Through this method much of mankind has been led to believe that they are merely weak and fragile animals, and have lost sight of their powerful immortal spirits.

     Man has gone thousands of years without drugs and supplements now suddenly in the last 100 years they have become essential.  The Pharmaceutical industry practices only madness, for they claim the ineffectiveness of natural remedies, yet market vitamins and minerals and attempt to alter them, and natural extracts, so that they can patent them for their own exclusive sales.


     The Populus Laboratories will be erected and directed by the people for logical and sane applications with regard for only the advancement of humanity, not personal profit and exploitation of the ignorant.  They will be unhindered by illusions and stumbling blocks of altered facts, figures, and distorted reason, all of which are only erected to lead man away from truth, and into the lairs of pirates.  Thus, Populus scientists will not be limited by corporate agendas and similar selective funding, accelerating the growth of rational science.

3. Transportation

     The invention of the car made placement of "developments" haphazard and impractical.  People drive from miles to go to one store, and often get their produce, shipped to local stores, from the other side of the nation.  This overage of travel, individual and commercial, is a waste of energy, time (average commute is 104 hrs/year) and a source of pollution. This is greatly reduced by self-sufficiency in three ways.  1.  The individual is employed by oneself not having to travel to work being that one's homestead is one's work.  2.  One needs not to travel as often to procure products, as one produces them oneself.  3.  This reduced demand and market for products causes companies to focus only on their localities, thus travel less, as profit in distant markets has lessened.

     Furthermore, if individuals chose to work for another, where able, employers should encourage employees to work from home.  Many US homes are empty in the day while the "places of business" are filled, and at night, the situation reverses.  Obviously there is a large amount of structures using up land and energy (mostly climate control) that don't need to be, empty half of their existence, and people moving back and forth between them.  Not only would this save travel energy, but also places of business would save money by not having the expense of a secondary building.

     In this same way many service companies, who travel all day long, would be down sized by individuals servicing all of their own needs, such as, trees, landscape, minor construction etc.  Lastly, if all vehicles were fully electric, and the people generating most of their own power, there would be zero emissions from the remaining commercial and personal travel.  Such as businesses which cannot be performed from home (mass ore smelting, Populus assembly lines etc), people who choose to live far from their occupation, or an occupation erecting a place of business in a remote area.

     But beware, by prematurely making it law to have zero emissions or fully electric vehicles, one only assists the profit of the private car makers, granting them an excuse to sell electric vehicles two to three times their worth, creating a haven for the bankers.  There must first be an erected facility, owned and controlled equally by all of the people of the union, without "representatives".  It will be erected by a small contribution from every working citizen (e.g. $10) and create, at cost, fully electric vehicles.  Only then can strict laws on zero emissions be made.  Strict emissions themselves will discourage the production of the Internal combustion engine, for it will become more expensive than the fully electric car in its attempts to achieve zero emissions, or ultra low emissions.


     Out of sight and out of mind, few see these massive payloads, multiple times per day, being constantly consumed behind the scenes.  With the increased focus on localized shipping caused by self-sufficiency, businesses will rely more on the railroad for shipping long distances.  This will give the railroads free reign to spike transportation costs.  Therefore, railroads cannot be privatized.  Just as a highway cannot be privately owned, or rights granted to any citizen to build their own private highway wherever they may choose.  Similarly, any free citizen cannot build rails wherever they wish, thus, the limited places allotted to rails are already "owned", creating a monopoly, as it excludes any other from the freedom of the same practice.  This allows control over the prices of goods distributed to the people.  Furthermore, if rails were to remain private, the implementation of the Individualists' excess land tax would cripple them, causing them to again raise the prices to the people, who would not accept them, freezing transport.  Thus, the Populus rails will be an at-cost service, and their thoroughly itemized bottom line will be annually reported to the people.

4.  Unions

     Unions force pension and health care upon their members, extracting this substantial portion of their pay whether they agree or not.  This is not only a pool of money which gains the same powers as a bank (as any other pool of money) but it is also a guaranteed block of insurance customers, and political votes.  They take the workers money just as fast as the Bosses before unions, and give no guaranty that the pensions promised will be returned when needed.  As numerous workers before have lost their pensions, weeks away from retiring, forced to start over with decades of their lives stolen with a signature of a politician.  Unions in the past were needed and well founded as the people were exploited by "bosses".  Today the union members are exploited by the bosses and the unions.

     Unions also have no competition.  For instance there is not a Carpenters union A and a Carpenters union B to compete against each other for the best plans and service, thus it is a monopoly controlling the work force and were the people may work.  It therefore plunders liberty, the freedom to work where one chooses, to affiliate with whomever one chooses, and is forced upon the industry like unwritten law.  Contractors awarded contracts must utilize a monopolized work force giving unions sovereign control. The most significant projects or processes are often fully unionized.

     It would be no surprise if the unions were founded by the corporations who hire employees of that union.  In such a scenario, the corporation paying out the wages keeps a large portion of that payment (pensions and health care) as an interest gaining pool, granting the corporation kickbacks from the various Health insurers for these guarantied clients and payments.  These health insurers also use this money (the health insurance payments) as a large pool.  Each, (the corporation and Health insurers) most likely, has subsidiary lending corporations which can practice usury and fractional reserve.  Lending from these pools, they are thus able to generate untold amounts of (hollow) money on this money, (withheld from the workers by the "union") utilizing clandestine lending circles between each other and affiliates.

     There is an argument that the busting of corrupt unions along with corrupt companies will lower all wages.   With the knowledge of self sufficiency people will not need to work, thus will not go to work unless the pay is high, there for it is likely that the pay will be substantially higher within the Individualistic society.  People with business ideas will need the people as workers, but the people will not need them, thus the power will be in the people's hands without need for a middleman to represent them.

      The Populus itself is the largest union, the union of all the people of the nation, requiring no dues. With the removal of privatized insurance and usury, one cannot offer private health insurance or pensions.  Even still, The Individualist does not outlaw the unions.  It simply competes against existing unions to offer the best services to workers of all skills, unlike many unions whose members sit on lists, never contacted but still pay dues, sometimes forbidden to solicit for their own work, utterly controlled.  The action of the Populus is to balance this present strict control of labor and place the control in the hands of the people.  All individuals will be able to work on any Populus projects, union or not, to which they are qualified.   In the light of freedom, the private sector always retains the right to refuse to hire anyone on any private project for any reason.

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