The Individualistic Understanding of Divinity


The Individualist believes that all men and women are of divine hereditary right being that they are all the sons and daughters of God.


     First shall be defined the Individualists understanding of divinity and secondly how The Individualist applies this understanding to existence.  The Individualist believes in the Unity of energy understood using reason and direct experience.  It is proven that no matter how far you break down an atom, or no matter how far one looks into the heavens, that no definitive end has of yet been found in either of them and therefore to date they remain infinite in breadth, from the microscopic to macroscopic.  Thus this entire collection of infinity can be called – the universe, in other words, one complete whole, or literally the "One Song" (uni - one, verse - song).  One massive machine whose parts work together in harmony and perfection to One end.  The Individualist remembers this truth as:

Infinity is equal to One


     Also the Individualist recognizes the fact that each individual has a consciousness whose exact location cannot be found within the body, and whose exact nature cannot be agreed upon.  Whether it is the result of numerous biochemical interactions or in fact a "spirit" from some realm unprovable it matters not.  The fact is that there is a consciousness.  It is also fact that animals posses one, plants to a lesser degree and even particles themselves to a very basic degree as quantum mechanics is now unveiling.  Thus all things are conscious.  Therefore, if All is equal to one then the sum total of all consciousness is one gigantic consciousness.

     It is a fact that all matter is composed of energy and the smaller it is broken down, the simpler and more like pure energy it becomes.  Using the above reasoning that all things are conscious to a lesser degree, and as one begins to divide them, they become a purer form of energy of increasing simplicity, one can conclude that the smallest division will be simultaneously the purest energy and the most basic form of consciousness.  Earning the title "Pure Consciousness" by the Individualists.  It is the smallest building block upon which all more complex and less pure energy assembles.  Therefore all things are composed of the pure consciousness, thus the sum total of Infinity is One specific consciousness.

     Using the above reasoning and the fact that consciousness is what makes one a "being", we elaborate by stating that the above One consciousness is therefore One being.  The Individualists therefore believe that there is only One being and this being has divided itself infinitely to experience itself through itself.  Therefore, two individuals speaking to each other are merely the same being communicating to itself.  This One being can be given any label you desire, "the One", "The Infinite", "Cosmic Consciousness", "The Source", "The Great Spirit", "God" or any other name you desire for no matter what you label the limitless infinite, it remains the limitless infinite.  For familiar purposes the word "God" shall be used in this document hereafter. (Some may wonder how this relates to Individualism.  Simple, this "One" is the archetype of the  Individual, it is the Ultimate Individual, the living schematic .)

     It must be realized that the above reasoning deals with strictly the material world and the findings therein.  However, Individualist further believes in the likelihood of many other, "worlds", "planes" "realms", "dimensions" etc. in higher and lower vibratory frequencies than the model above.  Yet, if ever proven, it is certain that they will overlap this same model being only further aspects of the One Being simply with different rates of vibration.  These "dimensions" will likewise be infinite in number, frequency, and individual breadth just as the above model, all super imposed over the One thus creating an infinity of mind numbing proportions and utterly inconceivable by the waking consciousness.  This immensity undoubtedly creates a feeling of insignificance and alienation.  The Individualist quickly realizes that God is all things and therefore is all around them and within them permeating all things at all times.  Therefore one is never alone.  Accompanied by the fact that God is all knowing, one then realizes one is meant to be wherever one may be, successfully annihilating the feeling of being lost and the feeling of insignificance.

     The nature of infinity is simultaneously simple and complex, this generates all the philosophical arguments throughout time.  By the above reasoning one can see that the atheist is right (god is naught), the monotheist is right (god is One), and the pantheist is right (God is Multiplicity) etc.  Simply All beliefs are right because God is ALL, even nothing, even man, even an atom and all atoms.  Yet its complete form is the immense, complex, sum total of infinity, which is simply One.  There is not enough deep contemplation of this Infinity in these sad times to pull man away from their debased material obsessions.  Most modern religions either directly or indirectly confound their followers by telling them what to believe instead of encouraging them to find out for themselves the truths of nature by deep contemplation of infinity which is God. This leads to all the religious problems we have today – The "I am right and you are wrong" syndrome of the sadly blind people unaware of the simple meaning of Infinity which God is.  It is this simple: God has created all things, and loves all things unconditionally, and IS all things, God is not separate from the creation, God IS the creation, and there is only one thing and that one thing is God (otherwise God is not infinite).  Human beings are blinded by this incomprehensibly huge yet simple truth and see only the Illusion of separation.

     This lack of understanding of the all-inclusive nature of infinity has lead to the ignorant religious wars of today.  People who fight over their own belief are seeing an incomplete picture of infinity and are insulting the colossal and all encompassing nature of their God with their small closed minds.  They are blinded by ignorance which the Individualist calls "The Illusion of Separation" being that they cannot see the unity of all things described above.  This sparks arguments and the desire to be "correct" within argument which is a fear of the unknown, because no one but God knows truly what is correct.  This fear creates the need for one to surround oneself with those who think alike thus gaining a feeling of security in being "correct".  Thus are formed large opposing groups whose collective fear now reverberates repulsively against each other, because Unity attracts and separation repels.  War of various degrees erupts.  Thus the Individualists believe that there is only One universal system, all else is a limited, profane bastardization, dividing mankind.  For these reasons the Individualist is wary of those of faint praise.  They who simply believe a God exists but think no further into it, allowing themselves to be told what it is and how to act by others of the above nature, pulling them into one group or another, poised to pounce into war.

     The only instruction the Individualist obeys is one's own consciousness and not any others. The voice which speaks to the heart is the voice of God and the most important Holy Book to study is the infinite book of the universe where The Creator of All has presented all the details of Its handy work directly to the observer; from the hearts of men to the hearts of suns. To be studied with unceasing fervor and diligence by every Individualist.  By this method the devout Individualist is assured that he will in fact not only believe in God, but personally communicate with It as its worthy instrument upon Earth.

     Many modern holy books written by men indirectly confound their readers.  When a Holy Book is not in its original Sacred Script (such as Greek, Arabic, Sanskrit, Hebrew etc) it is nearly useless for the True Seeker of God.  This is because the stories are merely a garment.  It is the script itself, the very holy letters themselves that are more worthy of study.  For instance, there are no spaces in the original Hebrew Old Testament, it is one gigantic word.  There are over 900 accepted translations of just the first verse.  One should then ask one's self, who did these translations and why would my translations be of any less value.  Being that there is no spaces, it is far from translation in the traditional sense, which verily should be left to fluent masters.  It becomes more of a mathematical system when one can insert a space wherever one desires and also control the number of those spaces thus creating a near infinite amount of combinations.

     The Individualists believe that the reason for this is because it was never meant to be only a story or set of stories.  It is a meaningful sequence of letter-numbers that specifically describe sacred geometry and ultimate contrast, the mechanics of emanation.  However if one letter is changed (such as translation or miscopy etc) or taken out of its original text, the system becomes veiled.  The further from the original it is altered, the larger the degree of destruction of it's true meaning takes place, and one is left with a soulless book of tales like many modern versions of holy books far removed from there original sources.  The original Old Testament exists as the Dead Sea scrolls and therefore can be verified.  Any other Holy Book whose ancient originals in sacred script cannot be found should be studied with great caution for it may only serve to lead the seeker away from the simplicity of the all mighty Infinite God who created all gods.  The meaningful letter patterns and sacred sounds when studied in the original language can lead the practitioner to experience God, not just being hollowly told about God second, third or fourth hand. 

     This is the flaw of many modern religions, the lack of education on how to truly commune with their Creator.  They teach little or nothing of the sacred languages or meditation techniques to bring one closer to God, to know first hand their Creator, and to achieve True Illumination.  Instead all of that is veiled and the people are told what to believe, this is a controlling devise and a blaspheme.  The Individualist is strongly encouraged to study all religions and discern for oneself the same fundamental message underlying all of them, by listening only to one's heart and not to any other.  For from there speaketh the unconditional love and wisdom of the Infinite, which will serve only to guide one to illumination and not to confusion, ignorance or bias.

     Such is the misunderstanding of the biblical canonization process, that there were many books just as important to be read but simply did not make it into the bible, not because they are not to be studied, but simply because of physical space.  Therefore the bible, especially removed from its ancient text, could be considered the basics, one should not stop one's study there.  Humans spend their lives reading over these documents written by man attempting to interpret ink and paper, while neglecting study of the most ancient text written in light and life, which is the very natural world they live in, the creation itself and the human temple in which they dwell, both written and created by God not man.  Each profit interpreted the creation for themselves and encouraged man to interpret for himself, yet man worshipped the profit and his personal records of interpretation instead of interpreting all things for themselves.  Even Buddha, recognized in various religions as a prophet, rejected the infallibility of accepted scripture and said: "Teachings should not be accepted unless they are borne out by our experience and are praised by the wise."

     The Individualist believes that within this pan of the infinite, this Unity, in comparison to it, one has no significant power or will whatsoever.  Everything that happens is because of God.  You, the consciousness, are merely a witness to the works of God, the True Individual. The sum total of all the witnesses is the complete consciousness of God.  Thus each consciousness is a tiny spark of God, an exact reflection of the creator but on an infinitely smaller scale.  Thus the Individualists believe that no "idea" is generated by the human mind.  It is received from the Divine. The ideas already existed in the mind of God, who is the timeless All, by that very statement it is clearly seen that the idea is God's alone.  The idea itself is simply energy, light from/of God, it is God because there is only God, thus all things are made of the fabric of Its body, even an idea. The reception of the idea is an experience, an awareness of a certain aspect, no matter how brief, of the infinite. This is why no idea can be owned.  One may deceive oneself into thinking how strong one is in mind or body or the bright idea one had, when it was all given to that one, for one can create nothing on one's own, for it already existed.  Only by cooperation does God bestows Its gifts upon one the more one tries to act as It, a balanced infinite creator.  By attempting to perfect oneself, one will be granted perfection to the degree equal to one's work expended towards that goal. 

     The lack of thoroughly taught and understood practical spiritualism applicable to every hour of life which yields real results, coupled with the aimless, monotonous materialistic world, has contributed greatly the present and growing lack of direction, purpose, incentive and true contentment of mankind.  What separates man from animal is not the ability to reason or the possession of intellectual faculties, it is the ability to contemplate the divine.  By taking away spiritualism man is reduced to an animal.  No true fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment, or Love can be had.  Man then uses lusts, drugs and other hollow physical pleasure as a substitute to fill this void to no avail.  This is the very reason for much of this modern worlds misery, drug use, lustful relationships lacking any true love, divorce, and many sad lost souls engaged in countless other practices of depravity.  These activities only serve to increase the thickening black shroud encloaking the Earth.  Submerged in lusts man does not think clearly or at any degree beyond the animal mind.  Materialism benefits three fold by this condition: One, man breeds like the beasts and creates many children raised unintelligently, thus they become feeble hosts for the machine to feed upon, incapable of deducing their escape.  Two, with the higher mind blotted out, man is unable to contemplate the nature and reason of his situation or any method of escape therefrom, and is easily convinced into acceptance.  Three, the lusts of the animal mind are unquenchable desires which spawn countless niche markets and black markets eagerly run and harvested by aspiring materialists.

     Therefore, the Individualists clearly define their purpose for living so as to never be misled into ignoble practices.  They believe that the soul has come to this beautiful world to experience it and learn from it, not to be enslaved within it.  The Individualist believes that existence is about perfecting one's self in mind body and spirit to the highest degree possible in the life span allotted so as to be an efficient conduit for the Pure consciousness an assist mankind to do the same, thus perfecting the human race as a whole. This is the great work of the Individualist leading to true wealth and true success.

     Work energy directed only at the material world, such as a materialistic goal, leaving little or none for the spiritual (immaterial) world, upon which the material world is based, causes the energy to remain in matter as opposed to diffusing through all planes.  Therefore by ignoring the foundation, the building collapses.  It is for this reason that today's materialistic society is destined to crumble regardless if the reader adopts the practice Individualism or not, either way they will be forced to rely on themselves when the machine collapses.  Therefore Individualism is not a just a belief system to practice, it is an inevitable force of nature.

     In contrast, work energy directed towards the acquisition of knowledge leads to strength in mind body and spirit, resulting in an overflowing of health, wisdom and intelligence, which combined properly yields illumination – a deep understanding of the highest, be it "God", "The One", whatever one chooses to label the infinite.  The Individualist perfects  oneself in this manner not only in order to benefit oneself, but one's brethren, one's planet, one's cosmos and one's God.  Along this path is much wisdom to be recorded and shared, by sharing knowledge and experiences of this type the Individualist helps all of one's fellows mature and evolve faster, with the force of inspiration.

     The very act of withholding knowledge is selfish, and selfishness is evil which is darkness and separation, the division of the void. Good is Selflessness, light and unity, these two are comparable to involution and evolution.  By withholding information an individual may gain considerable power but his fellow brethren are restricted and thus the totality of mankind as one organism is restricted in evolution because a part of itself is withholding the light of God, which is knowledge, which is unity. When knowledge is shared other knowledge erupts, this force is Inspiration. Upon receiving an idea, the Individualist rejoices that God has given him this light and hurries to share it with his brethren.  Because not only has it empowered him, but by sharing it, it empowers the entirety of humanity thus accelerating its evolution enabling other men to receive light earlier and thus have new insights earlier than without. They in turn share these newer insights with the initial individual and also their fellow brethren and thus the cycle continues and they evolve at an infinitely more rapid pace.  So by sharing knowledge the Individualist helps himself exponentially as opposed to just keeping the one idea for himself.  Thus is further reasoning for the Individualists' implementation of a system of free unrestricted shared knowledge, the most important element to the success of the Individualistic society.

     Any hope for individual illumination is impeded by the old market system by taking away time itself.  Time to have restful awareness is how humanity evolved in the first place.  With a surplus of food there was a surplus of time.  This time allowed our ancestors to deepen their thoughts which caused their animal mind to recede as the higher mind began to exercise its imagination and ability to contemplate the divine. Time is required for deep thought, and assimilating knowledge and communicating with the divine to receive ideas (light) which is the very wellspring which allows evolution to continue.  Time is required to thoroughly rest and exercise the body and mind thus ensuring the peace and health of each.  Time is required to work on constructive projects aiming at the evolution and advancement of the self and of the brotherhood of mankind.  Time is required to evaluate the present technologies and develop those in harmony with nature and the universe which is God.  Without time, none of this happens and mans evolution recedes into darkness.

     Suppose then that one achieves some degree of enlightenment, what is the next task, the next priority in personal evolution?  The Individualist clearly knows it is to assist all others to achieve the same if not a higher state of awareness, thus accelerating the evolution of mankind as a whole.  Rescuing those who worship dust, and dirt such as material goods, lust, money, debauchery, deceit, degradation, immorality, dishonor, disrespect and any other corruption of a weak and rotted soul.  They then continue their work, for their work is endless, as there is always a higher degree.

     The Individualist is not a religious fanatic yet has an unbreakable belief in God, they look up to more evolved beings as their role model and attempt to reach that degree of refinement.  The Infinite God is the ultimate role model.  The Individualist attempts in all actions and all times to act as close as possible to God.  Knowing that God is a balanced infinite creator, so too the Individualist attempts to be an infinite creator on Earth while assisting one's fellow brethren, the other children of God.  This social philosophy creates an unfavorable environment for weakness to spawn or grow uncaught, thereby empowering the household, the community, and the Nation.

     Yet still there will be those arguing whether the concept of "God" is real or illusory because of their misunderstanding of the above principles of infinity.  Neglecting all mentioned studies and doubting that God can be experienced or truly known whether by study, meditation or some metaphysical technique, asserting that it is merely faith only to be proven upon death.  However even without these practices or experience, with faith alone one's life is still enhanced simply by the logic of believing vs. non-believing.  First off if one believes in an eternal spirit and then dies discovering verily that there is no eternal spirit . . . One would not know anyway.  Yet if one lives life disbelieving and then dies, discovering in dismay that one's belief system was terribly wrong, there will most likely be great regret to deal with when one awakens instantly to "spiritual" awareness and recapitulates on how restricted a life one has lead.  Clearly then, the only logical choice is to believe. Thus the Individualist must add that the man who doubts God without employing techniques to experience It, is like a man who denies mathematics without ever practicing it.

     Lastly, it is fact that energy cannot be destroyed.  And by reasonable hypothesis it is reasoned that the smallest breakdown of energy is pure consciousness.  Thus whatever happens upon death, the Individualist believes that the consciousness continues by the above principles.  Armed with this entire unified concept of divinity the Individualist fills his soul completely, leaving no voids, freeing him from the lusts of the animal mind and all of the darkness and pitfalls which accompany it.  It is not enough to be a believer in this logic, but a practitioner, for one could believe, and yet commit terrible acts of injustice to one's fellow man.  One could also not believe and be a very noble citizen, it is here shown that virtue holds precedence to the Individualists, but it is stressed that the belief of unity will only enhance virtue's integrity.



Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.  But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?

James 2:19-20 King James Bible


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