Bills For Congress

27 Suggested Actions:


0. Declare utter and permanent Neutrality for the US.

1. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act. The Fed must then return to the people all the interest that was unconstitutionally charged since its inception in 1913.

2. Erect the Energy Standard (as opposed to a Gold standard)

3. Reduce the size of government by Disbanding All of these Departments.

4. Greatly enhance the governments disclosure of its operations and actions to the people with a detailed mailer, possibly called the Populus Informer.

5. Erect Four simple departments so that the people and government workers fully understand In Detail ALL departments, and can easily and clearly monitor them.

6. Erect a free data base, similar to Wikipedia, that is an Online University free to all the people, of the highest quality. Possibly simply a tax payer funded area of wikipedia, with full time writers dedicated to the cause, funded by taxes. This May be known as The Library of Accredited Free Knowledge and Instruction (LAFKI). It will also have ALL government proceedings, records, actions, etc freely and Clearly available for all citizens to keep a Detailed Eye on their government. Ultimately this would allow for home and/or self schooling to the highest degree, totally for free.

7. Since many people have no time to keep an eye on government, and the Populus Informer could become corrupt, Erect a tax payer funded, and citizen monitored, Body of Researchers. The members of the body and its actions are governed Directly by the people, NOT the government, by monthly consensus. Too many departments now exist that Watch the People, but little watch the government, if that does not frighten you . . .

8. Simplify ALL Law. The ENTIRE body of Law should be simple enough for all citizens to memorize. Complexity is proportionate to corruption. Adults do not need another telling them what they can and cannot do, we are not children or Slaves. No Law, or proposed Bill should be larger than 3500 words, possibly even less.

9. Remove the prison system. Tax payers should not be Punished for the crimes of others. In the present system they are! It costs the tax payer tens of thousands PER PRISONER! Instead Laborforces need be Erected. This way the citizens benefit, which is their right repayment for the injustice caused by the criminal. While the criminal gains skills and payment, please see the details before jumping to conclusions. This is productive for the community and humanely reforms the criminal.

10. Outlaw Usury and Fractional Reserve Lending in all forms, in its root it is the fabrication of energy itself, leading only to waste.

11. Revise the following laws in the following ways: See Here.

12. Reform business law Placing small limits on companies over 100 people, and dismantling Subsidiaries and Subsidies.

13. Decriminalized activities for these reasons. You are either Free or NOT, there is such thing as "Half-free" Especially in America.

14. Reform Taxes. And erect a monumental reform with "Sin Taxes" which targets common abuses by large Corporations, to lessen them.

15. Entitle every individual to One Tax Free Acre of the land they own.

16. Erect a National Health Care, to eliminate the massive profits of corrupt private industry, because excess profit means higher cost to the patient.

17. Food reform. Our food industry is corrupt and the FDA is a puppet of that industry, not an ally of the citizens.

18. Eliminate ALL types of Welfare.

19. Eliminate Insurance companies and establish a National Accident Fund.

20. Return ALL airways to the public where they rightfully belong, and remove ALL monopoly rights from all media broadcasters. Establish a Tax payer Paid Media, similar to the existing "Independent Media Center" save it would have more funds to grant its users much greater capabilities. This effectively acts as a check against ALL of the above changes.

21. Expand LAFKI to physical buildings to offer hands on training in all skills requested by any citizen.

22. Disband all police and establish local volunteer militias of the people for the people, funded by the same funds which funded the police department.

23. Establish a Populus Militia Industry, which is a tax funded business which builds ALL military supplies. WHY? because private industry makes profit off of war and will lobby war for this profit. A tax payer owned and funded plant makes no such profits, therefore has no War interests. We Will Have NO MORE WAR.

24. All Utilities become Publicly owned and Controlled

25. Erect "Populus Facilities" local, publicly owned, alternatives to existing private business. For example, a Populous Auto factory would ensure that a private Auto factory never became unrealistic in its prices. Or that no one business could use to its advantage the peoples' dependence on it, such as Food or oil.

26. All Root Resources become owned by The People, NOT by the government and NOT by a private group. The consensus of ALL the people, NOT a few representatives, will govern their uses.

It is estimated that this plan will save the people 4.1 TRILLION dollars per year in toil.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

God Bless America - The Land of the FREE.