There is no doubt that a great change is upon mankind, and it is far from the impotent change spoken of by Puppet Obama. This change is a very real Revolution. Not a revolution in the sense of the Russian revolution, or other such violent Coups. This revolution is better equated as Evolution. This is an inevitable force of nature, the maturity of a race. Just as a child not only needs her teeth to grow in, but can do nothing to stop them from growing in! Simultaneously and independently groups are forming all over the world, at first thinking that they are alone, but soon finding innumerable Allies.

The internet allows for growth at mind numbing speeds, it is a light to the sapling of man which has endured a too long night. It too, is a force of nature, just as the childs eyes and mind cannot clearly perceive the world until of ripe age, the internet is simply a development of a sensory of the human race. Like all forces of nature, it is inherently neutral. It is the will of man as to where he focuses his eyes. Therefore, doubtless the internet is used by evil for evil, and by the just, for nobility. Thus the ultimate goals of Good and Evil are empowered, and quickened, and with their growing power, so grows the tension between them.

Before the Internet, efficient communication, and type of communication was in the hands of a few. And great effort and funds were required to make any significant impact by the suppressed. Communication thus became skewed. Knowledge was no different. Small portions of it were trickled through public schools, and a bit more in colleges A great deal of effort and time was required by any soul who wished to gain more wisdom than these restricted institutions granted. And if such an individual discovered new, previously unknown knowledge, it took much time for the idea to be accepted, and even more time for it to circulate. These forces kept many undereducated, and ill-informed, thus able to be manipulated by wiser forces.

As these forces break down because of the inability to efficiently censor the internet, the true face of controlling entities can suddenly be seen. Their deeds instantly monitored, not by a few, but by the globe. Their previous ability to have all signifigant knowledge out of the spotlight, begins to slip and their motives become revealed. The systems which have allowed them to achieve such contrast are likewise seen, and it is these systems and entities toward which this Revolution rises. Like a fire that resists all attempts to be extinguished, simply re-igniting in places distant from the censor.

The few Only Survive off of the many. Even if they had the power to wipe clean the globe, they would thereby reduce themselves to the status of the commoner which they detest. For with no one left to till the fields, it would be they manning the plow, a notion they despise. Furthermore, to enforce their will upon the enslaved, or others not yet enslaved, a brainwashed military needs be. therefore, this military likewise would be no more. Thus, they would be reduced to defenseless field workers. Justice being ironically served thereby.

They only have power because of the people who give it to them. They have high technology because scientists worked for them, they have military might because the people choose to serve them, they have wealth because of the manpower of the people willfully turns the wheels of their undead machine. The people must realize, that They the people, and only They, have the power. A small few are on the back of mankind as ticks on a dog, impeding the efficient evolution of mankind, pitting them against each-other because of race, religion or nationality, to maintain their parasitical existence, and society of perpetual waste and consumption to their profit. All the people need do is Take Them Out Of the Loop.

Individualism does just that.


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