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Just as our government has been compromised, so too has the higher educations. Just as control is maintained by the government over every piece of information the public knows of government actions, so to is a control maintained over the True potentials of science. Instead, there are erected "Laws", limiting devices which must not be broken, maintaining a society of perpetual waste and consumption, claiming perfect understanding of nature was reached in a mere 200 years. Adamantly indoctrinated scientists, incapable of free thinking due to the limiting doctrine and their interests of their funding investors, defend to the death "laws" of limitation - and as any Honest Scientist will tell you. EVERY Law Breaks. Following are examples of things that break those Old laws, and show very new ones. Keep in mind, Nikola Tesla was doing things in 1890 which we have difficulty doing this day, nearly everything electrical, radio, etc. is traced to his ideas. He too disagreed with many of the establishments "Laws", including those of Einstein. Furthermore, He believed that free energy could easily be given to the world. This is why you never hear of him.

All of these links are in the spirit of Individualistic Scientists. Those whose inventions directly dismantle the System of Waste and Consumption plaguing mankind. They furthermore Freely share their results so as to empower their fellow man and thus benefit by the reverberation of the Phenomena of Inspiration. Indoctrinated scientists hoard knowledge, crippling their fellow man. Finally, some of the brightest souls to change the earth were not college graduates, the individualists hold such titles, granted by any institution, as meaningless. Your actions will determine your worth, and nothing else.


1. An Initial Message


HHO Generators

1. Build Basic HHO Generator device can save 35% fuel milage. Advanced ones may double or triple it.

2. Another Basic version another hands on, how to, slightly more advanced.

3. Yet Another another hands on version

4. Installation a slightly advanced installation


Water Plasma (Burning Water)

1. Basic Water Spark Plug

2. Advanced Version See also the other videos by this user


Paul Pantone Plasma Hybrid Engine (GEET)

1. Demonstration

2. Pantone Betrayed! An unbelievable true story of corruption, STILL attempting to kill the man.

3. Build a simple one

4. The Actual Plans

Bedini Cole Motor

1. Basic Example

2. Build your own Build a simple Bedini motor

3. Bedini's Web page

4. Advanced with circuits


Newman Motor

1. Very simple one This is simple but very clear, think about amping this up 100 times

2. Build a basic Newman part 1 of 5 see all videos

3. Basic variation showing additional forces

4. More Advanced possibly demonstrating over unity

5. Newman Powered Car


Tesla Elemental Rods

1. Example

2. Example 2

3. Home made version


Other Links

1. Naudin Labs

2. List of Inventions compliments of Survival & Self Reliance Studies Institute

3.'s video library a library of hands on, how to videos for building your own energy devices

4. Daftman's projects a video library or advanced how to's of the above motors.

5. The WhipMag displaying practical use of magnetic fields, see all videos

6. Who killed the electric car? a 1.5 hr movie

7. Pure Energy Systems Wiki a wealth of alternative energy information

8. A Final Note On Black Holes and that's final!

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