Acts Which Take Your Liberties!


1. Patriot Act Violates Large sections of the constitution. Allows you and your home, all records and communications to be searched and seized without warrant, totally in secret, and much more. Watch this Clip

2. Homeland Security Act "reduced privacy, increased government secrecy and power and strengthened government protection of special interests." Research how FEMA and Dept of Homeland Security train to dispatch and detain YOU, not terrorists. WAKE UP!

3. Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act Considers practically any group organizing or having their own beliefs as terrorists, effectively implies that certain thoughts are OK and others are not. This is an OUTRAGE! This means that if your government ever became corrupt and you rose up to defend your family and property, or organized a group to protest and resist, or simply research it, you are NOT a Patriot . . . You are a Terrorist. WAKE UP!

4. Military Commission Act Renders 90% of the bill of rights obsolete, can consider virtually anyone an "enemy combatant", also erects secret courts and prisons.

5. Anti Terrorism effective death penalty Act More of the above

6. PROPOSED: Patriot Act II Extends and enhances most of the abominations above. WAKE UP!


REALIZE! That all these acts WHICH LIMIT YOUR RIGHTS were all passed in relation to a "terrorist" event. WAKE UP! So . . . a terrorist attacks and the remedy is to limit our freedoms?

The REAL TERROR here folks is the entity attempting to enslave you! YOU should protect yourself against thieves, criminals, thugs and yes, terrorists. The more you allow another entity to "Protect" you the weaker you get and the more oppressed you will become by your "Protector".

This is the EXACT same strong-arm tactic used by the MAFIA! They smash your store (terror) and then get you to pay them or do something for them for "Protection". WAKE UP!

" If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy" --- James Madison

"Those who sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither Liberty or security . . . If we restrict Liberty to attain Security, we will lose them both" --- Benjamin Franklin

Don't forget that these men were actually at war with Tyranny, so they know a little bit more about Tyranny than 90% of you reading this. Tyranny does not change over time, thus, the truths they spoke are applicable to all time periods, especially NOW. If the American population drags its feet anymore, they too will be saying timeless quotes, because, like the Founders, they will be at war with the Foe their Founders warned against.

You are either free or you are not, there is no such thing as "Half-Free" - WAKE UP!

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