The Four Departments

"The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to the point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself.  That in its essence is fascism --ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling private power." -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt


     The Individualists believe that simplicity in a system is more efficient, more powerful and more difficult to corrupt, complexity being a proportionate veil for corruption.  All governments posses complexity to varying degrees. The Individualistic Populus minimizes this to an extreme extent. Unlike modern governments which have endless departments, divisions and sub division, mimicking only chaos and nonsense, two elements that do not exist in the healthy human psyche, Individualism has consolidated and refined its system into four major heads.  Each representing a major function of the human consciousness, the desire, the intellect, the memory, and the will, seated respectfully in the body, mind, spirit and soul.  They are attributed as such to make them more natural, easily remembered and clearly understood by each member of the union.  They remind the people of the harmonic reflection of Individualism, that is, that the greater body of the union is an exact reflection of its composite parts, which are all of the people, and that it functions in much the same way.

     As it has always been, but lately forgotten, the employer of these new departments is the people not the president.  Their role is to strictly represent the people and govern the president, not vise versa.  These departments take priority to listen and react to the people, and the presidency second, if at all.  In Individualism the permanent ruler will be the people, all of them, they have become the executive branch.  Ideally the position of the president becomes obsolete, as it merely exists similar to, but even less so, to what it is now, merely a figure head, with no real power unto itself.  If it remains, it simply communicates to the group the collective will, but instead of it being the collective will of the corporations, such as the present day, it will be the collective will of the people.

     These departments in no way represent authority, they are simply collective organizing forces of the Populus' mind and will into a single refined force of a specific nature, a constructive force, not a controlling force.  They act upon items only by direction of the Populus as a whole for they have no powers in themselves.  These four departments are titled:

1.  The Greater Eye of the Populus (GEP)

2.  The Hall of Vital Records (HVR)

3.  The Library of Accredited Free Knowledge and Instruction (LAFKI)

4.  The Populus Homestead Management Center (PHMC)

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