Understanding Individualism


To obtain a perfect understanding of Individualism, one would do well by downloading the Free book "Individualism". It describes the reasoning of a True Individualist in numerous practical applications, ranging from government and economy, to social life and divinity. However, if not so inclined:

In short, Individualism is the practice of honing the Self to perfection in mind body and spirit.

Literally: In (not) dividual (dividable) ism (practice doctrine of).  Therefore, the practice of the doctrine of the indivisible One.  Expanding; Individualism is the practice of the natural principles of the Individual which when mastered, allows for complete realization of all powers of the Individual. 

Currently their are many people erroneously claiming that they are individualists, or even teaching what they think is individualism. Unfortunately many are severely misled.

The doctrine taught in the book "Individualism - Government by We the People" is the Only True Individualism, and not one of the many profaned subversions proliferating this day.

The True Individualists will now explain the details of this gross error so that the reader may possess a Complete and Unblemished understanding of this philosophy.

The core error of those who wrongly call themselves individualists is their inability to examine the totality of a system coupled with their obsessive fascination with only one tiny localized part of the system, and basing the tower of their understanding on only that one part.

Detailing this point, realize that, mathematically, there is only One True set of variables. This set is the set of ALL things. It is infinity. Infinity can be described mathematically as One set. This is simply a mathematical fact.

All things are merely "parts" or "pieces" of this One gigantic set. We, the people, are also simply pieces of this greater whole. This greater whole, infinity, is Truly the First and Only INDIVIDUAL.

Now we can examine the error of the mislead individualists. When one examines only one piece, (ones personal mind and body, wrongly called by many “the self”) and not the greater whole, one is only contemplating a tiny piece of the True Self, which is infinity. One can therefore never correctly call themselves individualists if they are only contemplating a fraction of the Individual. One can never know the nature of the Individual since little attention is paid to it, apart from that one isolated piece. One cannot be called a builder just because one studies a nail, nor will that nail alone bring full understanding of a city.

Individuality: Individual - ity.      - ity = expressing a condition of

Clearly now the error can be seen. Too many confuse "individuality" with "Individualism", and then go on to confound others with the same misunderstanding.  Do not be so shallow.  They are two very distinct words. This is the very origin of the thought of fools saying that "individualism is selfish" (implied in the context of ignoring the welfare of other selves, thus false from that divided level).  Or that Individualists are egotists.  To have a powerful sense of self, does not make one egotistical, false pride makes one egotistical, regardless of the power level of the self.  EgoIST, however, may properly describe an individualist only when taking into consideration the Greater whole as well as the lesser personality. This is the error of the “minor” or “half” individualists, those who are not seeing the Only Individual, and see only  themselves.

If the reader has grasped all of the above, the reader will clearly see that the True Individualists care for everything as themselves, thus they reside very far from selfish behavior in the common use of the term. They see all as a part of One Individual. However this is not to be confused with "selflessness". Since the Consciousness of the One being is within all, it cares for itself on both levels, the divided self and the united self. Thus the Individualists know that each other Individual is caring for himself to the highest, and rarely interfere with others.

The Individualists interfere with others ONLY when those others have forgotten the natural principles of Individualism. These are the people who see themselves as separate from the greater whole. When so deceived they may begin to atrophy with ailments such as draining or suppressing other parts of the self, etc. Thus they are likened to diseased cells, thereby harming other cells in various ways. Accordingly, the greater body then becomes ill.

Such is the condition of the present day earth, and such is the reason why the True Individualists have resurfaced across the globe. We are here to remind mankind of their true nature, and to heal those cells who are now diseased. We are the True Agents of the Greater Body, we are the true nature of every human being. We hope this has swept away the clouds before your eyes, and reminded you of your true nature. We encourage you to continue your study and practice of Individualism, and to assist us in our Great Work.

In the Living Light of Love,

The True Individualists

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