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The Declaration of Independence Movie

The Declaration of Independence (Direct HD Download 2 GB),

The Declaration of Independence (youtube 10 min)


.Unconstitutional Acts

Violent Radicalization ACT(10min), Military Commision ACT2(16min), Patriot ACT(10min)

The Federal Reserve

FED synopsis(49min), Fractional Reserve Lending(48min), Fractional Reserve Lending Seminar (1hr 24min), FED documentary(48min), FED detailed documentary "The Money Masters"(3hr30min)

Media Corruption

Media1(4min), Media Caught Lying(8min), Revolution Will Not be Televised(1hr15min), Mass Hypnosis(42min), Censored Ron Paul (33min), "Out Foxed"(1hr18min)

Staged Terrorist Events

Staged Terror (35min), The Road to Tyranny(2hr 10min), Oklahoma City(30min), False Flags(11min), Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (25min)

Income Tax

Freedom to Fascism(1hr52min), Cracking the Code(20min), How to Keep Your Earnings(1hr27min), IRS Secrets(2hr), Theft by Deception(1hr27min), Disney Tax Propaganda 1(5min), Disney Tax Propaganda 2(5min)

The United Nations

The U.N. Deception(47min)

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

CFR1(10min), CFR2(60min)


Another CIA Conspiracy(1hr30min)

The Secret Rulers of the World

Ring of Power (2hr24min). The Men Behind Obama (1hr 54min)


Corp1(4min), You have Owners(7min), The Corporation (3hrs) , The World according to Monsanto (1hr 49min)


Stand up for Yourself(8min),


Alternative Energies