The Individualists believe that mankind has forgotten its purpose and true nature, and that it is enslaved in a pointless system of stagnant waste and consumption which has forfeited evolution.  Torturing itself with trivial nonsense, while madly convincing itself that it must be right.   Nearly weeping at the never ending amount of effort expended each day, while little progress is made toward any meaningful goal, accepting that it is the way things are.  Seldom wondering why there is so much that they do not know, and rarely pondering better ways, because of the lack of time which such a system has granted them.

The Individualistic system grants each human being great amounts of time and the highest degree of wisdom of mankind. With such time and wisdom, the goals and jobs are no longer trivial, but deeply meaningful. Evolving each soul in mind, body and spirit to the highest extent, creating a collective society which mirrors such a high degree of development and peace. was created on 1/1/09 to bring greater awareness to the True practice of Individualism as described by Frater Ponderator in the book, "Individualism - Government by We the People". It was further created to spread awareness of the various promising systems which the book proposes. Especially the detailed mechanics of an Energy Economy and of an Individualistic Government. These systems, when erected properly, eradicate most of today's corruption and provide guards against their future manifestation. They provide an aware society rich in advanced learning, enjoying a peaceful and calm existence - devoid of the hectic haste of the maniacal present. We strongly encourage you to read the book Individualism, downloadable entirely for free.

We know you may be pressed for time and cannot read the book. But, be aware, a portion of a chapter in the book is devoted to describing why this is so. Nearly all souls presently have no time, and it is simply because of the architecture of this present society and its stupendous degree of waste. To give a quick idea of just one type of waste detailed in the book, here is an excerpt from the book:

"To present a clearer idea on this pointless waste created by usury:

1. $211 Billion (and growing) of US tax money goes towards just interest on the national debt every year.

2. The national average mortgage payment is about $1600 per month with roughly 22 million US mortgages (now, possibly 44 million) at 6% interest over 22.5 years (the average of 30 year and 15 year mortgages), totaling 35.2 billion dollars per month, of which 42% is purely interest (the average interest of 30 year and 15 year mortgages). This equals over 14.8 billion dollars per month in interest alone for just the mortgage industry. In light of the Individualistic energy values, this would be 164.4 million megawatt-hours of electricity per month. This is over forty one times the electricity produced by the Hoover dam all year. Now imagine all the other areas where usury applies, personal loans, business loans, automobile loans, credit cards etc. All loaned on fractional reserve making profit on non-existent money at the hard labor expense of the greater population. The amount of monthly energy wasted for the greed of a few is simply maniacal, and will be stopped immediately by the Individualists. "

Please keep in mind that all of this energy in the form of currency IS: Human Work Energy. This is why no one has any time anymore. Time has become a fluid commodity, flowing into the hands of a few.

One may ask, what does Government corruption and Economic wastefulness have to do with Individualism? The point is made very clear here. But in short, corruption and wastefulness are likened to diseased organs in a body. The body of a nation is an Individual, and the separate people are its cells. Should the organs die, all cells, the whole body, are in peril. The individualists recognize this and have proceeded to heal the disease by fortifying the remaining healthy cells, (you the reader) to begin growing new "organs" before the old ones fail. Thus the health of the Individual Nation is maintained and thereby, the security of the Individual souls.

Below are two summaries taken from the book, so that the reader may see a few of the many topics covered.

Summary of part 2:

" It has been shown that strictly the people, wholly and fully, must compose the government. A system of "representatives" can only be effectually implemented in small systems. Within large systems, a small group of people is to easy to influence in order to manipulate an entire government. (440 people, 100 US senators, 335 House representatives, 4 delegates and 1 resident, ruling over 300 Million people's lives.)

Irresponsibility leads to dependence which increases sloth and ignorance. These are preyed upon by profiteering minds increasing the growth of corporations, who directly corrupt any government that is not a complete direct democracy. In such a setting, the purpose of life becomes lost, and markets and occupations become hollow. However, this can be remedied by Unrestricted Free Knowledge.

Education and responsibility for one's own actions are key to creating a society wherein each individual, bar none, is competent and involved in the undertakings of the society at all levels. Private businesses must be limited in size to prevent control or bias in social decision making, favoring those private forces. Corporate market control can be eliminated by simply making Populus businesses which are wholly owned and equally contributed to by the citizens. Such facilities yield lower prices, and are easily monitored for facts.

It is stressed that when setting up these systems one is never deceived into ownership by "the government". These things must always be owned fully and equally by all of the citizens, not a separate entity, and utterly without a "board of directors". The people themselves, all of them, must be the responsible owners. The instant that one is lazy, and allows a "representative" to take one's place, one has taken a step towards servitude and opened the door for future deceit.

It has been shown that complexity is proportionate to corruption, and that simplicity should be maintained in all areas especially law and government. The simplicity of these two should be made so that all of the people, even the children, clearly understand them. The people should practice the governing of themselves and none other, and encourage all to do the same.

The great wastes and servitude of usury has been shown, along with the deceit of fractional reserve, repossessions, and various lending circles of banks, and other large pools of public money, allowed to be gathered by a private force, converting public power into private power. For this reason the Individualists disallow any private pool of money, keeping all of the power in the hands of the people, not a private interest and not a government separate from the people.

An attempt has been made to reveal great evils in this world suggesting that the United States, and the rest of the world, has already been conquered, whilst they slept, by The United Corporations of the World. Further effort was made to show the reader that there is more to life than slavery, presenting an alternative method to the fast paced nonsense, which is a peaceful sanity, at a calm pace. With self-sufficiency, and one tax-free acre, one is free to pursue whatever one chooses, and has no need to work for another if desired. With prices and demands of society lower and cooperation higher, one's dreams are closer in reach.

The people must band together and inform each other of all suspect practices while simultaneously sharing innovative ideas. Deception to higher solutions, to maintain old systems for the profit of the few has kept mankind burdened for too long. There will occur a massive shift in man's priorities, goals will become more meaningful, and an important purpose to life will be realized. With practice, the world can move away from doing things for money, and instead, do them for love and wisdom.

Such peace is not to be mistaken for a passivist society, easily conquered by avenging, prospecting, and aspiring corporations. Contrarily, the Individualistic society is an entire standing army, each well trained and supplied. Each homestead a strategically placed and constructed, fortified structure, independent of all others and self sustaining. There would be no single significant target for an invading enemy.

There are those readers now raising an eye, those who have benefited and been made comfortable by their dealings with the machine and its caretakers, regardless of the blood upon their hands, or their trampled brethren at their feet. Those who fear the dismantling of the machine which now sustains them. In their fear and lack of confidence in their abilities to sustain themselves, they remain adamantly loyal to their heinous provider. Willing to use whatever labels to attach to opposing systems to demonize them and prevent public sway. It is for this very reason that this system is already christened with a new label – Noble Individualism.

The ultimate goal is to have every citizen being either self-sufficient and/or an employee of one of the four departments. 95% of the world's population will no longer possess only 10% of the world's wealth while performing 90% of the world's work. They have been rivaled against each other falsely for centuries only to impede their coming together under one unified banner. The Grey Flag of Individualism. It has no color, so as not to draw attention away from the colors of one's soul. It is not white symbolizing surrender or claiming perfect purity. It is not black as the corruption which it opposes. It has no symbols defining it, which would only serve to limit its infinite abilities. And it is one solid shade to symbolize the unity of All. All men, all races, all beliefs, all powers to infinity, the unity of the Creator. "

"An ignorant people are easily betrayed, and a wicked people can never be ruled by the mild influence of their own laws." - Arthur J. Stansbury

Final Summary:

"Only after the last tree has been cut down and the last river poisoned, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten." – Prophecy of the Cree Indians

" This document has been designed to increase the people's awareness of the lack of advancement in present day society, the lack of motivation to be more efficient and responsible, the lack of the use of technologies that have existed for decades, which could have already solved much of today's energy wastes, the general lack of evolution of mankind and its misplaced priorities, (all impeded for the private profit of the few) and to alert the people and move them into freedom. But they all must move, save not one. Regardless of political affiliation, religion, race or other separating beliefs, mankind must drop all labels and prejudices and ban together in love as one people, bar none. Knowledge must be freely distributed and shared as rapidly as possible exposing those that only survive by withholding knowledge from their fellow man. Else, the meek shall inherit the Earth only after it has been destroyed, and they robbed of everything.

The Individualistic society brings out the brilliance of each individual, developing them to the high ideals of Individualism so as to then be able to assist their fellow humanity, making a society of adepts living in harmony with each other and the Earth. Individualism removes all crutches to get one on one's feet to be responsible for one's own destiny and realize the massive power inherent within, which will never be realized by relying on others as the need suppliers insist.

The Individualists regularly ask themselves if they are being a worthy soul upon the earth. Upon death, what will be declared to the Creator as one's deeds are compared to the deeds of all other souls, from Masters to inept failures? Where will one stand? Was the gift of life wasted, or every single second utilized to the fullest? Was the self sculpted to the highest ideal in mind, body and spirit, or did one waste away and contribute nothing to humanity?

Some may be too attached to the old world to take up the responsible life of the Individualist, blinded by their captor, and defending it to their death. They may scoff at Individualistic points and notions declaring them ridiculous or impossible because of their ignorance, fears and doubts of sustaining themselves and assuming a global responsibility. The Individualists encourage them to voluntarily step out of the old machine before it dies, inevitably leaving them to fend for themselves, thus is its fate. The public continues to do less and less, and grow fatter and weaker. Even more become unskilled and incapable outside of serving their niche within the machine. The continual nursing of weaknesses causes weakness to grow to a fatal magnitude. As the machine collapses, the abandoned people have no abilities or strength to survive on their own.

In a mere 200 years the entire world has been enslaved and is now on a runaway train. Some complain but do nothing, others don't want to hear about it, and thus the problems grow. Too many perform their occupation just because of the dollar figure as opposed to doing what they love, pawns blown about by the forces of other people's wills. Working only for the money needed to procure food, shelter, fuel, land taxes, material goods and occasionally knowledge, ensuring their welfare. With the knowledge of self-sufficiency, one's welfare is secured better than it ever was, removing the need to depend upon any other for any reason.

One has no right to complain about the world if one is not doing something to change it with all of one's might. Individualism starts with you, The Individual. Blazing a trail and being an example for others to gain courage from. Rise, therefore, and work against these forces. Be an active creator of the utopian world to come. Rise and create such a world, undeterred, remembering one's infinite power because of being made in the image of The Infinite Creator. Work not in violence, anger, or haste, as these are powers of darkness, baring only fruits of darkness. Expose all corruption to the light, with truth, so that none allow themselves to be subjected to its parasitical practices in any of its shadowy forms. Rise and be a dispenser of light and free your brothers from the blackness! There is no excuse to not assist in the dismantlement of the corrupt old world.

During the time of transition from the ways of the old world to that of the Individualists, an obligation of every Individualist is to thwart any and all attempts of monopoly, oppression, control or things of a similar nature, by devising unbeatable solutions systematically dismantling the need suppliers. For instance – the technologies of electrical generation and storage significantly developed to make all fossil fuels obsolete, the stopping of all organizations and individuals that take advantage of their less informed brethren by spreading knowledge for free, etc. Such are the tasks that the mind of Individualist will be apply to.

The only resistance to Individualistic simplicity is from those who benefit from the complexity of inequality. These few are the most powerful materialistically, yet spiritually and rationally impoverished. Regardless of their intellect and wisdom, they possess much of the world's money, amounting to great material power. They therefore control 99% of the hearts and minds of men, who, not understanding Individualistic philosophy, will do anything for money, even small amounts. These global need suppliers have no concern for human life. Using whatever the people hold dear to rally them to their obedience. Whether it is their god, their Loves, or their children. They will utilize compromised government institutions in the guise of the greater good, to usurp the Individualist way of life. For example, the environmental protection agency could be employed by fantastic systems of reasoning that it is unhealthy, or environmentally unsound for each individual to be independent by producing one's own food and power, and dealing with natural waste, etc.

Be especially aware of those who by utilizing popular "Green" solutions of the new world, veil their intent to prey upon their brethren. Promoting the "only" way and the "best" way to utilize green solutions, and those ways will always be their own. An example is ethanol. Another unneeded system of waste and consumption instead of simply moving to the end solution of fully electric. Motive fuels are only needed as a secondary energy source. Fuels are pushed by corporations to keep control of an economy wherein they profit off of perpetual waste and consumption.

Not wasting time on non-constructive projects, the Individualists are active in government, keeping track of the actions of politicians and the members of large corporations, as well as who they affiliate with from past to present. They regularly contact all of their representatives, local to national, mayors to presidents. Not asking, but demanding direct control by the people, reminding them that they are employed by the people. They use laws such as the Sherman Antitrust Act to disperse resistant collusion.

The Sherman Antitrust Act:

This Act declares that "Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal". As well as "Every person who shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons, to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, shall be deemed guilty of a felony . . . " The Clayton Act extended the right to sue under the antitrust laws to "any person who shall be injured in his business or property by reason of anything forbidden in the antitrust laws."

All citizens, especially the learned such as, doctors, scientists, engineers, lawyers, etc. who do not apply their knowledge to the new world are only assisting corruption, the destruction of the earth and their fellow brethren, as well as themselves. Their minds should focus on a future of efficiency, and harmony, assisting the evolution of one's fellow man to return to a Golden Age of boundless inventiveness, instead of focusing on solely self-profit, prolonging the system of waste and consumption.

"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid" - Basil King

All patriots, such as the Individualists, are demonized when they present plans for peace and harmony, wisdom and love. As Christ they are nailed up in display of dissidence, and their friends deny knowing them. For all power one returns to the people, one will be lied about and demonized by the need suppliers and their massive array of minions. Be prepared to be assailed by every sort of evil, for they will seek to destroy such works along with its designer. Thus, steps should be prepared wisely, protecting oneself from all angles from their well-funded movement to thwart Individualism and maintain global suppression. "

"You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out."

- Andrew Jackson (in reference to bankers at the state of his administration)

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Which is a clarification of the conflicting definitions of present day systems of government, once the clarification is made, only then can Individualistic Government be properly and effectively contrasted to them.