T A K E ....A C T I O N !


Here are some tools for you to Take Action in your community from the Federal, State and Local levels:

1. Who are my Representatives? : An Excellent Tool and Website; www.commoncause.org. Please peruse the entire site.

2. What is My District? : An Excellent Tool and Website; www.govtrack.us. Please peruse the entire site.

3. What do I Write? : A good brief article by Robert Longley with additional links

4. What Else? : A very brief collection of useful pointers from Common Cause

5. GovTrack : Research and track many aspects of government with ease and alot more!

6. CorpWatch : Helps track the actions of large corporations.

7. The Media Locator : Find media groups fom local to national.

8. A Massive List : An extensive list compiled by The Constitution Society. Please peruse the entire site.

9. Another List : Compliments of Family Guardian. Please peruse the entire site.

10. Liberty Alliance: a platform of tools and organizations assisting the people to take action!

We do not wish to suggest to you any specific thing to write or do because we would be guilty of skewing your freedom of thought. Just getting into the practice of being aware and active in your government will shed light for you on the ignorance of the masses to the mechanisms of their government and economy which they complain about and yet, do nothing - for you will have stepped outside of that restrictive box. You will see this clearly, so many who complain but do nothing. You will also be able to clearly see which representative and/or department is Just and competent, by their actions with you. You will gain an understanding of whats happening far beyond what the gospel of the media will preach to you. May these things, coupled with your heart, and the events around you, inspire you to evoke changes toward a better world through writing and meeting with your representatives and enlightening your fellow citizens. If you act as such a catalyst, and inspire others to do likewise, we shall come closer and closer to a system of Pure and Just government by We the People. Where the government is Truly of the people - NOT a separate entity. May your actions be Honorable, and undeceived.